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The Asia Reviewer Maniac Awards 2013 – Part 1 of 2

Hahaha what a cheesy title huh?I AM BACK FROM THE DEAD!!! Finally! After suffering from days of no blogging, I’m finally able to come back with this; the Asia Reviewer Maniac Awards of 2013! Yes I know, a bit late past Christmas but hey, Christmas is family time peoples; I had to spend it with some of the special people in my life (even though you readers count as a portion of that, sorry!)

2013 has been a huge year for Asian pop culture, whether it is music, dramas or even animes. In particular, Kpop has been huge this year, where the international community has also begun to notice even more about what Korean music has to offer. Nonetheless, other aspects of Asian pop culture such as anime, dramas and other styles of music have also been shone in the spotlight and has been taken notice by other parts of the world as well. God I’m so proud to be Asian :3

Alright so the awards are all based on my own personal opinion, and also what I have been able to see and discover this year. Yes, there will be some categories which will be slightly lacking than others, but please understand that I am but only one person, and it is simply not possible to get around to everyone and everything >< If you aren’t that satisfied with the results I’ve concluded with, then leave a comment below stating what or who you think should have won what category. Also, if you haven’t noticed already from my blog site, it is pretty Kpop biased, so the Kpop section of the awards will take a major portion of the awards lol. Hope you all don’t mind that! And so, here goes!


The list below I discovered from Saphirya’s Kpop Award 2013 blog post. She has given a fantastic list, which is what I have based my results from. Go check out her blog site for more Kpop awesomeness!

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5 K-pop idols who were born to be bad

Hey everybody! I did another guest post on DramaFever today! Check out the link to go to the article!

Check out the article to look at my stare even longer *wink wink*

Check out the article to look at my stare even longer *wink wink*

Have you ever seen one of your favourite kpop idols totally rocking a concept that makes them SOOOOO deadly yet sexy? Well, I have complied a list of those idols who can TOTALLY pull off a villainous look 😉

Thank you guys for reading and please, check out the article posted above on DramaFever!

❤ Yami Hyunnie ^^~

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Day 28: What are your top 3 favourite bands?

Hello, hello and welcome back to today’s post! 3 bands? ONLY??! This is too hard to choose…

Anyway, LET’S START!

1. Super Junior

If you have been following this blog long enough, it should be quite clear that this is my favourite band of all-time. Now, before many of you question my answer, Super Junior is considered a South Korean boy-band, hence why I have answered this question in this way LOL! Quite proud, quite proud ><

2. Paramore (The original band)

This is my favourite American band of all time, but I do prefer listening to their older songs with the original band members. I still love Paramore as much as I did in the past, but their past drummer was so super special awesome. *sigh* I miss them…

3. Big Bang

These are the very people who introduced me to Kpop years ago. I have loved their music since, with no regrets. They are all very talented and unique in their own way, which I love :3

Okay, that was tough but there is my top 3. If I was allowed to pick another 3, there would seriously be more variety. Too tired to keep talking today, so I’ll catch up with you all soon~~

❤ Yami Hyunnie ^^~