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Alison Gold – “Chinese Food” MV: I feel so dirty and offended right now…WHAT THE HELL DID I JUST WATCH!!!

Hey guys. Today is a very different post – rather, it will probably be a place where I have to vent out some stress which I have accumulated through the course of the video.

Today’s post will be about the MV which was released yesterday called “Chinese Food” by Alison Gold. If you haven’t seen the video yet…good on you, and hopefully it stays that way.

The most racist/annoying S*** I have seen all year, and I have seen some crazy stuff this year...

The most racist/annoying S*** I have seen all year, and I have seen some crazy stuff this year…

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EXO – Growl (으르렁): fap fap fap fap fap fap…you know the drill >//<

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HI GUYS!!!!!

I’m not even going to attempt to start apologising for my absence; there really is no point, is there?

So ,without further ado, let’s start this review!

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T-ARA & THE SEE YA & 5DOLLS & SPEED – Painkiller (진통제): Not bad, not bad at all…

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Hey guys! I’m back with another Kpop review! This time is Painkiller by T-ara, The See Ya, 5Dolls and Speed and I have to say, the MV is totally not what I expected i.e. it was surprisingly good 🙂

Okay, this review is going to mainly focus on the MV, and you guys should definitely check it out and let me know what you thought about it too!

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Day 8: Write about something that makes you smile.

Everyone has that special moment/video/clip that is so epic or unforgettable that you cannot help but smile at whenever you see it. For me, there is a special clip from an old variety show that I used to watch when I was younger.

The clip is called “EHB laughing gas cut”, and I can’t help but smile whenever I watch it. Not only is it a moment capable of making me laugh till my stomach hurts, but it reminds me of when all 13 members of Super Junior was still together.

The whole series can make me smile non-stop, but this clip in particular is able to make anyone smile, even on a slow and sad day. For me, Eunhyuk was my favourite, especially his “third time, third time” bit – absolutely cracked me up XD
Honestly, when all 13 members are together, their ability to make people happy is unstoppable. These cute, adorable boys are just as effective as medicine ^^

Anyway, I attached the video on top so you should all check it out for yourself. Whether you are a fan or not, they are still capable to make anyone smile, guaranteed.

So, I hope you all enjoyed this clip and I’ll be back soon~~

❤ Yami Hyunnie ^^~