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30 day Kpop Challenge – Day 13: I have my reasons…don’t kill me please ><

Day 13: A k-pop group you dislike and why

Hello~~~ So, I have been regretting to take this day’s challenge for a while now, simply because I am aware that some people will dislike me saying this about this particular group but keep in mind please that in the end, this is my blog and I am allowed to voice my opinion. I do have my reasons for disliking this group, that will be covered in this post.

So, enough of the serious business, let’s begin!

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T-ARA & THE SEE YA & 5DOLLS & SPEED – Painkiller (진통제): Not bad, not bad at all…

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Hey guys! I’m back with another Kpop review! This time is Painkiller by T-ara, The See Ya, 5Dolls and Speed and I have to say, the MV is totally not what I expected i.e. it was surprisingly good 🙂

Okay, this review is going to mainly focus on the MV, and you guys should definitely check it out and let me know what you thought about it too!

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