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Bada unni, why are you so perfect??

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Hi guys, welcome back!

So last night, I was watching YouTube (as per usual) and I found that KBSWorld had posted the recent “Immortal Song 2” episode, fully subbed in English. Despite my initial intentions to watch it due to EXO’s appearance on the show (I can’t lie but they seriously were the reason why I clicked on it ><), I was more amazed by another artist’s performance – Bada’s (바다) performance on the song “불티 (Sparks)”.

The performance was A-MA-ZING! You have to watch it, seriously!

The performance was A-MA-ZING! You have to watch it, seriously!

The clip below is the performance she gave on September 7th. The video after is the episode subbed in its entirety.

Now, I was aware of her talent in singing, but only briefly. She debuted in the girl group S.E.S two years after I was born so, I guess that can act as a good enough excuse for my ignorance upon her existence. However, I was absolutely BLOWN AWAY by her performance. Like seriously, blown away.

Do you hear and FEEL those vocals she pumps out with hardly any effort? Do you see those fantastic moves she makes will being able to belt out some really hardcore notes? Do you see that toned-ass body of hers that she just sways and rocks to-and-fro? (Please remember people, I AM A WOMAN!) I swear, from the moment she started her performance, goosebumps grew and travelled all over my body. The chills just would not STOP.

After my curiosity grew, I went ahead and discovered her other performances/covers made on “Immortal Song 2”, many of which she has actually WON in. This performance was no different, and she won the whole show hands-down.

From now on, I plan to continue watching the show, but for more than just seeing EXO. Now, I have a new singer to check on. Bada unni – you now have gained an new dedicated fan 🙂

For other recommendations, I love her performance of “사랑의 불시착” on Immortal Song 2 as well. The video is down below:

So there you go! Please go and check out her actual releases as well. She has been an absolutely amazing singer over the course of her career, and will continue to do so! Thanks guys for reading and I’ll talk to you all very soon!

❤ Yami Hyunnie ^^~


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