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Seungri – 할말있어요 (GOTTA TALK TO U) MV: FAP FAP FAP *collapse* FAP FAP FAP

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Hi guys! I’m back with another Kpop MV review!! This time it is Seungri’s long awaited comeback!!! Can I just say that this song, called 할말있어요 (or “I have something to say in English), may be the best song released by YG Entertainment THIS YEAR!!

As a note in advance, I do realise that I am a bit delayed in this review (and yes, 4 days after the release of a MV is considered quite late ><) but uni has just been an absolute pain in the arse!!! Seriously, it is only week 4 and for some reason, I feel even more stressed than last semester during the exam period…I have no idea how any of this makes sense…

ANYWAY, Seungri is FINALLY BACK after a 2 year and 7 month hiatus (I know, i.e. A VERY VERY LONG TIME) and I believe that any fan of Big Bang/Seungri couldn’t wait for the darn MV to be released. After I watched the teaser that was released a day before the MV was released on the 19th, my initial thoughts on the song were (NB: please be prepared)

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