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Returning back to Blogging: 30-Day Asian Drama Challenge – Day 18


Hello and welcome back to the 30 Day Asian Drama Challenge! Today’s question is:

Your favourite second female lead character in a drama

I really love this challenge simply because it asks questions that really allows you to step back for a moment and think “Huh…I’ve never really thought about that before”. It asks about some really unique questions which I believe most asian drama watchers don’t think about often, especially today’s question.

Rarely do we see the second female lead in a good light. For some bizarre reason, writers and directors always paint these specific characters as either annoying, conniving or just a bitch all round. Thankfully however, we meet some pretty decent ladies who are amusing, understanding and act as normal people. Perhaps because they are so rare to come by, that we keep them within our hearts for many years to come.

1. Ji Hye (Emergency Couple)

Credit: Dramabeans

Credit: Dramabeans

It is really rare to see a likeable second female lead in dramas, especially ones that are not only nice but also rational. Ji Hye was really the true winner in this drama, as she always seemed to be on the ball and professional when everyone else was too preoccupied with the atypical love drama across the department. I hope to see someone similar to her character in a future drama because trust me, the K-drama world needs them.

2. Jeong Hyang (The Painter of the Wind)


This one I feel could be disputably unfair/incorrect but I kinda don’t care since I adored her character in this drama too much. Obviously aside from the fact that this drama features the main relationship between a student and mentor, most would agree that the other pairing of this drama was truly memorable too. Jeong Hyang is just such a mature and beautiful character both inside and out. She was painted (pun unintended) as such a delicate and dedicated woman who just simply fell in love with Yoon Bok as any woman would. She was neither distasteful nor obsessive; she was just a lovely character to watch and follow.

Here’s the 30 Day Asian Drama Challenge if you are interested in joining!  I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s answers to these questions.


❤ Hyunnie ^^~