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Current trek with “Doctors”: Should I continue with it, or not??



Hello everybody, and welcome back! As the title clearly illustrates, I am bringing to you all my current trek as well as my first impressions of the current topping-the-rating-charts K-drama “Doctors”. I was very VERY interested in checking out this drama for a while, especially after seeing its first teasers with an ass-kicking Shin Hye and a sweet-smiling Rae Won oppa~ Now that it is finally being broadcasted, a simple statement that I can make right now is that I was extremely impressed initially, and not disappointed in my decision to pick this one up. However, what this post will inevitably discuss is whether or not I should continue pursuing this drama, and finish it to the end.

So, without further ado, let’s begin this damn ‘current trek’ post already before I spill everything out in just the introduction!


Title: Doctors (닥터스)

Genre: Medical, Romance, Drama

Estimated Number of Episodes: 20

Air Time: Monday and Tuesday @ 10:00pm KST


During high school, Yoo Hye Jung (Park Shin Hye) was a rebellious child with a cold and prickly personality. She had gained numerous scars during her childhood, forcing her to keep others shut outside of her heart in order to protect herself. This all begins to change once she meets her mentor Hong Ji Hong (Kim Rae Won) who plays a key role in transforming her hopeless and helpless gangster-self, into a compassionate doctor for others.

First Impressions of Episode 1 & 2:

What a way to start the drama! This drama is indeed intriguing, and does cover various issues and complex situations for us as the audience to consider. Along with all of that, indeed we must not neglect the elephant in the room: the student-teacher relationship. It is great how the drama itself acknowledges the age gap between our leads, as if it were trying to foreshadow what is inevitably going to come. Already from the get go, we can see that the drama will definitely be focusing on what indeed are the ups and downs of our lives, and how those specific experiences shape us into the people we have become today, which thus helps us to grow.

The pacing of both episodes was fantastic! It never really took a break, and it did very well to paint out the scenario of our characters and did I mention what an opening that was?!! This is by far the best Park Shin Hye drama I have ever watched. So badass, intelligent and likeable? Hell yes! I’m certain that many would agree with me when I say that this is the drama we Shin Hye fans have all been waiting for.

With her character Hye Jung, we can see so much potential for her to grow as a character, and be able to find true purpose in her existence, rather than just seeking for the dark and dirty truths about our reality. She is such a head-strong heroine, and I love what Park Shin Hye is channelling with her portrayal of this character. Her view on life and reality is so stark that at times it’s unsettling, but that’s perhaps the reason why I am so drawn to her, and wish that many more layers can be peeled off and shown as time goes on.

She looks gorgeous in that shot~

She looks gorgeous in that shot~

And *sigh* what can I say about our handsome, honey-voiced male lead Hong Ji Hong, portrayed by Kim Rae Won. He’s just bloody fantastic really, not that I had any doubt that he wouldn’t be. He inhabits qualities of being that perfect ‘oppa’ image. And his chemistry with Shin Hye is to die for. It will also be a joy to uncover this past a little, and comprehend how he could have put medicine aside to become a teacher.

Honestly, how can anyone NOT be affected after seeing that smile?? HOW??! Credit to Dramabeans

Honestly, how can anyone NOT be affected after seeing that smile?? HOW??! Credit to Dramabeans

As a pre-service teacher myself, Ji Hong is just ‘that’ teacher which I would love to be for my students. Understanding them, encouraging them to pursue what they want and aim to achieve whatever they would want to become in their lives is exactly the sort of inspiration that I would want to be for my future students; perhaps that’s why I’m seemingly more attached to Rae Won’s character than I had expected.

Also, I must give a heads-up to our supporting cast. Our loving and hard-headed Grandma Kang Mal Soon played by Kim Young Ae is exactly that voice of wisdom and change Hye Jung needs to finally be convinced to change for the better. And with newly found friend Chun Soon Hee portrayed by Moon Ji In, I was just so elated to know that she has found a true caring friend who is indeed adorable to watch and see Hye Jung interact with.

The true question: Will I continue watching this drama, or not?

Despite how impressed I was with the initial opening of the drama, I have to admit that the pacing and overall action of the drama has decreased dramatically over the last fortnight or so. The drama has now begun to focus on purely the love square, as well as some minor sub-plots on the side. If you were hoping to see Hye Jung kickass continuously every week, you will be sadly disappointed (just giving y’all a head’s up there)

However, regardless of the lack of action that has taken place in this drama, it is still doing great in terms of what its true unique traits are, which is exploring how people interact with each other, and how they build significant relationships with one another. It reveals to us about what makes us human, about how human nature indeed is embedded and that these qualities does shape our humanity. It plays more as if we as the audience are exploring a pure moment of time in these people’s lives, rather than a full-fledged drama. Yes, of course I will not ignore the revenge plot that will continue to run throughout the course of the drama, but as for what the drama is clearly focusing on now seems to be more about the inevitable love square rather than seeking the true perpetrators within the drama. 

Love the cast interactions in this drama; they seem so genuine.

Love the cast interactions in this drama; they seem so genuine.

To continue exploring this drama as more a slice-of-life drama rather than a medical drama, is to be honest a lot more enjoyable for me to continue watching, as it appears to be quite light-hearted and really easygoing. The whole cast is quite likeable (apart from Seo Woo I guess *cough cough*), especially our adorable residents who are so likeable. Clearly, this drama really allows us to enjoy the cast’s company, and really grow to know and love them as proper human beings for their individuality.

Final Comment:


I will definitely admit this; this drama may indeed not be everyone’s cup of tea. If you are someone who can’t deal with a lot of cheesiness, or a drama that deals with more about who is dating who rather than focusing on saving everyone that comes through a hospital door, then this certainly is not the drama for you. However, if you are someone who is seeking for an easygoing, carefree drama where you don’t have to think much, and just need to be there in presence, then perhaps you should consider checking this one out if you haven’t already done so.

Otherwise, it is really up to you as to whether or not you should continue pursuing this drama. For me, I am really rooting for our main couple to just get together already, and so I will still continue to hang on for a little while longer. Definitely Hye Jung’s final actions and reaction seen from the recent episode really solidly confirmed for me to continue with the drama; that she is indeed a female protagonist who is not afraid to speak her thoughts, and is truly someone relatable and likeable on so many levels; she deserves my wholehearted respect.

Thank you all so much for checking out this post; I will continue to watch this and hopefully provide you all with a comprehensive review by the end of the journey. Otherwise, you will hear from me very soon~~ Thank you all again, and I wish you all a lovely day/night!

❤ Hyunnie ^^~


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2 thoughts on “Current trek with “Doctors”: Should I continue with it, or not??

  1. I will finish this, though I am now 4 episodes behind. I think for me when we get to episode 12-14, I’ll be wishing that it was over at 16 (just how I feel about Pinocchio now that I’m finally watching it). So, my vote would be to watch it but not necessarily week to week.

    • Yeah, that’s what I’m sensing Doctors to be too. I’m pretty sure that they’re gonna have trouble dragging this to 20 episodes; even I’m quite certain now that sticking with 16 or 18 episodes would be most ideal.

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