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6 K-dramas that need a second season – Post on Dramafever

Hello readers!!! I have finally written a new article on Dramafever. It has a long time coming, but I finally had a chance to really just sit down, and write. HOORAY!!!

The post is called 6 K-dramas that need a second season, which I believe many can agree on.


Have you ever come across a K-drama and asked, “HOW COULD THEY END IT THERE?!” or “…Is that it?” Has there ever been a drama where you wished that there could be a longer story for the couple who finally ended up together? Well, here are 6 K-dramas we wish at least had a better ending, if not a second season!

Thank you guys for always supporting me, I will be back very soon~

❤ Yami Hyunnie ^^~


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The remaining half of Psycho-Pass fell short, but is still a series worth checking out…kind of

psycho pass ending title

So, I finally finished up Psycho-Pass once and for all, and ended up getting out of it a lot of questions about our current society, conflicted feelings and another awesomely addictive Jpop song…what more could I ask for, hey?

Oh yes, there is one thing; the next season for this series please.

Why? You’ll eventually find out…but don’t say I didn’t warn you beforehand.

What is it? I haven’t said anything? Well….SPOILERS ALERT!

There, I said it – happy?

…Let’s finish this.

By the way, this is kind-of part two of my review for Psycho-Pass; for part one, click on the link provided:

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Day 15: So…pretty…owwww my butt!

Day 15: Do you have a favourite season? What is it and why?

Hello everyone! We are at the halfway mark now! HALFWAY!!! Now that means something hehe ^^

My favourite season has to be spring. Spring here in Australia is never too hot or too cold. When I walk outside, the flowers in my front yard just blossom and the kookaburras laugh and wake the whole neighbourhood up. During winter, you never get to hear them which is a shame because without them, it makes waking up in the morning that much harder.

And yes, kookaburras are commonly found across Australia unlike kangaroos. I swear, there is definitely a misconception about that ><

OMG how beautiful does this look?! I want to know where this is SO BAD!

OMG how beautiful does this look?! I want to know where this is SO BAD!

If only my frontyard looked like this...not even close

If only my frontyard looked like this…not even close

If this was legit, I wanna move there so that I can walk down that road everyday ><

If this was legit, I wanna move there so that I can walk down that road everyday ><

Anyway, I believe that the Springtime is just the most beautiful of seasons, and it is so easy to dress to. Despite my love for autumn-trendy colours (plum colour is absolutely GORGEOUS!), bright colours take up A LOT of space in my wardrobe. It is definitely my favourite, and I feel that I am more productive during this time too, such as the sudden urge to clean and refresh the entire house (and I never clean, like EVER!)

So yeah, short and simple right? Sorry I had to go into work today again and it was TIRING! Especially if you end up doing a full hour of Cassey’s Blogilate challenges which have absolutely killed my arms, legs and poor butt. *Sigh* What was I thinking???

So, I’ll be back tomorrow hopefully with more strength and enthusiasm as per usual. See you all soon~~

❤ Yami Hyunnie ^^~