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30 day Kpop Challenge – Day 7: It’s still very hard for me to sit through the whole song…

Day 7: A k-pop song that makes you cry 

Hello people! Wow, it’s been one week already!! How time flies!

So, today’s challenge was a bit difficult to choose…there are probably hundreds of songs out there which are bound to make me cry a river (haha, get it?), but there is one song which has been difficult for me to sit through without tearing up for a while now.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Infinite

Hello everyone!!

This week’s theme is “infinite” and honestly, the photo I took a couple of days ago was seriously a coincidence.

I went to St James Station to visit the State Library, and it was the first time that I had actually taken any photos there. On that day, I had realised for the first time that it was a truly stunning train station to be at. The photo below was taken on my iPod.

Looking down the platform towards that tunnel, not sure when and where it ends.

Looking down the platform towards that tunnel, not sure when and where it ends.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s entry! Sorry if it seems lacking ><

❤ Yami Hyunnie ^^~

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Day 22: IT.IS.MY.LIFE…sadly *sigh*

Day 22: What is your most prized possession and why?

Hi everyone!! Day number 22 has arrived! Do you know what that means? ANOTHER 8 DAYS TO GO!! WHOOP!

So, my most prized possession is in fact…MY IPOD! It is literally my life. It means more to me than my phone (how screwed up is that?!)

My most prized possession A.K.A my life >//<

My most prized possession A.K.A my life >//<

Why is it so precious? (My precious…lol) Well, it has EVERYTHING on there. My music, videos, books, apps, you name it. In particular, however, all of my music is on there, and music is practically my life. I listen to it wherever I go, even if it is a walk only 5 minutes away. If you ever see me in real life, you will definitely see a girl with earphones plugged in ALL THE TIME, regardless of where I am at that moment.

Music has been, and forever will be, my life. It’s what defines my mood – happy, sad, excited, you name it.I can probably always define my mood with a song but that’s just weird… Also, it doesn’t matter whether or not it has an internet connection present (however, it is preferred ;D) but I definitely need my earphones with it. 

Anyway, that is my prized possession. Pretty lame but it’s the truth (sadly ><) Hope you all enjoyed and stayed tuned for my review on Girl’s Day’s new MV! Love you all and I’ll talk you guys soon~~

❤ Yami Hyunnie ^^~

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Day 13: They have done more for me than I have ever expected…

Day 13: What is your favourite quote or a quote that means a lot to you?

Hi guys!! Today’s question is also a bit difficult because I believe that my life circles around numerous quotes. I feel that quotes are a way of life – it shapes who we are and how we live our life. So, I will mention a couple of quotes that mean a lot to me.

To begin, I will state the quote which has been my iPod home screen for years.

Learn from yesterday

Live for today

Hope for tomorrow

-Unknown Source

This quote really meant a lot to me for a while during my last years of high school. When times were tough, and the work was just getting too much, I used to just open my screen and I would see the quote. It definitely helped me rethink about my current life, and convinced me to change. It is so simple, yet it speaks so much.

Okay! Next one!

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.

– Mahatma Gandhi

Ever since I was about 15, life wasn’t turning for the best. I had to treat my life precious, as certain events during the time allowed me to understand that most of the time, your life isn’t within your control. It can be taken away from you just as quickly as your life was given. And so, it was important to realised that you had to treat everyday as if it were your last. Also, education is the key to life. It is so important to be constantly learning since you have a brain for a reason (LOL). Knowledge is so important.

Final one! And it’s a pic!

This is applicable to anyone, especially to your loved ones :)

This is applicable to anyone, especially to your loved ones 🙂

A.A.Milne, as I hope you all know, is famously-recognised for creating and writing “Winnie the Pooh”, a book/cartoon that I had adored dearly. This quote, spoken by him, is so meaningful and never makes me forget that this life couldn’t have been possible without the love and support from my family and friends. I love them all dearly, and they mean to world to me, as I hope to do the same when I start my own.

So, enough said. I hope you all enjoyed this post and that you will join me again tomorrow. See you all soon~~

❤ Yami Hyunnie ^^~


Day 1: Songs from my iPod (shuffled?!)

Day 1: Put you iPod on shuffle. List the first 10 songs that play and how feel about them.

Alright, day number 1! But before I begin, let me just say that this list does ABSOLUTELY NO JUSTICE in expressing the songs that I commonly listen to. With 4710 songs on there (yes, you did read it right!), my poor dear iPod couldn’t have possibly chosen songs that I feel really passionate about, as there are songs in there, that have there, for a very, long time.

But enough of that, let day number one BEGIN!

1. Beautiful You – Dong Bang Shin Ki 

This album overall is TO DIE FOR >_<

This album overall is TO DIE FOR >_<

This was a song back when the group still had 5 members together AND I miss them so so much. Their harmony and the melody in this is just…sndfl[orgalskng345bjapsfudg[qgf;lagw]]hihg pintsg5yae4edifv egs5[06w7a2w/xmnji[r=0yb3] qa7g==axfbgrf;vm;ifvcjw] (you all know what I mean…)

It is really a style of music that I love and adore. Like I said in my post about Kyuhyun, give me a guy that sings ballads ANY DAY, especially if it were 5 young, handsome men singing lyrics like “Such a beautiful woman”. Swoon *collapse*

So, if anyone of you are desperate for 5 guys to serenade to you, go ahead and click on the link below to watch/listen to their voices in all of your glory ^^~

2. Lucky (feat. Colbie Caillat) – Jason Mraz

Loved this song since forever~~ And will continue to do so

Loved this song since forever~~ And will continue to do so

Wow, it’s been ages since I have heard this one. Due to the amazing influence of my bias (EUNHYUK OPPA!!), I downloaded this song after hearing him sing it in an old Music Bank interview.

Loved this song A LOT back then, and I still do. It’s just one of those songs that you can NEVER get sick of, despite the depressing message behind it all.

The beat/guitar strumming in the background is so calming, and its the type of song that I would love to listen to on a long bus ride, while reading a thick-ass book 🙂

P.S the ooooooooooooo~~ bits are soooooo catchy 😀 Am I the only one who thinks that?

3. Baby Maybe – Girl’s Generation (SNSD)

The whole album is pretty awesome - this song in particular is damn good :)

The whole album is pretty awesome – this song in particular is damn good 🙂

It’s a really nice and upbeat songs that will make you stand up and keep moving. It really keeps you busy, and definitely not a good song to be standing still while listening to (that should be a good thing right?)

The song kinda makes me feel a bit cheerful – very positive-like. Also, it allows me (and most other fans) to really admire and adore their vocals as the song really compliments their voices very well.

Perfect song to be blowing out of your speakers while you are cooking or cleaning. What do you think?

4. My lifestyle (feat. Dok2) – Jessica (SNSD)

Nice song to make you feel a little better on a really slow day

Nice song to make you feel a little better on a really slow day

Once again, a song that I haven’t heard in a while. It’s an upbeat song once again, but in a different style. This song seems more hipster (is that the right word?) and seems to fit more with a workout rather than a cook-off in the kitchen.

It also has a cutesy/old Britney Spears feel to it, which I can’t help but smile while listening to it. Seems to be a suitable song to listen to when you are feeling a little under the weather.

WE ARE HALFWAY THERE PEEPS!! JUST SO THAT YOU CAN HAVE A REST (Credit to Dickon Johnstone for creating this picture!) :

Is this worth a like now?

Is this worth a like now?


5. Why so serious? – SHINee

Though not as great as their previous album, it's still alright...don't kill me

Though not as great as their previous album, it’s still alright…don’t kill me!

A song that definitely has me top-tapping, butt-wagging, tongue-lic– (ummm, I’m getting a bit carried away >_<…hehe sorry)

Anyway, though I think that it is slightly lacking in comparison to their previous album (please don’t hurt me…) with the hit single “Dream Girl” (played that song to death…but it has resurrected AGAIN!), it still isn’t a bad song. Maybe a great song for waking up to on a early morning,  or a song that would be blasting through your earphones while you were walking somewhere

6. 클레멘타인 – 문채원 (From the “It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl” OST)

btw, the singer of the song is a girl, no the guy on the cover though...I love that man XD

Btw, the singer of the song is a girl, not the guy on the cover though…I love that man XD

As peaceful as a lullaby – a song that will leave you in a drowsy/sleepy mood *yawn*

(I did literally yawn when I was typing that…how embarrassing ><)

Very calming and very soothing. And Moon Chae Won sung the song! Her voice is so nice to listen to 🙂

I don’t listen to it very often though; seems like a children’s lullaby to me.

7. I Need A Girl (feat. G-Dragon) – Tae Yang

I need a girl~ I need a girl~ catchy but just not my style

I need a girl~ I need a girl~ catchy but just not my style

A nice song to be listening to anywhere. It’s another top-tapper, but still allows your butt to stick to your seat.

I feel slightly disconnected from this song, maybe because I prefer his other songs over this one (give me Wedding Dress any day)

It’s still alright though just, it’s not my cup of tea. Once again, please don’t hate me for this because I am a HUGE Big Bang fan!

8. Where You Are (Eng. Ver.) – CNBLUE

Ahh Yong Hwa...your voice is heaven~~ take me there anytime ;)

Ahh Yong Hwa…your voice is heaven~~ take me there anytime 😉

Both versions of this song are great! This version in particular is super special awesome because their English is UNDERSTANDABLE!!! THANK YOU KPOP GODS!

It is a fantastic song to be listening to while walking to work/uni or just whenever you feel you need a beat to your step. I always feel really pumped after listen to it. For some reason, it leaves me with a feeling of freshness 🙂



9. Stand Up! – f(x)

Stand up, wake up! The whole album is AMAZING!

Stand up, wake up! The whole album is AMAZING!

Just as the title states, STAND UP!

This is such a great song for anyone who needs a boost or motivation to start their day. A nice wake-up call for any morning, especially here in Sydney. Recently, mornings are just becoming harder and harder to wake up to (oh, how I despise you WINTER! ><‘)

But waking up to f(x) is a bonus to any day of the year, I believe. It leaves me with a great impression that today is going to be a great day, especially with the repition of the lyrics “Stand Up, Wake Up, hello~~”

Love, love, love this song!!


10. Venus Flower – alan

alan - beautiful, talented and CAN SING! What else can you ask out of an artist?

alan – beautiful, talented and CAN SING! What else can you ask out of an artist?

A Japanese track that is suitable to be played whilst you wait for your coffee to be brewed.

The catchy beat gives the song a really urban feel, the sort of songs that you would hear playing in a cafe. It can really make a difference in your day, by making it brighter and warmer. As alan (that’s how it is spelt, without a capital ‘A’) sings about sunshine and good mornings, it’s no wonder that I feel more cheerful after listening to it, especially after listening to ‘Stand Up’.

[Btw, the link provided is a live performance. I couldn’t find an audio track of it on YouTube.]


SOOOOOOOO that comes to the conclusion of day 1! Now, let all of us sigh in relief *inhale*


Seriously, I wouldn’t even care if you just skipped all of it just to reach to the bottom. Either way, CONGRATULATIONS!!!

I promise that the future entries won’t be as lengthy as this has been. The next couple of questions isn’t as demanding (thank goodness for that hehe)

So, I hope you all enjoyed and please, leave a comment about your favourite track out the 10. Otherwise, share your opinions about what you think some tracks make you feel.

Hope you all have a wonderful day (for me, evening) and I’ll catch up with you all soon~

❤ Yami Hyunnie ^^~