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Day 12: Would it be weird if I said that I’ve never had one before? *shrugs shoulders*

Day 12: What was your first car? What is your current vehicle?

My dream car. Possibility of driving it - 0%

My dream car. Possibility of driving it – 0%

Hey guys! This is seriously gonna be quick.

I have never had my own car before. My current vehicle is not a car, or a motorcycle. Not even a bike. I currently travel by public transport.

The End.





HA! Did you seriously think that this was it?

Because it is. I have nothing for to say…

Come back tomorrow for more talk. I will talk more about an MV instead. Sorry to disappoint you all – today is just not my day >< See ya’ll soon~~

❤ Yami Hyunnie ^^~

P.S. Yes, that is all for now.