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Returning back to Blogging: 30-Day Asian Drama Challenge – Day 6

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Welcome back to the 6th day of the Asian Drama Challenge! Here is today’s question:

Your favourite older actors/actresses

I really love this question, simply because this is a rarely considered question. I’ve come across so many actors and actresses over the years who I have fallen for despite the age gap. To make sure I don’t ramble away with this post, I’ve limited to 3 actors and 3 actresses! (It was still really hard to limit this list!!!)

Let’s start with the gents, shall we?

1. Hawick Lau


For a man in his 40s, Hawick honestly does not look a day over 30. I first discovered him in…Sealed with a Kiss (please wait while I run to a corner and beat up my pillow in rage) and if there was one single thing that I got good out of it, it was this very man. After watching it, I went ahead to check out his other works and I was most definitely not disappointed. He is always capable of taking his character and makes it his own, mean or not. Loved his performance in Lady & Liar and will continue to watch many many of his other works.  

2. Ji Jin Hee


Watched this man (Chinese dubbed) for the first time in Jewel in the Palace all the way back in 2005-06 when the drama really took off and was spread worldwide. I still remember shipping (even though that term didn’t exist then, but the feeling was there) him with Jang Geum and thinking that they were indeed a match made in heaven. After watching him in such a fantastic drama, I went in search of his works years later. Dong Yi is another work of his that I absolutely adore. Forever a fan~

3. Sung Dong Il



Dong Il always plays that heartwarming father figure, or the hilarious ahjussi next door. Whatever role is it, he always acts with such heart and passion which is bound to make you smile whenever he appears on-screen. Loved watching him in It’s Okay It’s Love and the film The Grand Heist and will most definitely continue to watch his works.

And now for the ladies!

1. Ha Ji Won


I’ve been a huge fan of Ha Ji Won’s works for a very long time now. Some of my favourite K-dramas had her as the main lead, and she never fails to take any character and make it her own, whether it’s a modern drama or a sageuk. So many of her works are absolute favourites of mine, such as Hwang Jin-Yi and Empress Ki, which I have written reviews both. Will certainly continue to support this amazing actress, who seems to never age.

2. Kim Mi Kyung


Kim Mi Kyung is one versatile actress who makes you adore her regardless of who she is acting. Whether it’s the loving mother from The Heirs or the super badass computer genius from Healer, you are bound to love her one way or another. I remember being sold by her performance in Sungkyunkwan Scandal and from then on she became on of my most adored older actresses.

3. Ruby Lin


Ahhh Ruby. I still remember seeing her in Introduction to the Princess and just found her acting quite refreshing and very solid, which is extremely rare lately. I just think that her charisma is really good on-screen, and with her most recent drama Singing All Along, I believe that it is proven that despite the lack of range in characters she chooses, she really has that on-screen vibe that is hard to turn away from.

Here’s the 30 Day Asian Drama Challenge if you are interested in joining!  I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s answers to these questions.


❤ Hyunnie ^^~


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