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Returning back to Blogging: 30-Day Asian Drama Challenge – Day 18


Hello and welcome back to the 30 Day Asian Drama Challenge! Today’s question is:

Your favourite second female lead character in a drama

I really love this challenge simply because it asks questions that really allows you to step back for a moment and think “Huh…I’ve never really thought about that before”. It asks about some really unique questions which I believe most asian drama watchers don’t think about often, especially today’s question.

Rarely do we see the second female lead in a good light. For some bizarre reason, writers and directors always paint these specific characters as either annoying, conniving or just a bitch all round. Thankfully however, we meet some pretty decent ladies who are amusing, understanding and act as normal people. Perhaps because they are so rare to come by, that we keep them within our hearts for many years to come.

1. Ji Hye (Emergency Couple)

Credit: Dramabeans

Credit: Dramabeans

It is really rare to see a likeable second female lead in dramas, especially ones that are not only nice but also rational. Ji Hye was really the true winner in this drama, as she always seemed to be on the ball and professional when everyone else was too preoccupied with the atypical love drama across the department. I hope to see someone similar to her character in a future drama because trust me, the K-drama world needs them.

2. Jeong Hyang (The Painter of the Wind)


This one I feel could be disputably unfair/incorrect but I kinda don’t care since I adored her character in this drama too much. Obviously aside from the fact that this drama features the main relationship between a student and mentor, most would agree that the other pairing of this drama was truly memorable too. Jeong Hyang is just such a mature and beautiful character both inside and out. She was painted (pun unintended) as such a delicate and dedicated woman who just simply fell in love with Yoon Bok as any woman would. She was neither distasteful nor obsessive; she was just a lovely character to watch and follow.

Here’s the 30 Day Asian Drama Challenge if you are interested in joining!  I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s answers to these questions.


❤ Hyunnie ^^~



Returning back to Blogging: 30-Day Asian Drama Challenge – Day 8



Geez, is it just me or are these questions getting harder and harder every day? Here is Day 8’s question:

Worst case of Second Lead Syndrome you’ve experienced.

The worst one???! Uhhhhhhh can I push this a little and give a couple? How about three cases? I just can’t settle with one. And let’s be honest, there are thousands of cases of SLS out there so everyone is bound to write something different for this question.

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“Emergency Couple” Kdrama Review – *Sigh* It was fun while it lasted~ TT__TT

Alrighty, it’s that time again for another Kdrama REVIEW!!! The drama just finished 2 days ago and honestly, it was a joy to watch. It was truly satisfying to see Jin Hyuk oppa finally being a main lead of a drama (it has been 4 years too long!) and to finally see Ji Hyo unni is a realm where, I feel anyway, she is quite comfortable with.

And yes, this review is SPOILER FREE!!! So, let’s get started!


Hehe, don’t they look like such an attractive couple?


And then you see posters like these and you think “…Huh, how did this happen?!”…still attractive… ><

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Current trek with Empress Ki, and why everyone (and anyone) should watch it

Hey everyone!! I am finally back. New house is finally organised, my old house’s keys have been handed in, and I have officially started my 2nd of uni! Everything just came crashing down all at once huh? I guess that’s life for you guys…wait, how the hell do I have the right to just reminisce about life like that??!

Anyway, back on track here. I haven’t posted up anything over the past couple of weeks not just because of the whole moving thing (though it is the main cause of it) but also my internet at home had gotten cut off since I needed to relocate the network to the new house. That took a while to fix up, but once it did, the first thing I did with it was catch up with Empress Ki (because of course that’s the first thing you do after almost 2 weeks of no internet), which I had missed roughly 3-4 episodes of.

And geez guys, I’ve missed a lot. And I can’t wait to watch the next episodes!!

And so, this particular post is dedicated to how much I love this drama, and the reasons why I think you guys should go out and check it out for yourselves, whether you are sageuk-lovers or not!

My favourite poster out of the bunch *0*

My favourite poster out of the bunch *0*

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What I’ve Been Up To Lately: Life And Drama Update

Hey ya’ll! How’s it going?? Me? A lot actually, both in life and in drama-land actually. Initially, I was planning to do a post solely about a particular drama I’m currently watching, but then I had realised that I was taking too long to do it. If I feel like it, maybe I’ll do recaps about it or something however for now, I think you all deserve an explanation for what has been happening in my life so far, and why have I gone MIA for the last 2 weeks or so.

Moving sucks. The end.

Moving sucks. The end.

So firstly, as I may have stated in another post previously, I am currently moving out of my current home (with the family) to a new one. The main issue was the fact that we didn’t choose to move out; we’ve been forced out of our current place in order for the house to be redone and resold to someone else. Since that happened, my family and I have been house hunting for weeks, and doing nothing else but. Just a couple of days ago, we had finally settled ourselves with a place, and are currently in the process of selling furniture, packing things up and organising the house in order to make sure that nothing is left behind. It’s been fun to actually discover things that I never knew existed (or find things that I never knew I had). I’m sure many of you probably understands that feeling but for me, it is foreign yet refreshing.

So, for the past two weeks or so, my house has transformed to a place piled with boxes left, right and centre containing my entire life that I had grown up knowing and loving. My life has been entirely turned upside down, and my mind has been just frazzled and unable to think and write anything. Hence the lack of posts and motivation to do anything but just pack and make sure that I get ready for university which starts in the next two weeks or so. I do apologise that I haven’t been posting anything; hopefully once I move into my new place, and get under way with uni, I will be more organised and consistent with my posts. It sucks that I haven’t been  able to write anything lately however, I wish to provide you with the best that I can do, rather than just anything that comes to mind just for the sack of posting something.

Anyway, the purpose of this post (apart from the obvious) was to actually inform you as to what I have been watching, what I’ve been checking out and finally what I have been following about to the point of pure madness…let’s start, shall we??

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