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Super Junior’s “Blue World” Short PV is released, blinding us literally with blue lights

Blue World: Great song, not so great PV

Blue World: Great song, not so great PV

So, Super Junior is finally back (at least in Japan) with their release of “Blue World” through a short PV, which has gotten both my brain and eyes blinded by the blueness of the video, literally.

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Donghae and Eunhyuk are back with their new single called “I Wanna Dance”. IF anyone wants to check out their new short PV, click on the link here:

Not trying to promote them in anyway HOWEVER, I am a huge fan and I don’t mind spreading the word so EVERYONE, CHECK THEM OUT (please don’t mind the screaming lol I am just so pumped, and I can’t wait for the whole PV to just come out already!!!)


So go out there and check out their newest single, [I Wanna Dance!]

Love you guys and I’ll catch up with you soon~~