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I got nominated for a Liebster Award?! WHAAAAAAAAAAT?!


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Hey everyone!! I am so so sorry that this particular post has gotten to you guys so very late. My life at the moment is getting pretty hectic; suddenly being forced to move out within one-two months is a big ordeal in my life, as finding a place to live is impossible apparently in the world I live in. But, no matter what happens, blogging will continue! (Even though I was taken away from it for days on end ><)

Andddddd HAPPY CHINESE/LUNAR NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Hope all you people who celebrate it (me included) had/have a nice time spending with the family and celebrating the New Year with everyone! 恭喜发财!!!

Anyway, thank you to the the lovely Sarah from DramAdrenaline,  Coffeenlucia, Chocokokoro and Kelly from Kellydramafantasy for nominating me for the award!!! You have no idea how much this means to me >//<

So, I honestly cannot believe that this is actually happening; seriously, when I first found out, I thought that it was a joke. I got nominated for a Liebster Award, which in blogging-land is a REALLY BIG DEAL! It is also quite legit, so there are rules and everything! Wait, give me a sec while I run away and calm down for a bit, yeah? *Runs around in a circle for 15 minutes non-stop* Okay…I think I’m…going to be sick!

How the Liebster Awards works:

1. Each nominee link back the person who nominated them.

2. Answer 10 questions which are given to you by the nominator.

3. Nominate 10 other bloggers for this award who have less than 200 followers.

4. Create 10 questions for your nominees to answer.

5. Let the nominees know that they have been nominated by going to their blog and notifying them.

Alright, firstly I will answer Sarah’s questions, then move onto pantomiming‘s, Chocokokoro’s and finally Kelly‘s okay?

Sarah’s questions :- 

1. What is your all-time favorite drama and why?
My all-time favourite?? *Sucks in breath* Hmmm, can I give you more than one? Honestly, there are a couple that I wouldn’t mind watching over and over again that are my absolute favourites. They come in no particular order.
Painter of the Wind – It has the perfect balance between great plot, beautiful cinematography and lovable characters; made me laugh, cry and remember them forever ^^
Sungkyunkwan Scandal – Absolute joy to watch every time since it has probably my most favourite combined cast ever!
The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince – One of the oldest dramas I’ve ever watched, which still holds a certain place in my heart. Yoon Eun Hye, I will be patiently waiting until you reappear as a man again; you were too good to be true.
2. What is your least favorite drama and why?
…Hopefully no one will kill me for this but, I would say Fashion King…never finished the drama, and THAT never happens with me. It was a drama that had no solid plot to push it forward (I lost the whole story by the half-way point), characters which were meant to have some chemistry didn’t, and the ending sucked apparently. I had a sneak-peak of it when I gave up watching, and from what I saw, I couldn’t add up in my mind how that happened in 5-6 episodes…
Sorry peeps, I couldn't finish it...

Sorry peeps, I just couldn’t finish it…

3. Would you rather be able to see dead people, or hear what everyone is saying ALL THE TIME?
Ahhh, the choice to either be Tae Gong-Shil or Do Min-Joon…damn, why make me stress over this so?!
Hmmm, I would have choose being able to see dead people; I feel that I wouldn’t be scared too easily (I’m a huge fan of horror movies ^^) and I feel that it beats hearing what everyone is saying all the time. Being Chinese, I hear things that most of my friends and other people can’t and at times, I have never been more eager to just walk up to them and give them a slap on the head…seriously, some things are better left to talk about at home rather than outside.
If I can have her luck and be with So Ji-Sub, then let me see ghosts any day people!

If I can have her abilities and be with So Ji-Sub, then let me see ghosts any day people!

4. What are your thoughts on the age old arm grab in dramas?  Romantic or obnoxious?
Absolutely obnoxious. Sure, at times it would seem romantic (if say the guy was taking your wrist and then guiding it towards his heart or something cheesy like that) but in no way is that okay. If my loved one ever tried to do that to me as a serious notion, they are going to get more than just a beating…(Warning to my future boyfriends out there *wink wink*)
Yeah, that's probably who I'm gonna react from now on if you were lucky...

Yeah, that’s probably who I’m gonna react from now on if you were lucky…

5. Who is your favorite second male lead of all time?
It definitely has to be Yoon Kye Sang as Yoon Pil Joo in the drama “The Greatest Love”. A man who was able to see past everything; he looked past the numerous judgements made against her and only focus on the true beauty within. It was just one of those characters who I wished could have had a better ending (which he did, I guess) i.e. getting the main girl. Is it really a death wish for a drama writer to actually write an ending for the second lead to get the main girl?!
Ain't he sweet? Awwww

Ain’t he sweet? Awwww

6. Which villain did you most want to smack with a cricket bat?
There has been too many in the past but the one that is stuck on my mind must be Lady Choi from Jewel In The Palace. She was just down right evil, and had absolutely no redeeming qualities. When others were willing to give her another chance, she just rejected their offers and still remained like herself – Selfish and unforgiving. Grrrrr, hated her guts so much back then!
Dammit woman! Does it hurt you to be a good human being once?!

Dammit woman! Does it hurt you to be a good human being once?!

7. Would you rather love someone from another time who you know will have to leave you forever, or be in a less-passionate relationship with someone who can be with you for the rest of your life?
Wow, what a question! I would have to say that loving someone from another time who will have to leave me forever may be a better choice since he/she will forever remain in my thoughts. I can always wish for their return despite the less-likely chance that that will happen. Being in a less-passionate relationship for the rest of my life seems more like a punishment than a circumstance.
Bu Bu Jing Xin (步步惊心) proved to us all that love can travel over any time-period...hence my answer ^^

Bu Bu Jing Xin (步步惊心) proved to us all that love can travel over any time-period…hence my answer ^^

8. Name every drama you can think of in which a piece of jewellery became important.
This is going to look slightly disappointing, only because I feel that jewellery isn’t always the central focus of a drama; it usually is an accessory of some sort.
The Prince’s First Love – the missing proposal ring
The Master’s Sun – the talisman necklace
Boys Over Flowers – the iconic necklace
That Winter the Wind Blows – another beautiful necklace…
The Heirs – …another necklace…
9. Name every drama you can think of in which someone ended up with a band-aid.
Hehe that’s not a bad question either. Hmmm let’s see here…
The Heirs –  Choi Young Do, Kim Tan
Dream High – That cute Sam-Dong and Hye-Mi moment *0*
White Christmas – the evil/creepy murderer Kim Yo-Han
City Hunter – remember that Nana and Yoon-Sung hot moment? *Swoon*
Vampire Prosecutor 2 – Dr. Jo’s present from Ji-Ae
Jesus, that was one cute band-aid ^^

Jesus, that was one cute band-aid ^^ And I loved this blooming father-daughter relationship >//<

10.  If you could bring one drama character to life, who would it be and why?
Ahhhhh what to do?? Ummmm I would ask if I can make Mizuki Ashiya from “Hanazakari no Kimitachi e” a real thing. She seems like a pretty down-to-earth person, who I honestly wouldn’t mind befriending ^^. Both her and I can become pretty awesome buddies I’d say, and I’ll definitely keep her secret, secret *wink wink*
Hana Kimi
And now to move onto Coffeenlucia‘s questions!

1. If you could change a drama’s ending, which drama would it be? What would the new ending be?

For me, Goong’s ending was a huge disappointment for me. Not just because the ending itself had no ending, but rather, why would you make such an ending if you weren’t planning to follow it up with another season or something? COME ON PEOPLE, I NEED A PROPER ENDING!

*Clears throat* So, what I would have done instead was ANYTHING BUT THAT ENDING! Sorry, didn’t want to spoil it for anyone, so I won’t bother saying anything. Just remake that entire ending, or follow up with another season/special episode. That’s all I’m asking folks!

Really writers?! You had to end it there, didn't ya?

Really writers?! You had to end it there, didn’t ya?

2. 5 cool facts about yourself?

Cool facts?? (I’m cool?! THANK YOU ^^) Well~~ I’ll just give you 5 facts, and you can judge for yourself whether or not they’re cool or not!

1. I am a pretty solid introvert. Once, I stayed at home for 4 days straight. The only reason why I left the house was because I had to go to work.

2. I am a sucker for music (if you haven’t already noticed from the abundance of reviews on this blog site) but also a killer as well. If I become really attached to a song, I’ll replay it over and over again for a couple of days before I totally get sick of it and put it aside. However, I probably will be listening to it again a couple of months later in a shuffle playlist (weirdo, I know…)

3. The only tea I drink at home is green tea. The only other tea I ever drink is milk tea, and that’s once every full moon ^^

4. Ever since I was in year 8 (~13 years of age) I have never grown my hair past my shoulders; Mother has something against me and long hair *shrugs*

5. I’m not afraid of watching any horror/gore movies (in fact, I love watching them >//<), but when it comes to melodramas/touching movies, I sob like a baby.


Exactly what I think…

3. What got you into watching dramas?

Dude, I’m Chinese. To us Chinese (or Asians overall) watching dramas is part of our culture – in our blood almost. But the first drama I can remember clearly was “Journey To The West 2”, a TVB drama which had been Mandarin-dubbed. This was probably when I was…3? 4? Something like that anyway. From then onwards, I was much accustomed to dramas from a lot of other cultures. However, it wasn’t until I was a lot older where I ventured out myself and looked up online to see what K-dramas or J-dramas were.

A childhood classic. Loved it so much that I still watch it with the family from time to time.

A childhood classic. Loved it so much that I still watch it with the family from time to time 🙂

4. What is your favorite drama? And why?

Everyone knows that that is a hard question for anyone (unless you just hate dramas overall…how dare you?!) As I had stated in Sarah’s question before about my all-time favourite drama, this question likewise poses a dilemma for me to answer. I guess I can say that a favourite drama would be a drama that I don’t mind going back to watch from start to finish with hardly any skipping. In that case, I will mention another drama that I didn’t bother listing before – Jewel In The Palace (Dae Jang Geum)

Unni~~ Why so beautiful??

Unni~~ Why so beautiful??

Okay, you may be wondering why I didn’t mention this before in the other question. This is because of the reason for this drama; it is a favourite because it carries many memories for me, but it isn’t an all-time favourite. I can’t cope watching this all the time when I feel like watching an old drama. The others, yes but this one…no. Once in a while, when I feel that I have enough time to get through all 54 episodes (yes, you read that right, 54 episodes) and that I am emotionally alright, I would go ahead and watch it ^^

5. How much time do you devote a day to blogging?

Usually, I think about blogging everyday, whether it is a simple brainstorm to actually watching something and then sitting down to just type and type and type. But recently, with life just tumbling all over me, I haven’t had the heart to blog properly. I haven’t even continued with the dramas I’ve started…and that feeling just sucks. I promise I will change, just not yet I guess.

Hear hear!! LOL

Hear hear!! LOL

6. How much time do you devote a day to watching dramas?

It depends. If it is a drama that has been running for a while and I only started now, I can do speed runs and watch 6-7 episodes in one day. Normally though, 2-3 hours of drama watching every 2-3 days seems to make more sense to my brain than the speed-runs. But, one vow I made to myself was that I would never leave an episode hanging. If I start an episode, I will finish it in that sitting. Never would I watch half today, then the other the next day; no man, that is not how I roll.


7. If you could create a drama, what would be the plot?

If it were me, I would like to fulfil HanGeng and Siwon oppa’s wish, which was to be together in a Chinese Mafia movie. Instead, change that movie into a drama, and there you will have hours and hours of action, drama and endless  bromance friendship. Plot would be probably something like them two working together for years in some secret force. Then, half-way through, one of them makes a huge mistake against the other, and is fired from the force. Eventually, one of them seeks revenge; the other forgiveness. And then let’s see where that goes ^^

I would give anything, ANYTHING to see them together in another project again...god I miss SiHan :,,,(

I would give anything, ANYTHING to see them together in another project again…god I miss SiHan :”(

8. Do you watch dramas by yourself or with other people?

By myself. Since I’m someone who likes their alone time, watching by myself at home is the best feeling ever. Besides, I don’t know that many people who watch what I watch.

Yep, that's me...

Yep, that’s me…

9. What’s your favorite food?

Mum’s cooking, hands down. Nothing beats home-made food, people – enjoy it while it lasts. If you asked me this exact question 4 years ago, the answer would be entirely different…and now I think back and almost regret; never would I have thought that home-made food was so precious.


And now Choco’s questions:-

1. If you could write the script for a drama, what would it be about?
Like I stated before, I would fulfil Siwon and Hankyung oppa’s wish for their Chinese Mafia drama. However, if that production was successful and I got offered to do another one, I would say that I would make a drama about the life of an individual that you hardly hear about in most dramas; someone like a single father, or a struggling principal who tries to cope with a dying-off school. You usually see a struggling female, who finds her prince charming; why can’t we see more struggling men with princess charmings LOLOL!
There needs to be more dramas like this one...WHY ISN'T THERE THOUGH?

There needs to be more dramas like this one…WHY ISN’T THERE THOUGH?

2. What is your favorite genre of dramas and/or movies?
For dramas and movies: Rom-Coms, Action, Historical, Fantasy (if done well), Supernatural (likewise, if done well) And yes, I do know that that is more than one!


3. Has an OST song ever made you shed tears? If so, which song(s)?
As I have mentioned before above, I am an absolute cry-baby when it comes to emotional pieces of work. Here is probably a very saddening list…
  • I Miss You (보고싶다) – Kim Bum Soo from Stairways to Heaven
  • Because I Miss You (그리워서…) – Jung Yong Hwa from Heartstrings
  • 천애지아 (하늘 끝에 이르는 바람) – Jang Na Ra from Dong Yi
  • 그리고 그리며 – Various Artists from Painter of the Wind
  • The One and Only You (그대 한 사람) – Kim Soo Hyun from The Moon That Embraces The Sun
  • Don’t Forget (잊지 말아요) – Baek Ji Young from Iris
  • Enough To Die (죽을만큼) – Choi Jin Hyuk from It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl
Yep guys, if I listened to these songs in one whole playlist, I would probably break down by the third song

I swear, if I listened to these songs in one whole playlist, I would probably break down by the third song

There’s plenty more out there, just I’m scared I’m gonna end up sobbing if I keep writing anymore ><
4. What one scene in any drama/movie have you ever wanted to happen to you?
One scene that has stuck with me for years is probably one in Coffee Prince, where Han Kyul serenades Eun Chan the morning after they have a phone call. I’ll link the clip below because it is so so cute! I wish my future boyfriend could do that for me \^O^/ *sigh*
5. What motivates you to keep blogging?
Ooooo a tricky one~ I would say that the main thing that motivates me to keep on blogging is the fact that I know that people want to read it and perhaps learn from it. Since I’m studying to become a high school teacher, the whole idea that I’m educating someone else about something I love is such an appreciative feeling. Just like when I’m learning something, I know that once I understand, the educator has a sense of achievement, and that feeling feels real good.
So yeah, the idea that I’m teaching someone something that can educate and interest them is truly a rewarding feeling ^^
6. Do you have any other obsessions beside watching dramas?
Well, aside from the elephant in the room, my other obsessions would be…following Kpop?? Is that one?
OH! Super Junior! But yeah, I guess that’s it…hehe
These boys are honestly my absolute obsession...end of discussion!

These boys are honestly my absolute obsession…end of discussion!

Note: I’m not an obsessive saesang, promise! 
7. Does anyone you know in real life know about your life as a blogger?
Embarrassingly yes. When I first started out, I shared my posts onto my personal Facebook page, so my close friends and some co-workers kind-of saw them. Occasionally, they ask how’s the blog going and stuff but now, it seems really embarrassing at times >//< But, I still have to be grateful to them as well. They were the first people to read my blog, and have continued to do so ^^ Thank you!!
We'll be friends forever hahaha how cheesy ><

We’ll be friends forever hahaha how cheesy ><

8. What song do you have stuck in your head currently?
Current song is still Wax’s “Coin Laundry” ^^ It truly is a beautiful song, but I’m being extremely careful not to kill it for myself. If you wanna read a full review on the song, check out my review on the MV and song by clicking the link below:
9. If you could replace the leading lady/guy in any existing drama, which drama would you pick and why?
Ummmmmm one beautiful lady who I might consider replacing is possibly Kim So-Yeon’s role in “Prosecutor Princess”. Nothing wrong with her acting or something (in fact, I loved her role in that drama ^^) but rather, I would give anything to act alongside Park Shi-Hoo, or just simply stand alongside him!
In that drama, So-Yeon’s character Ma Hye-Ri was pretty, smart and fought for those who couldn’t. I would love to do something like that in real life, and if acting it in a drama is the way then by all means, sign me up!


10. How has watching dramas changed your life?
Watching dramas has taught me so much about myself and the world around me. By watching dramas from Mainland China or Taiwan, it has taught me to be more appreciative of my mother-tongue and the country that my parents were from. Watching dramas from any other country whether it is from Thailand, Japan or South Korea etc, has educated me on the different Asian cultures out there, and that it is certainly a much bigger world out there than I could ever imagine.
By living in a country that doesn’t have any sort of similar culture to these, it is difficult for many to understand another culture as different and unique as these ones mentioned above. Thank you dramas, for making me a better global human-being, and international citizen ^^
Can you believe that watching dramas can help you do this??

Can you believe that watching dramas can help you do this??

Last but not least, Kelly’s questions!

1. If you can be a female drama lead in any drama, who would it be?

As I mentioned above, Ma Hye-Ri would be an awesome female lead to cover. If I had another choice though, it would probably be Han Ga-In’s role in “The Moon That Embraces The Sun”, simply because I wouldn’t mind acting alongside Soo-Hyun oppa anyday! Ga-In unni did a beautiful job in that drama however, everyone knows who actually stole the show! *wink wink* OPPA, SARANGHAE lol!



2. What would you do if a banana you are about to eat comes to life and begs you for his/her life?

HAHA love the question. This situation could go both ways. One: I scream out of shock, throw the banana into the air and it lands splat on the floor – dead, end of story.

Or two: I talk to it, nurture it and it somehow grants me my lifelong dream(s). Then, I turn around and it turns me into a banana too. Crap!

Or this might happen...who knows?!

Or this might happen…who knows?!

3.What is your all time favourite song to sing at the karaoke?

For me and my best friend, we always end up singing together one of Kelly Clarkson’s classics, “Never Again”. Don’t ask me why; the song kinda popped up spontaneously once and it has been a sort-of tradition since!

4. What subject are you majoring in and do you know what you want to be in the future/what is your occupation?

This year I will be in my second year of studying my Arts/Education degree i.e. I’m studying to become a high school teacher yo! I’m majoring in the Arts Department, with the specific subjects Chinese (Mandarin) and History.

However, that isn’t my only job description. I am currently also a checkout operator at Coles (huge supermarket business in Australia) and have been for almost 4 years! Finally, I write articles for DramaFever (does that count as a job??) as well as this blog! *phew* It looks like someone’s busy haha!


5.If the world ends in a week, would you still watch dramas for the remaining time or would you think that it’s a waste of time?

Logically, I would probably be spending half that time watching dramas, especially towards the end of that week. Intially, I would probably believe that watching anything is considered a waste, so spending time with friends and family is priotity no. 1. Later on though, some personal self-time will be needed hence, the dramas come in. Dramas would seem like an escape haven for me; they will take me to my happy place once and for all 😦

Are you sure??

Are you sure??

6. Do you believe in supernatural beings such as ghost, gumiho, aliens, etc.?

Not really; the only exception would probably be things such as ‘spirits’ since I believe that reincarnation is a thing ^^ I honestly believe that all of us has lived another separate life in the past before, and that we have been reborn and ‘cleansed’ to become someone else. It’s something that my father taught me when I was a wee little child, and have been believing ever since ^^

HAHA yep.

HAHA yep.

7. What influences your choice in picking a drama to watch?

The main one is the reviews that my fellow bloggers write. I tend to read either their first couple of recaps on the drama, or I end up reading their review if they post one up. If it’s a new upcoming drama, I read around for a brief synopsis, list of cast members and background knowledge of the writer and director(s). However, the reviews are definitely the main influence.

When it comes to dramas, yes.

When it comes to dramas, yes.

8. What is the earliest memory you can remember?

The earliest memory of mine is a memory that still seems to freak me out today. When I was roughly around 2 years of age, I was at a park with mum and dad. Eventually, I find myself climbing up a tree, poking at a bird’s nest. Next thing I know, a bird (probably Mumma bird) swoops down at me and starts poking its beak at the top of my head. I end up screaming out in pain and fall out of the tree, holding my head while wailing in pain. Never went back to that park again – we Chinese people are too superstitious sometimes.

Not scary...just annoying at times. And also lethal.

Not scary…just annoying at times. And also lethal.

9. What food out of any dramas you’ve watch do you want to try?

It’s not just the food I want to try – it’s the experience that I crave too. The one thing that I want to do is actually go up to a little food stall, buy anything and just stand there and eat it. Apparently all of those food stalls are good, so picking any is pretty good. Also, those Korean sandwiches look goddamn awesome too. I’m trying to teach myself how to make a proper one, but without an actual example to follow, it is a little more difficult than I expected ><!


10.What would you do if you have amnesia? (kinda like making up your own story involving amnesia)

Why oh why amnesia?! Why must you actually be a thing?!
*Clears throat* Okay, so if I did somehow end up with amnesia (as with most people in dramas these days) I would probably (hopefully!) end up smarter (less distractions and stuff) and concentrate more at uni and end up transferring to another much challenging degree to study. Then, I find a nice guy blah blah blah annnnnnnnddddd I remember everything again once someone knocks on my head again. Sorry guys, lame plot but honestly, who cares whether I remember things or not? As long as I know that my support network is around and that if anything happens to me, they will be there thennn what more could I ask for??

Alrighty, finished with all of those questions! Yippey! Now, onto the nominees, which are in no particular order! I choose:

1. Saphirya

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6. Musings of a self-professed Dramaholic

7. Dramatictealeaves

8. Random Soju

9. Daebak Koreans


Congrats to you all! Now, here are my questions! I do know that this post is really, really late so if ya can’t answer them, don’t worry then ^^

1. What got you so interested in Asian culture?

2. Do you tend to express your love for Asian culture outside of the blogging world (with friends, family, work or school?)

3. If you were able to become fluent in only one language overnight, which would it be and what would you do with such skills?

4. Have you got another hobby apart from blogging? If so, what is it and how often do you do it?

5. If you were only one of the last two survivors of a zombie apocalypse (cliqued, I know lol), who would your other survivor buddy be?(could be celebrity, family, even your pet ><)

6. Which is your all-time favourite variety show?

7. What is one food you wish to try out?

8. What is your ultimate guilty pleasure?

9. Who or what is your ideal male/female?

10. One piece of advice for those who are currently blogging/wanting to start a blog

Thank you so much once again to SarahCoffeenluciaChocokokoro and Kelly for nominating me! It is truly an honour!


❤ Yami Hyunnie ^^~


Author: Hyunnie

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16 thoughts on “I got nominated for a Liebster Award?! WHAAAAAAAAAAT?!

  1. Thank you for answering my questions and congrats! I’m Chinese too! What part of China are you from? I’m from Macau.
    I love your answer to my banana question~ It was so funny and it was interesting to read how people would react to it.
    I’m surprised that you’re karaoke jam is an English song. Don’t get me wrong I like singing to English song as well but as a Chinese, I was brought up singing the old 90′s Chinese songs so I was expecting something else.
    You’re studying to be a teacher and I’m still a student. So should I call you seonsaeng-nim?:P You would be so cool as a teacher!
    I believe in reincarnation as well! And I must have had a past with bathrooms because I always seem to break the stuff in it!
    One of my earliest memories involves a bird as well! I went to Lama Island and I had a parrot on my arm.
    I agree with you about the amnesia! I hate it so much as well because it is always the third “person” in a love triangle. I just wanted to know what people would do~lol, one of my nominees said that she’d rather shoot herself:P

    • Hey Kelly! Your questions were lovely and unique; they were very different from the others! Now, I’ll answer your questions again ^^
      I was born in Australia, but my parents are from TianJin.
      I’m glad you liked my answer about the banana; I had alot of fun answering it ^//^
      Since I’m in Australia, singing English songs are sort of the norm here. I sing plenty of old Chinese songs in karaoke (月亮代表我的心,千里之外 etc) but my friend and I must always sing that song because…we just have to lol
      You can call me anything sweets, whatever suits your fancy! *wink wink* Funny, I’d assumed you were older…which year are you in? O.o
      Oh dear, having something against bathrooms doesn’t seem right at all. What exactly does happen? Perhaps you may need to hire an exterminator?? O.O
      At least your early memory sounds more nicer than mine; mum even told me that I may possibly still have a scar from the attack
      Oooo if it came down to the fact that I had realised I couldn't get my life back (and I wanted it back too) then shooting myself wouldn't be a bad option. The amnesia factor in dramas are just soooo obnoxious; come on writers, was there really nothing else that can happen at that moment??
      Anyway, thank you Kelly for kindly nominating me ^_^ I will continue to follow your blog to check out what you have in store! Thank you, thank you and thank you ❤

      • Thank you! I was going to ask more random stuff but since everyone was writing something blog/drama related, I figured that I should at least include some “normal” questions~
        I’m just like you! I was born in Dublin, Ireland but my parents are from Macau/HK.
        I’ve sung 月亮代表我的心 as well as 四大天王’s song. (you probably don’t know them because they’re Cantonese)
        I don’t know if we have the same educational system but I’m in 3rd year in Secondary School.
        I’ve broken the shower door, the bathroom mirror while I was trying to clean it and I pulled out the bathroom sink which was attached to the wall by an accident.

        That’s the photo of it~
        I don’t have any unpleasant memories with birds but I did with dogs. I remember being chased by a chihuahua when I was 7 so I don’t like small dogs.
        You’re right! Amnesia are obnoxious! I just don’t like it because amnesia is suppose to be a really upsetting thing since you will be forgotten by your loved one but now that they’ve used it a lot, it becomes more kind of a joke. No body takes amnesia seriously now. They are considered “fillers” in dramas because the writers doesn’t seem to be happy with the already obstacle-filled relationship!
        No problem! I’m glad there’s this award! I actually found your blog through your other nominations and I feel so bad for not discovering this gem earlier! I will keep following you as well and I can’t wait to read more of your blogs!

  2. Da Jan Geum was one of my first kdramas, and I loved it. I think I was around seven when I watched it, and after that, I aspired to become a chef. 😀

    I like how you got into kdramas… BECAUSE YOU’RE CHINESE hahahaha. Actually, sameeee. My Chinese mom started the fad of watching kdramas, back then on one of those bulky TVs. Ahh the good old times.

    • Haha Dae Jang Geum was just a huge/sudden movement all across Asia back then. Everyone got swept up by it! And yes, I wanted to be a chef too when I started watching it.
      The lovely memories ^^~ But seriously, I think that if I wasn’t Chinese, I probably wouldn’t have gotten so attached to dramas. Watching dramas while growing up just seemed like a compulsory step in Asian childhoods (like how every Asian gets a mushroom haircut at least once in their lifetime) Soooo yeah thanks mum ^^
      Thank you so such for your nomination!! I had so much fun answering your questions. I’ll continue to check out your blog, promise!! ❤

  3. I loved your responses! All the pictures were perfect and I had great fun reading this post! Thanks for the nomination and you can check out my answers here:

  4. Hey, thanks for nominating me for the Leibster Awards. No words on how I feel about it! I’ve completed your questionnaire, here’s the link to the post.

  5. A fellow Chinese here too! *waves* Dramawatching forms such an integral part of my Asian identity I honestly can’t picture my childhood without drama. Knowing how to read Chinese has really come in handy especially when I’m watching dramas with Chinese subs (it’s times like these that I’m extra grateful to my parents for making basic Chinese education compulsory). ^.^
    Ooh you’re majoring in education, and I see that Chinese is one of the subjects in your course…count me impressed. Chinese is hands down one of the hardest language to learn (Classical Chinese is so challenging omg) so I guess your Chinese must be pretty good to be actually be able to take it up at a degree level.
    Random question: can you speak any Chinese dialects?

    • *Waves back* HOORAY!!! Drama is part of our identity; ask any other Asian and they will name watching dramas as one part of it. And yes, watching Chinese/Taiwanese dramas that don’t have english subtitles comes in handy all the time. That’s how I got through 步步惊心, which is probably my most favourite C-drama up till now!
      No no no don’t misunderstand; my Chinese honestly isn’t as good as it seems. Sure, I am taking Chinese as one of my subjects in uni however…it still needs a lot of work. How bad you wonder? I’m still scanning through my year 3-4 Chinese books and still finding terms I struggle with here and there. However, I am determined to change that!! So no, don’t be impressed just yet.
      And to answer your random question yes, I can speak (apparently) TianJin dialect (wait…is that an actual dialect??). At times, certain pronunciations are altered and sometimes, ‘slang’ words are spoken too. Both my parents were born and raised in TianJin hence the accent however, they speak pretty accurate typical mandarin. I really, really wish I can speak Cantonese; I have never been so frustrated in my life for not understanding another language (watching K-dramas may be the other moments in life) than I have at times when people can only speak Cantonese.

      Thank you for checking out my blog post, and the blog overall! I’ll continue to check yours out too!

      • To be honest, my Chinese has deteriorated pretty badly in recent years. I think my Chinese was at its peak when I was in Year 6 (which was AGES ago) and it pretty much went downhill afterwards. I did try and have a look at my old books and was embarrassed to find out that there were words that I couldn’t recognise LOL so I guess I can relate to your dilemma XD Honestly, I’ve not wrote much Chinese after 16, I dropped the subject in my senior year because it was just too difficult for me to cope with. My parents don’t really speak Mandarin (we speak English at home) so the only opportunity for me to practice was through conversations with my friends. I remember how I used to have a weird accent when I first started learning Chinese, it felt so foreign to me at that time but I’m glad that I’ve learnt the language. There’s just this surge of pride, y’know? Gotta admit that Chinese is hard. I mean, I still have a bit of an inferior complex about my Chinese even now. *shrugs*
        I wonder how the TianJin dialect would actually sound like. Super curious. O.O I always had a thing for accurate typical-sounding mandarin pronunciation because I’ve never managed to achieve that thus far. My Cantonese is crappy HA. I never spoke the language until I’ve completely gone overseas. I mean now that I’m in a completely foreign country I don’t really need to worry about embarrassing myself lol so I’ve attempted some conversational Cantonese with my HK-housemate. My pronunciation is crap and I struggle to find the right words to describe things (totally relying on fragments that I’ve gotten here and there from years of TVB drama-watching) SIGH. It’s hard because prior to this I’ve NEVER spoken a word on Cantonese before in my entire lifetime but I guess my point is…even if you suck at it, there’s no harm trying. If you never try, you’ll never know. I am quite envious of people who can speak Cantonese as their mother tongue. Oh wells.
        No problem. I loved reading your post too, thanks! ^.^

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  9. Yay, fellow introvert! 🙂 Also, I had to laugh because I’ve talked about “Fashion King” as my “terrible but I watched it anyway” drama. It really is terrible, though. I don’t think you missed out by dropping it.

    And! I finally got my answers up! Thank you so much for your nomination. (They’re here.) 🙂

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