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EXO's "Miracle in December" teasers are finally out...yep, just the teasers...darn, right?

EXO’s “Miracle in December” teasers are finally out…yep, just the teasers…darn, right?

So, after being notified at approximately 2pm today AEST that EXO will be releasing “Miracle in December “and I quote “later on today” I was pretty excited. When someone tells me that, I would assume only a couple of hours later, maybe at 4-5pm; not at 9 something pm, and definitely not when I was ready to place myself in bed and shut off for the day.

Honestly, it wasn’t just me who assumed this right, right??

*Sigh* Anyway, let’s do this.

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Boys Republic’s Debut MV: There’s potential but what a shame -_-

Hi guys and welcome to my first Kpop MV review. Was planning to do some sooner but uni has been a bitch lately so…that’s why (that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!).

So, this review is on Boys Republic with their first official debut MV “Party Rock”. The MV was released 6 hours ago (as of this post) and the view counter is still stuck on ‘301+ views’.

Why boys? WHY WHY WHY??!!!

Why boys? WHY WHY WHY??!!!

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