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Day 23: Everyday is a gift…appreciate it while you can :)

Day 23: What is one thing that you are excited about?

Hey guys and welcome back to day 23! Another 7 days to go before I complete this challenge!!! Pumped man, real pumped!!

So, one thing that you are excited about. One thing that I can say always excites me is when Cry (Cryaotic) releases a new video. Regardless of what the content is, how long it is, I’m always excited to see a video in my subscriptions page. Recently, Cry has been playing “The Last Of Us”, a video game which I have been DYING to play. However, I enjoy watching others play it more than just playing it myself (is that weird? I hope not ><)

Thank you for being part of my life Cry, thank you <3

Thank you for being part of my life Cry, thank you ❤

I think it’s just the whole “what is next?” thought that travels through my head on a day-to-day basis. Also, I think that many can relate to me also whether it is a daily email, or a video or even a message from a significant other. That thought of “what will tomorrow bring me?” really gets me going, excites me and keeps my engines running.

Cry has now become part of my life, a significant part of the day like eating or studying. It’s something that I must watch before going to bed, and something that I wake up to every morning. It gets me excited for the day to come. I am so grateful for having him in my life, and I know that many can understand this. He may not know of my individual existence, and likewise I don’t know much about him either, but his personality, his love and passion for video games and his undying attentiveness for his fans is truly inspiring.

So thank you Cry, for being there when I was depressed, and sick of living. Although I wasn’t there for you at the beginning, I am here now, and forever always. Now I feel that everyday is worth-living for, and I appreciate it. Thank you for teaching me that life has its ups and downs, and I am grateful for the excitement you give me to live another day.

Okay, that’s all for me today. I’ll probably do a separate post about Cry in the coming future once the time comes. Thanks for reading guys and see you all soon~~

❤ Yami Hyunnie ^^~