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Ailee’s situation, and the dodgy responses from both sides of the story

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Happy early morning everybody~

So, this story has blown up extremely as expected during my slumber, and if you haven’t read about my initial response of the situation, click on the link.

Can you all leave her alone now?

Can you all leave her alone now?

However firstly, I would like to make an apology up front. After thinking for a while when I got to bed, I realised too late that I shouldn’t have posted that photo of Ailee, especially if the images may be suspected to be leaked from AllKpop themselves. If that is the case, I will remove the image I linked on my previous post. These photos may be hard to take for some of you, and for that I am sorry.

Now, hours later, both YMC Entertainment and 6Theory Media have revealed their responses on the matter at hand. Here is a link to both statements made:

My opinion on the situation at hand:

1. 6Theory Media: If you knew…

As I had mentioned in my previous post, it is AllKpop’s job to inform the internet world about any events that happen all across the globe; that’s what any news site is obliged to do. However, you have got to think and be aware that your own employee, who is the ex-boyfriend of Ailee, was probably aware of this information regardless of when in the past he dated her. If this is so, it would have been best to talk to him first, grasp a better understanding about the matter at hand whilst then FINALLY making a decision as to whether or not to post such an article because regardless, you as a news site DO HAVE THE RIGHT TO DECLINE ARTICLES!

But regardless, if what 6Theory is stating is the truth of the matter (as in it was already posted up on the internet through another forum website), then AllKpop in this matter has just been the scapegoat of the whole incident, and as I have stated in my previous post – they were just found to be quite unlucky this time around.

However, I must admit, this isn’t the first time 6Theory Media has caused such chaos among the online community. In the end, this website cannot be recognised as a legitimate website with quality journalists, as with many other online news sites who are total wannabes in comparison to news companies that are capable of producing quality news.

In the end, journalism and the news are just areas that will forever be hated on, as the amount of damage that can be made on a single individual is so large, it’s almost overwhelming.

2. YMC Entertainment: You’ve just made the whole matter more shrewd with mystery…

So, as a company should do, YMC Entertainment has made a response on the matter informing the public a better understanding of the situation, but for some darn reason, I felt that YMC has only constituted more mystery to be created around the matter.

YMC Entertainment has done a good job in describing the situation in a very detailed manner; that is what the netizens wanted to see, and they got it. However, what makes me really irritated is, shouldn’t the company have been aware of this situation? I understand if Ailee would have wanted to cover it up (after all, at times the past should be left in the past) however, if she herself understood that this was a pretty big deal back then, should she have left a little message up-front that something like this could happen?

Whatever; in the end, those photos are now circulating the internet as everyone feared, and the true culprit has yet to be discovered. I can understand that reading from this situation, the ex-boyfriend is to be suspected however, there is really no need to go on an extreme and press charges on the man when they themselves have not enough evidence to suspect it, judging from the lack of detail within their statement.

3. Ailee honey, what were you thinking??

I am well aware that I will probably get murdered in my sleep for saying this but come on everybody, you have to be aware that these photos were taken by Ailee herself. What that means is that she was aware of what she was doing, and in doing so she is responsible for the actions she has taken.

Yes, the cruel, selfless bastard(s) who posted up those photos are the criminals in this case however, the existence of these photos in the possession of another stranger is another story. If she hadn’t taken these photos in the first place, there wouldn’t have been such a situation to start with. Seriously, which company would ask for another to take photos in the nude for underwear, when the whole idea is to look good with it on, rather than off.

Yes, everybody has a past. Yes, everybody has to go through obstacles to progress in life. Yes, she was probably young and slightly immature. However, this situation could have been simply avoidable; by not taking such photos in the first place.

Well, I think that’s enough of my morning vent for the day. I’m now gonna *yawn* go back to sleep. Hopefully, everything dies down and cleans itself over the next couple of days. This is a huge obstacle in both 6Theory and Ailee’s careers, and it is up to them how they handle the situation at hand.

❤ Yami Hyunnie ^^~


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One thought on “Ailee’s situation, and the dodgy responses from both sides of the story

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