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Super Junior-M’s “Swing” teasers have been released, and I will probably not concentrate all day tomorrow…Youtube stalking, here I come!

Hey guys and welcome back to another post in relation toooooooooooooooooooooooo

C-POP!!! Yay for C-pop! 

So, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything involving C-pop. I’ve missed so many exciting and potential reviews that it’s truly saddening *tear drop* Not to mention, I’ve missed so many opportunities to review on anything about Super Junior, which in my books seems like a sin I’ve committed (I’m so sorry Oppas, please forgive me!)

Well, as the title may have hinted already (honestly Hyunnie, how thick can you get?!) this post will be relevant to the official teasers for Super Junior-M’s “Swing”! HOORAY FOR THE COMEBACK OF SJ-M! God I’ve missed them so much ><

And so, without further ado, let’s get started with the release of Super Junior-M’s teasers for “Swing”!

swing teaser #2 ending super junior m

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30 day Kpop Challenge – Day 28: Yep, definitely this song, hands down!

Day 28: Your favourite cover of an American song by a k-pop artist 

So, this song that I am about to share with you is perhaps one of the most repeatedly played songs on my iPod over the past 3 months. It is absolutely beautiful, both this version and the original as well.

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30 Day Kpop Challenge – Day 27: Ahhhh the memories…gosh I feel old >_<

Day 27: Your favourite dance battle 

Hello ello and welcome back! Only three more days to go before this challenge is officially complete! Hip hip hooray!!

So, for today’s challenge, I will take you back on memory lane (at least in my history books, this clip is considered really important within my past *cough cough*)

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30 Day Kpop Challenge – Day 20: SO HARD TO CHOOSE!!!

Day 20: Your favourite picture of your guy k-pop bias 

Hi everybody!

Soooo days ago during this challenge, I mentioned to you all that my ultimate guy kpop bias was Eunhyuk from Super Junior. Continue reading

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HAPPY 8TH ANNIVERSARY SUPER JUNIOR!!! From all ELFs across the world ^//^


Can you sense the excitement?! Can you can you??

As the title states YES! Today in Australia is the 6th of November. To many, this may seem like any normal day to you but for us E.L.F fans, it marks the day Super Junior officially debuted as a Kpop boyband 8 years ago.

Yep, you read that right.

8 long years ago.


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30 day Kpop challenge – Day 3: ummmm hehe not much needs to be said >//<

Day 3: Your ultimate k-pop guy bias

Hello everybody!

So, my ultimate k-pop guy bias didn’t take too long to come up with. He has been my ultimate bias for years, and possibly this fact will never change.

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Day 8: Write about something that makes you smile.

Everyone has that special moment/video/clip that is so epic or unforgettable that you cannot help but smile at whenever you see it. For me, there is a special clip from an old variety show that I used to watch when I was younger.

The clip is called “EHB laughing gas cut”, and I can’t help but smile whenever I watch it. Not only is it a moment capable of making me laugh till my stomach hurts, but it reminds me of when all 13 members of Super Junior was still together.

The whole series can make me smile non-stop, but this clip in particular is able to make anyone smile, even on a slow and sad day. For me, Eunhyuk was my favourite, especially his “third time, third time” bit – absolutely cracked me up XD
Honestly, when all 13 members are together, their ability to make people happy is unstoppable. These cute, adorable boys are just as effective as medicine ^^

Anyway, I attached the video on top so you should all check it out for yourself. Whether you are a fan or not, they are still capable to make anyone smile, guaranteed.

So, I hope you all enjoyed this clip and I’ll be back soon~~

❤ Yami Hyunnie ^^~

HENRY’S MV IS FINALLY OUT! And it was so worth the wait!!

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Finally, I can thank SM Entertainment properly for three things.

1. Allowing Henry to be the first debuting solo artist from SM in 13 YEARS!

2. Delaying his MV for HD quality video (ahhhhh, it was heaven to watch)

3. Teaming up with the three magnaes (Kyuhyun = Super Junior, Taemin = SHINee and Henry = SJ-M) together in one FULL MV!

Look at them, just look at them!!

Look at them, just look at them!!

Yes SM, you have my thanks not but only this time (there is still too much to be forgiven for LOL)

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Day 3: Purses? *Pfft* No one uses purses anymore…right?

Day 3: What’s in my purse?

Hmmm, looking at this...I may consider a new bag >< how sad!

Hmmm, looking at this…I may consider a new bag >< how sad!

Okay guys, so it’s already DAY NO. 3! WOW!!! And it is another…27 days to go -__-…to soon Hyunnie, too soon…

Soooooo in order to make this a lot easier, I’ll just take a photo of my things. Today, I wasn’t really at uni for long so there really isn’t much to see.

My lovely yet dirty bag that carry to uni everyday...I really need a new one hehe

My lovely yet dirty bag that carry to uni everyday…I really need a new one hehe

All of the stuff today in my bag (btw, my iPod and phone were in my pockets today so they don't count!)

All of the stuff today in my bag (btw, my iPod and phone were in my pockets today so they don’t count!)

From left to right, up to down: My textbook, filing folder, exercise-folder,  pencil-case, wallet, umbrella (you never know…), glasses case, water (it’s expensive on campus), tissues (well duh we all need them ^^), chewing gum (once again, you never know…) and a SHIT-LOAD OF LIPSTICKS!

photo 3

Lipsticks + lipbalms + cream…this collection isn’t even a quarter of what I have LOL

This is definitely too embarrassing >< I am a lipstick/lip balm WHORE, no joke, Since my lips are the only part of my body not covered/troubled by acne, I tend to take extra care of them lol (does that even make any sense?). Not something that I am proud of but, oh well who cares?

…maybe I do care a bit, just a little >.<‘

So, once again, it’s a short post again today. i know that this isn’t too exiting but tomorrow’s will be much better, I promise!

Also, a friend of mine has recommended me a film to watch and review on so hopefully, you will all stay tuned for that!

So, as always, thanks for reading and I will talk to you guys soon~~

❤ Yami Hyunnie ^^~