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Super Junior-M’s “Swing” teasers have been released, and I will probably not concentrate all day tomorrow…Youtube stalking, here I come!

Hey guys and welcome back to another post in relation toooooooooooooooooooooooo

C-POP!!! Yay for C-pop! 

So, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything involving C-pop. I’ve missed so many exciting and potential reviews that it’s truly saddening *tear drop* Not to mention, I’ve missed so many opportunities to review on anything about Super Junior, which in my books seems like a sin I’ve committed (I’m so sorry Oppas, please forgive me!)

Well, as the title may have hinted already (honestly Hyunnie, how thick can you get?!) this post will be relevant to the official teasers for Super Junior-M’s “Swing”! HOORAY FOR THE COMEBACK OF SJ-M! God I’ve missed them so much ><

And so, without further ado, let’s get started with the release of Super Junior-M’s teasers for “Swing”!

swing teaser #2 ending super junior m

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Super Junior’s “Blue World” Short PV is released, blinding us literally with blue lights

Blue World: Great song, not so great PV

Blue World: Great song, not so great PV

So, Super Junior is finally back (at least in Japan) with their release of “Blue World” through a short PV, which has gotten both my brain and eyes blinded by the blueness of the video, literally.

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30 Day Kpop Challenge – Day 27: Ahhhh the memories…gosh I feel old >_<

Day 27: Your favourite dance battle 

Hello ello and welcome back! Only three more days to go before this challenge is officially complete! Hip hip hooray!!

So, for today’s challenge, I will take you back on memory lane (at least in my history books, this clip is considered really important within my past *cough cough*)

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HAPPY 8TH ANNIVERSARY SUPER JUNIOR!!! From all ELFs across the world ^//^


Can you sense the excitement?! Can you can you??

As the title states YES! Today in Australia is the 6th of November. To many, this may seem like any normal day to you but for us E.L.F fans, it marks the day Super Junior officially debuted as a Kpop boyband 8 years ago.

Yep, you read that right.

8 long years ago.


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30 day Kpop challenge – Day 1: SUPER JUNIOR DURRRRRRR~~

Hello everyone and welcome back to another 30 day challenge! This time, it will be on KPOP! I’ve been meaning to do these type of challenges for a while now, but never got the time to get around to it. Now that uni break has kind-of started (I’ve got two weeks until my exams commence), I will be consistently posting more things on here for you all~

For your convenience, here is a link to the site where I found the challenge posted.

So, here it is, Day 1!

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Day 4: HOW COULD YOU ASK ME SUCH A QUESTION?! You sly dog, you…

Day 4: Who or what can’t you live without? Explain why.

Hello~~~ Welcome back to day no. 4! Today’s challenge is a really hard one. I have a couple of things/people who mean the world to me but it’s just so hard to cram it all down to one thing (lol duh?) so, I’m going to be really naughty and kinda make a list cause it is just too much torture to try and answer this question with only one answer.

Because, obviously, not everything is black and white, right?


1. My lovely family

(Not showing a photo of them here – personal reasons, sorry!)

This must be a given. Of course, without them, I wouldn’t be the person that I am today. My beautiful, loving and caring family have always been there for me when I ever need support. I mean, what else could you wish for?

My father passed away in 2010 when I was only 15 years old. I guess this age is a really tough time because I’m old enough to remember, but just not old enough to forget. And I don’t mean that I want to forget it’s just…there are just moments that I wish I could but yet can’t. Since his passing, I’ve come to realised how much my family truly means to me, and I have lived on from that time since in this manner.

I truly believed at the time that I couldn’t live without him. He was my own blood-related father – the one who gave me my life today. I will go on never forgetting that, and I am truly, truly grateful to him for all he has done for my life up until that time period. Ahhh geez, my keyboard is becoming soaked…give me a sec while I wipe it up with my sleeve (gross, I know).

And so, thank you to my wonderful family and caring father who was there when he could be. Never could I live without them, and if I couldn’t I’d rather go with them then live a day without.

2. Super Junior

Ahhhh, my oppas...<3

Ahhhh, my oppas…<3

I have been a E.L.F ever since 2009 and rather than consider myself a fan, I feel as if I’m part of an extended family which stretches all across the globe and back. We as a community really are  amazing, I believe. Any person who is able to send this amount of love to someone/some people who they may have never seen before in real life, I think, are capable of anything. I myself have never seen Super Junior live before my eyes. We Australians had a chance before last year, but the concert got cancelled almost a fortnight prior.

Many of us were devastated (as we should be!) but I took a more positive outlook and told myself that maybe it just wasn’t the right moment yet. As the dedicated fans we are, we will continue to wait for them all and if I really, really become too impatient then, once I am capable, I’ll go out and find them myself (LOL)

All of them have given my life more shine, more warmth and more laughter. As you already know, I’ve been through  a couple of rough patches in my life and it was through Super Junior that I became someone who began to smile and appreciate the life that I have now. I almost believe that they were a gift from my father himself, as real living guardian angels who were capable of making a bad day, a good one instead. And so, they are another aspect of my life that I can’t possibly live without.

3. Youtube, Facebook, WordPress blah, blah, blah, yadda yadda (LOL)

Social truly is a matter of life and death LOL

Social media…it truly is a matter of life and death LOL

Okay, before you all misunderstand, what I really mean by this title is the fact that through these sites (I guess you could call them social-media…) that I had discovered friends and people who enjoy stuff that I love! Through Facebook, I was able to find friends who I had lost contact with for years and now, we act as if we had spent our whole entire lives together, side by side. Through YouTube, I discovered Super Junior, Kpop, Cryaotic, Clothesencounters and all of these different cultures who had so much to share in order for me to discover. Through WordPress, I was able to read, read and just READ on and on about some amazing people who have pretty amazing lives in comparison to mine. And I enjoyed doing that, a lot.

But especially through YouTube, I was able to discover so many people with passions of their own, and just wanted to share with everyone what they loved doing whether this was fashion, beauty, gaming, pop culture, music etc. I just loved watching them, and I honestly spend HOURS every day watching them. I always anticipate what I could find in my subscription box every morning. Some I must watch right then and there; others are always on my ‘watch later’ playlist. My love for YouTube will probably never die… I believe, eventually, that I will die before it will ><

So, this is probably a pretty good summary of what I can’t live without at this moment in time. There are plenty more but then the list will just never stop. Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed this, and got to understand my tastes/life/likings just a tad bit more. As always, hope to talk to you all very soon~~

❤ Yami Hyunnie ^^~


Super Junior!!

Okay, so before I begin, I must be frank with you.

I am an E.L.F.

For those who know what that is, good. For those who don’t, SHAME ON YOU!!!! No just joking!! That was a joke, promise!

Anyways, to begin this blog, I have decided to post on the most easiest thing I can come up with; my favourite K-pop boyband.

This isn’t really a review, but more of an info page. My pure inspiration for this post was basically a sudden reminder that I had done a whole IST assignment on this band, who I have absolutely loved for the past 3 years of my life with NO regrets whatsoever.

Alrighty, let’s begin!

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