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SHINee (샤이니) teases fans with a newly released lyrics video for “상사병 (Symptoms)”: JUST GIVE ME THE DAMN SONG ALREADY!!

Hey everybody!

This is just a quick update of what’s currently circulating around the online K-pop world (YouTube that is rofl), and what seems to be the huge talk is SHINee’s anticipated return with their 5th mini album “Everybody”. Today, a lyric MV was released ~4 hours ago of the song “Symptom (상사병)” and I have to say….IT SOUNDS F***ING AMAZING!!!

...God don't they look sexy??! The individual photos are worse...they give girls heart attacks ><

…God don’t they look sexy??! The individual photos are worse…they give girls heart attacks ><

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Day 14: None. None whatsoever; sorry!

Day 14: Do you have any special talents?

Hello~~~~ Special talents huh?

Best pic I could find related...meh

Best pic I could find related…meh

Ummmmm I can wiggle my ears ANNNNNNNND that’s about it ><

Seriously, what is considered a special talent? I know that many can do that ‘rrrrrrrrrrrr’ sound with their tongue, and some can  imitate voices of famous people but, is that it? What is considered/qualified to be a special talent?

There really is not much I can say about this one, so I’m flipping this question back to you. Do you have a special talent? If so, respond in a comment down below, and let me know because I am absolutely talentless LOL

Anyway…I’m really tired and sleepy today. Worked for hours today and I just want to go to bed ASAP so I talk to you guys soon~~

❤ Yami Hyunnie ^^~