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Day 22: IT.IS.MY.LIFE…sadly *sigh*

Day 22: What is your most prized possession and why?

Hi everyone!! Day number 22 has arrived! Do you know what that means? ANOTHER 8 DAYS TO GO!! WHOOP!

So, my most prized possession is in fact…MY IPOD! It is literally my life. It means more to me than my phone (how screwed up is that?!)

My most prized possession A.K.A my life >//<

My most prized possession A.K.A my life >//<

Why is it so precious? (My precious…lol) Well, it has EVERYTHING on there. My music, videos, books, apps, you name it. In particular, however, all of my music is on there, and music is practically my life. I listen to it wherever I go, even if it is a walk only 5 minutes away. If you ever see me in real life, you will definitely see a girl with earphones plugged in ALL THE TIME, regardless of where I am at that moment.

Music has been, and forever will be, my life. It’s what defines my mood – happy, sad, excited, you name it.I can probably always define my mood with a song but that’s just weird… Also, it doesn’t matter whether or not it has an internet connection present (however, it is preferred ;D) but I definitely need my earphones with it. 

Anyway, that is my prized possession. Pretty lame but it’s the truth (sadly ><) Hope you all enjoyed and stayed tuned for my review on Girl’s Day’s new MV! Love you all and I’ll talk you guys soon~~

❤ Yami Hyunnie ^^~