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Girl’s Day Comeback MV: Wow…wow…wow…(what else can I say?!)

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Okay guys, final post for the day, promise!

Hello and welcome back to another Kpop MV review. It’s been a while since I have last done one but life recently has been very rocky for me so I do apologise. SORRY!! I know, there is not much I can say but, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry…okay really sad joke but you guys know what I mean, right? (Hint hint, Super Junior ><)

Anyway, today I’m here talking about Girl’s Day’s comeback MV called “Female President” which was released today about 2 hours ago from when this post has been published. On their official channel, the video counter has stuck on the “count of doom” (301+ views if you didn’t know that) but I would roughly say that the MV has already got a couple of thousand views >w<

MV. Meh. The song. FREAKIN' AWESOME!

MV – Meh. The song – FREAKIN’ AWESOME!

What I can say overall about the MV is that it is trying to sell the “sexy” concept again which, as many would know, has been so successful for them this year with their earlier release of “Expectation”. However, this MV wasn’t as amazing as the last. AND I MEAN ONLY THE MV. I will talk about the song very soon.

I can roughly assume that their song is inspired by the recent arrival of South Korea’s first female president, and Girl’s Day has attempted to celebrate the success through the release of this song. By emphasising the POWER OF WOMEN! (spoken in a very dramatic voice, rather than shouting ><)

Sexy body rubbing, clothes stripping and butt wiggling cannot make the message more clear. I AM…perfect for being president??? What?! Yes…of course I mean I want to run for president…

So, what can I say about the MV? It was not as amazing as the arrival of “Expectation”. It was just a replay of its sex appeal, maybe even more. Yes, they all look stunning and really pull off the sexy concept very well. However, I would have loved to see a more drama-like MV I guess? Just something different again because to be honest, I didn’t mind the cutesy image as well. I was a fan from the start hehe.

The song however, can I say, is FREAKIN’ AWESOME!! The “da da da dada da da” bits were so catchy, and the escalation towards the chorus was so cool, with the lines “Now it’s the time. You can start first”. The song is very upbeat, and really gets you off your bottom. You really can’t help but clap along with the song (at least I couldn’t…am I even normal?!) Minah’s vocals, can I also say, are SO AMAZING!! Her high notes are flawless, JUST FLAWLESS!

The dance – great as always. However, what keeps bothering me is in fact that since this song is about the power of women (expressed through the body?) I can’t help but see so many connections with Beyonce’s dance in “Run The World”. The salutes, the hands-on-hips stances and the fist pumping don’t seem as unique. But, the dance was still good, don’t get me wrong. The butt wiggling during the “da da da da” bits were awesome, and their outfits really do a lot for the dance overall (that tail…wow). In the end, I will support Girl’s Day regardless 🙂

See what I mean?

See what I mean?

So, my overall thoughts on the MV. Not as awesome as a comeback. Despite the greatness of the song, the MV seemed as if it was trying to sell something other than JUST the song (if you don’t believe me, stop at 1:17 and come back) I even noticed that there was one member that hardly popped out too (I think it was the leader Sojin – the chick who never ties her hair up) but that’s just a small thing. The song, however, needs to be given more credit likewise the lyrics of the song too. The link below is the official MV with English translations. Check it out and comment below what you thought about the MV!

Love you all and thank you so much for tuning in! See you all very soon~~

❤ Yami Hyunnie ^^~