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Again from the same provider last year~

Again from the same provider last year~

Huh, where has all of our time flown to? How could it already have been another year already? I swear, I’m gradually losing track of time so quickly; I’m worried that I have the memory of a goldfish at times haha. Anyway, today marks the 4th year since the blog had begun, and I am really proud yet baffled about it.

Looking back at what I had wrote exactly one year ago, I feel that I have failed so much in terms of what I have done for the blog. I have been taking unannounced hiatus, and not been posting the best quality works that I can produce. There was a point in time where I was simply just not wanting to post what I was watching, and just wanted to focus on the watching portion. About that limbo I mentioned last year? I’m still there, and to be honest, the future of this blog is still unclear. Despite how much I want to commit to this blog wholeheartedly and expand it more, I’m still up to this point unsure as to whether I would like to go with it.

However, for the sack of you all, these committed, wonderful and supportive readers who have continuously supported this blog, and left comments or even just gave a glance into what I do, I am still driven to maintain this blog, and try to provide the best possible posts that I can provide. I’m considering of venturing into other areas, such as books or music again as I did in the past. If this sounds good, let me know 😉

Hmm, what have I even been doing over the past year? Since our last birthday, statistically we have been on the rise despite my lack of activity in both views and readers, which is just mind-blowing for me. As I’ve mentioned in the past, no matter how busy or tied down by life in general, this blog still continues to be present in the back of my mind, which I guess indicates how difficult it will ever be for me to even consider letting this go because in the end, I really do enjoy just spewing out my thoughts and feelings on a platform that is mine to own and under my own jurisdiction. I am free, which is something that I truly appreciate when my life is always so structured, must follow certain procedures and cannot just simply be complete in my own way or nature. And so, Asia Reviewer Maniac will certainly continue to stay here for (hopefully) many years to come, with definite improvements in quality in both writing and creativity.

Thank you all so much again for being here with me and this blog. I love you all, thank you all again for just being there and I wish you all a lovely day/night, wherever you are in the world! Asia Reviewer Maniac fighting! Hyunnie fighting!

❤ Hyunnie ^^~


Author: Hyunnie

Hello~~ ^^ I'm a young blogger opening her first ever blog in order to share to the world reviews on some of the best and worst Asian dramas, movies, music; you name it! I am also currently guest-posting on Dramafever News. Mainly, I post about dramas on that site so if you are interested, check me out there! Please fill free to comment on this site and maybe suggest some stuff for me to talk about ^^ Hope you guys enjoy and see you later!

4 thoughts on “ASIA REVIEWER MANIAC TURNS 4!!!

  1. It’s always great to celebrate another year! Especially when we blog what makes us happy! Here’s to another year and don’t worry about the breaks here and there; some times real life takes over and you simply have no choice! But when you do have the time to come back, doesn’t it feel great! Happy Blog Birthday!!

  2. Congrats on the anniversary Hyunnie! Wow, it really has been a while, huh? I remember reading about the earlier anniversaries of this blog…you have made me nostalgic about the good ole’ days of 2015. I completely see your point about how, even when you’re not able to post on the blog, it is still going in the back of your mind. As someone who barely posts on his blog but still thinks about writing on it every day, I completely agree. Although I totally don’t think you’ve “failed” with the blog. As I tell myself during writer’s block: Mewtwo doesn’t even move until it has to battle, because it is conserving energy for all the awesome things it has to do, and will only do them when it is ready. Be Mewtwo. 🙂

    Also, have you considered that maybe, part of the reason there’s fewer posts might be that our ideas are “forced away” or locked down until we have time to sit in front of screen? So that, maybe getting a diary and just jotting stuff down whenever you get the chance might help so that you are ready to type from the second you hit the screen? I remember my most recent post was a review for a Filipino-American play I watched–and I pretty much had all my notes from the play even before I typed anything, so it took away some of the hesitation.

    Anyways, always a pleasure to read from you Hyunnie and I too wish that the blog goes on for many, many more years. Asia Reviewer–keepin’ it maniacal since 2012! Fighting!

    • Hi Abdul!!

      Thank you thank you so much for the continuous support you’ve given to me and all of our fellow bloggers! It is still overwhelming how far we’ve both come when it comes to blogging, and vice versa I feel quite nostalgic reading over my previous posts from 1, 2, 3 years ago hehe~

      Yes, writer’s block is indeed a contributor to my inconsistent hiatus, and I do vow to change that although that is, of course, easier said than done. Btw, love the Mewtwo reference; obviously Pokemon Go has been (possibly) another reason why blogging hasn’t been my top priority lately

      I do bring along a journal in hopes that something, anything that I can think of could be jotted down however nothing does come along. I can only blame on the fact that lately I haven’t been dedicating myself enough to watching any new dramas lately, which I do hope to change after having a look on what is coming out lately and in the near future (Scarlet Heart looks amazing; can’t wait for that one!)

      Anyway, enough rambling! All in all, thank you so much again and it’s an absolute pleasure to hear from a fellow blogger who I have known for so long. I wish you all the best, and that your blog will continue to grow and go on for many more years to come! Fighting!!!

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