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Returning back to Blogging: 30-Day Asian Drama Challenge – Day 2


Welcome back everyone! Let’s move onto Day 2 of this challenge:

Actor(s) that proved you wrong about their acting abilities

I did have to take a second and think this one through…there has indeed been a couple that certainly deserve some shoutouts now for their fantastic improvement. Continue reading



“It’s Okay, That’s Love” Review: One of the most refreshing dramas that I have ever seen in a LONG time

A drama definitely worth experiencing, with lessons worth learning...

A drama definitely worth experiencing, with lessons worth learning…

Overall Review:

A drama that never enters the realm of absurdity; it seemed too good to be true at times.

Hello lovelies and welcome back! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas holiday; I sure did! As the title (and fantastic picture) has already hinted to you, this review has been placed on hold for too long and so it is finally time for me to share with you all what I thought of “It’s Okay, That’s Love”, possibly one of the best dramas I have ever seen in 2014 (and when I mean dramas, I mean out of any Taiwanese, Chinese, Korean etc. that I have seen all year!) There is just so many positive aspects to say about this drama, but not enough negatives for it to seem fair. Anyway, let’s get started, shall we?

As per usual, I will try to make this review as spoiler-free as possible, which actually may happen this time hehehe~

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“It’s Okay, That’s Love” First Impressions: Oh yeah, I’m so going to enjoy this :3

Hey hey everyone, and welcome back to the blog! As we are all aware, some new K-dramas are starting to roll in over the course of the next couple of weeks. One drama in particular that I have been keeping a close eye of is, as the title may have already mentioned,”It’s Okay, That’s Love”. After hearing that both In-Sung oppa and Hyo-Jin unni were going to be co-starring in the drama, I already had such high expectations for the drama. And, as expected, they did not fail me at all!

Sooooooooo let’s get started!

Such pretty people...they look great together btw >///<

They are so pretty~…they look great together btw >///<

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An amazing song, in both Chinese and Korean *tear drop*

An amazing song, in both Chinese and Korean *tear drop*

I am literally melting here.

I’m probably suffering from post-traumatic fangirl syndrome or something; I don’t know.

The only thing I am well aware of is the fact that I have to still wait another 4 more days for the rest of the album to be released, which to this woman here *points at herself* sounds like a death sentence!

*Intake deep breath*…Now, let us begin…

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30 day Kpop Challenge – Day 17: At times I wish it was the truth…

Day 17: A k-pop idol you wish was your older sibling 

Hey everybody!

So sorry about the delay in posting this post today; I only just got back from work. However, I had spent the whole day thinking as to how I should approach this question…and I have finally came to a conclusion. So, enough of all the chit-chat, let’s begin!

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30 day Kpop Challenge – Day 6: hmmm does this actually count?? Oops…

Day 6: Your favourite k-pop song from your favourite girl group 

Hello chubby bunnies! (I know, how cheesy~)

So, for my favourite song from f(x)…I do realise that it’s kind-of cheating because there are only 3 members involved in the song, and it also is in collaboration with another singer from another group. But, it still counts, right?

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MYNAME(마이네임)’s “Day By Day” is an awesome comeback MV, but has become famous for an entirely different reason.

Hello peoples! This is obviously a very delayed review however, I was too distracted with uni essays (one is still due on Friday *sigh*) to be able to post this. This MV is SO WORTH talking about, and I felt absolutely guilty from not being able to review it at all. So, here it is!

Yummy! SO SEXY!

Yummy! SO SEXY!

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EXO’s Performance on KBS “A Song For You” (23/08/13): OMG, MELTING INTO A PUDDLE!

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Hi everyone! First up, I have to explain to you right now that this post has been written days before it has been posted. I had typed this straight after my internet at home had disconnected, and took DAYS to fix (stupid technicians ><’) I’ve had to literally do everything at uni because there is no way that it would be possible for me to upload any assessments at home (duh!) And on a final note, my laptop weighs like a TON! ><

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