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Day 15: So…pretty…owwww my butt!

Day 15: Do you have a favourite season? What is it and why?

Hello everyone! We are at the halfway mark now! HALFWAY!!! Now that means something hehe ^^

My favourite season has to be spring. Spring here in Australia is never too hot or too cold. When I walk outside, the flowers in my front yard just blossom and the kookaburras laugh and wake the whole neighbourhood up. During winter, you never get to hear them which is a shame because without them, it makes waking up in the morning that much harder.

And yes, kookaburras are commonly found across Australia unlike kangaroos. I swear, there is definitely a misconception about that ><

OMG how beautiful does this look?! I want to know where this is SO BAD!

OMG how beautiful does this look?! I want to know where this is SO BAD!

If only my frontyard looked like this...not even close

If only my frontyard looked like this…not even close

If this was legit, I wanna move there so that I can walk down that road everyday ><

If this was legit, I wanna move there so that I can walk down that road everyday ><

Anyway, I believe that the Springtime is just the most beautiful of seasons, and it is so easy to dress to. Despite my love for autumn-trendy colours (plum colour is absolutely GORGEOUS!), bright colours take up A LOT of space in my wardrobe. It is definitely my favourite, and I feel that I am more productive during this time too, such as the sudden urge to clean and refresh the entire house (and I never clean, like EVER!)

So yeah, short and simple right? Sorry I had to go into work today again and it was TIRING! Especially if you end up doing a full hour of Cassey’s Blogilate challenges which have absolutely killed my arms, legs and poor butt. *Sigh* What was I thinking???

So, I’ll be back tomorrow hopefully with more strength and enthusiasm as per usual. See you all soon~~

❤ Yami Hyunnie ^^~


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Day 10: Things I’m good at? What if I have none? :S

Day 10: Name a few of your strengths.

Hmmmm what an awkward question…ah well, I’ll try!

Hey guys and welcome to day number 10!!! *jumps around the room* This must mean something – it means that there is…20 more days to go…*sigh* whoop…

ANYWAY, let us begin! Strengths, strengths, strengths…

1. I’m loud

So true...a clear reflection on my life ><

So true…a clear reflection on my life ><

Yes, as many of you might guess, I am loud. While whispering might seem to be a restraint since I can’t seem to stay quiet for long, this ability becomes useful especially at drawing people’s attention. If someone were to say, broke their leg, and we needed assistance, I could simply shout and the whole street could hear me, full stop. When I was at school, I was usually in charge of shouting for other students who were clearly on the other side of the playground, grabbing their attention cause my friends needed to borrow their notes.

And the best thing is, my throat never gets sore. See me sing in a karaoke bar with friends for 3 hours, and my friends probably would have lost their voices but mine would probably only become slightly hoarse. Give it an hour, and it would up and running again. So, very useful in certain situations, and I’m proud 🙂 I’m pretty much a walking, living megaphone…><

2. Tolerant against pain

No pain...try it out and see if it's just me

No pain…try it out and see if it’s just me

Seems kind of weird huh? But it’s true. If you purposely pinch me very, very hard, I wouldn’t budge. I’m like Gary from Lee-Sang – he can take a chopstick against the forehead and not even change his expression. You can slap my arm, knee or anywhere, and I would act as if you just patted my head or something.

I guess the only flaw about this is the fact that I have to be aware that there will be pain. If you come right up behind without me noticing, and smack my head with a stick or something, I will scream and possibly punch you in the face with my elbow during the process. So, during competitions of who can place the most pegs on their face (hey, anything can happen right?) I could possibly win it, hands down! XD

3. I adapt to new things (especially games) really quickly

My slogan in life I believe...

My slogan in life I believe…

Possible explanation as to why I love gaming so much. Give me a game any day and I will beat your high score (unless you are a pro-gamer like the people on YouTube LOL!) within hours, seriously. This happens between me and my sister all the time. She recommends a new game, I seem like a noob at first and keep playing. Half an hour later, she comes back and asks me where I’m up to. I simply reply that I’m already halfway through the game and she gapes at me while staring at me as if I’m a Martian from space. She would exclaim that she hasn’t even passed the second level, and run away again. Typical situation. I believe it is due to the fact that I am so stubborn about things. Once I see a worthy challenge, I would become really determined and keep going until I’m satisfied with the result.

This also applies to technology. Give me a device and I’ll coordinate through it within minutes without the use of a manual. If only life was a simple as an Apple device was *sigh* if only…


Anyway, enough bragging about myself (this is just to weird) and I think I’ll have a easier day with tomorrow’s question. So, good-bye and I’ll see you all soon~~

❤ Yami Hyunnie ^^~