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Day 30: THE LAST OF…THIS CHALLENGE LOL [get the reference ;)]

Day 30: Why did you start blogging and what is the origin behind your blog’s name?

HEY GUYS AND OMG!!!! We are up to Day 30 AKA THE LAST DAY!!! Thank you to everyone who has been following this challenge for weeks!!

So now, let’s end this.

I had started this blog in order to share with others my passions and loves about Asian culture. Though this blog is still in its early stages, eventually I plan to share a lot more information about numerous cultures. Their music, food, language etc are all very intriguing to discover and understand more about.

Korean culture, in particular, is the main source of interest for me. Being of Chinese background, I was curious about the other cultures that differed from my own. Korean, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese etc are all very fascinating to discover and understand. I’ve never been to these countries however I do plan to visit sometime in the future once I am capable. I want to discover what it is like to live there, and understand the people.

I hope to share with others the discoveries I make when looking into these Asian cultures, and plenty more than that. Living in Australia means that I am exposed to numerous cultures everyday, and it is super special AWESOME! I hope to, in the future, talk more about the food that I eat or the movies that I watch, which are all from various cultures all across the globe.

As for the origin of the blog’s name, it is sort of lame. There is no secret meaning behind it, other than what the name ACTUALLY suggests. Asia Reviewer Maniac? The name really says it all I believe.

Now, I’m just gonna make a spam of pretty pictures :3



Japan, I think?

Japan, I think? Otherwise the sign is in Chinese…



Korea? Or China?

Korea? Or China?



Thank you to everyone who has stayed with this challenge. I will be back soon, maybe with another challenge otherwise, a new review 🙂

Anyway, talk to you guys soon~~

❤ Yami Hyunnie ^^~


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Day 26: Only 10???!! But, but, I have more :(

Day 26: Name 10 places you would like to visit?

Hello everyone!!! Today’s question is quite nice I believe because travelling the world is definitely something that I want to do in the future once I am capable. Also, I would love to share the experience with the special people around me 🙂 LET’S BEGIN!!

Yes, yes it is.

Yes, yes it is.

Yes, let's!!

Yes, let’s begin!!

The places (in no particular order):

1. China (preferably Tianjin and Beijing): Tianjin is my parent’s home town, so I really want to visit and see where they lived. Beijing because it is, after all, the country’s capital but also because there is so much history there too (I am very passionate about history if it isn’t obvious yet ><)

2. South Korea (Seoul): South Korea is a MUST for me (if this blog isn’t obvious enough…) but the main thing is that I want to experience life in Korea, and indulge myself in its culture. And um *ahem* stalk sexy Korean boys *ahem*

3. The United States of America (ALL AROUND!!!): Everywhere. I just want to travel across the states because well, why not?

4. France (Paris): To see their history, duh…and eat their food [wait for me frog legs ;)]

5. Japan (Tokyo and Kyoto and…and…anywhere that sells sashimi): I am a raw fish addict. Give me sashimi any day (if I can afford it of course ><)

6. Germany (everywhere): Their history fascinates me. It is one of my lifelong goals to visit Auschwitz so, I must travel to Germany in order to fulfil it.

7. Canada (Montreal and other places): My French teacher in high school has made a very lovely image of Canada in my head, and I really want to visit. The only worry I have is, will it be really cold? I hope not because I can’t cope with cold weather 😦

8. England (London and other places): I have to see Big Ben with my own eyes. James Bond has convinced me to do so for many years hehe

9. Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City and other places): Food, and the culture. Also, I have relatives who were born and grew up there.

10. The rest of Australia: I have only ever been to Melbourne, and it was only for a couple of days. Once I get the chance, I would love to visit again and stay longer. Also, I would love to visit other states around Australia, especially Tasmania – the little state down under 🙂

If only I can...*sigh*

If only I can…*sigh*

Okay, that’s it for today. There are plenty more places that I would really love to visit, but since the question asks 10, here they are. Thanks for reading everyone, and I will talk with you all very soon~~

❤ Yami Hyunnie ^^~