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I’M BACK!!! *spirit fingers* With a new start and new perspective for 2014!


Soooooo I am back from my much needed holiday to the Gold Coast!!! *Crackers and streamers go off* Yes, yes I am well aware that you have all missed me a lot (cough cough) but now I have returned, with a brain full of nothing and a body covered in a slight tan that makes me look more unhealthy then I really was :S

…This is going to be a great start to the new year, huh?

So, what I had wanted to do with this post is introduce to you all some of the new things I intend to do on this site in the coming future cause it’s time to start fresh and new, right?? Also, I want to list down my own personal goals for the new year because it is time to get yourself together Hyunnie!

Alright, so how this will work: two titles – Asia Review Maniac Goals for 2014 and Yami Hyunnie Goals for 2014. Each will list the goals I want to achieve for the year, and hopefully I will return and cross off which ones I have done on this post. If not, then a montage of the goals achieved may be made into some sort of post, and then linked here. Let’s just go with the flow, shall we?

So, let’s start!

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Day 11: After this, I feel like slapping myself in the face, LITERALLY!

Day 11: What are your weaknesses?

Hey guys and welcome back to another 30 day challenge question. Today will be so much easier, but more depressing…let’s start!

1. Huge procrastinator

A clear explanation of my life (p.s. I love these pics!)

A clear explanation of my life (p.s. I love these pics!)

3rd worries doesn't allow me to be level 4 ><

3rd level…my worries doesn’t allow me to be level 4 ><

Major flaw in my life which only continues to make me pay the price. Sleepless nights, an acne-covered face and an annoyed family who believes that I don’t value life enough (plus they play that whole “I told you so” ‘game’ >.<) I just can’t help but be occupied with the internet rather than an essay due next week. My brain somehow computes that YouTube = important while 50% essay = not important. WHY DOES MY BRAIN DO THIS, WHY?!

I need to change, but I can’t and so it continues to become my worst enemy…

2. A self-conscious individual

Happens to me everyday...I'm just lucky that it never gets that extreme -_-

Happens to me everyday…I’m just lucky that it never gets that extreme -_-

I absolutely hate myself for this. I, for some reason which no one will ever understand, tend to enjoy my own company rather than others. I only interact with others as if it were a chore, rather than enjoyment. Even my horoscope tends to mention this and I quote: “You are too inhibited”…God dammit!

And I can’t seem to change. I try, but I think that they can sense it, and thus repel. I admire the people I know who have hundreds of friends on Facebook, and is capable of remembering all of them and is able to have a close and long-lasting conversation with ALL of them. How, I wonder, is this possible for them, but not for me?

This is something that must change, for the sack of my well-being but it seems practically impossible to achieve therefore the “I hate myself” thought runs through my head on a day-to-day basis.

3. A total worry-wart

Oh Fry, how you understand me...

Oh Fry, how you understand me…

This ties in with my previous weakness. I, simply worry too much about everything. People, work, life, ANYTHING! Why do I do this? I have no idea… It may be in my blood, since my mother is similar, but definitely not as much as I do. The only twisted thing is the fact that I never worry about myself. It’s always about other people or things. I worry more about my family then my own school work. How stupid is that?!

Is there a cure for worrying? Is there? If there is then please share with me. It might be something that I might depend on LOL

So yeah, once again this is a shorter post. I’ll probably come back with another MV review so stay tuned for that! So, until then, see you soon~~

❤ Yami Hyunnie ^^~

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Day 10: Things I’m good at? What if I have none? :S

Day 10: Name a few of your strengths.

Hmmmm what an awkward question…ah well, I’ll try!

Hey guys and welcome to day number 10!!! *jumps around the room* This must mean something – it means that there is…20 more days to go…*sigh* whoop…

ANYWAY, let us begin! Strengths, strengths, strengths…

1. I’m loud

So true...a clear reflection on my life ><

So true…a clear reflection on my life ><

Yes, as many of you might guess, I am loud. While whispering might seem to be a restraint since I can’t seem to stay quiet for long, this ability becomes useful especially at drawing people’s attention. If someone were to say, broke their leg, and we needed assistance, I could simply shout and the whole street could hear me, full stop. When I was at school, I was usually in charge of shouting for other students who were clearly on the other side of the playground, grabbing their attention cause my friends needed to borrow their notes.

And the best thing is, my throat never gets sore. See me sing in a karaoke bar with friends for 3 hours, and my friends probably would have lost their voices but mine would probably only become slightly hoarse. Give it an hour, and it would up and running again. So, very useful in certain situations, and I’m proud 🙂 I’m pretty much a walking, living megaphone…><

2. Tolerant against pain

No pain...try it out and see if it's just me

No pain…try it out and see if it’s just me

Seems kind of weird huh? But it’s true. If you purposely pinch me very, very hard, I wouldn’t budge. I’m like Gary from Lee-Sang – he can take a chopstick against the forehead and not even change his expression. You can slap my arm, knee or anywhere, and I would act as if you just patted my head or something.

I guess the only flaw about this is the fact that I have to be aware that there will be pain. If you come right up behind without me noticing, and smack my head with a stick or something, I will scream and possibly punch you in the face with my elbow during the process. So, during competitions of who can place the most pegs on their face (hey, anything can happen right?) I could possibly win it, hands down! XD

3. I adapt to new things (especially games) really quickly

My slogan in life I believe...

My slogan in life I believe…

Possible explanation as to why I love gaming so much. Give me a game any day and I will beat your high score (unless you are a pro-gamer like the people on YouTube LOL!) within hours, seriously. This happens between me and my sister all the time. She recommends a new game, I seem like a noob at first and keep playing. Half an hour later, she comes back and asks me where I’m up to. I simply reply that I’m already halfway through the game and she gapes at me while staring at me as if I’m a Martian from space. She would exclaim that she hasn’t even passed the second level, and run away again. Typical situation. I believe it is due to the fact that I am so stubborn about things. Once I see a worthy challenge, I would become really determined and keep going until I’m satisfied with the result.

This also applies to technology. Give me a device and I’ll coordinate through it within minutes without the use of a manual. If only life was a simple as an Apple device was *sigh* if only…


Anyway, enough bragging about myself (this is just to weird) and I think I’ll have a easier day with tomorrow’s question. So, good-bye and I’ll see you all soon~~

❤ Yami Hyunnie ^^~