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I got nominated for a Liebster Award?! WHAAAAAAAAAAT?!

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Hey everyone!! I am so so sorry that this particular post has gotten to you guys so very late. My life at the moment is getting pretty hectic; suddenly being forced to move out within one-two months is a big ordeal in my life, as finding a place to live is impossible apparently in the world I live in. But, no matter what happens, blogging will continue! (Even though I was taken away from it for days on end ><)

Andddddd HAPPY CHINESE/LUNAR NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Hope all you people who celebrate it (me included) had/have a nice time spending with the family and celebrating the New Year with everyone! 恭喜发财!!!

Anyway, thank you to the the lovely Sarah from DramAdrenaline,  Coffeenlucia, Chocokokoro and Kelly from Kellydramafantasy for nominating me for the award!!! You have no idea how much this means to me >//<

So, I honestly cannot believe that this is actually happening; seriously, when I first found out, I thought that it was a joke. I got nominated for a Liebster Award, which in blogging-land is a REALLY BIG DEAL! It is also quite legit, so there are rules and everything! Wait, give me a sec while I run away and calm down for a bit, yeah? *Runs around in a circle for 15 minutes non-stop* Okay…I think I’m…going to be sick!

How the Liebster Awards works:

1. Each nominee link back the person who nominated them.

2. Answer 10 questions which are given to you by the nominator.

3. Nominate 10 other bloggers for this award who have less than 200 followers.

4. Create 10 questions for your nominees to answer.

5. Let the nominees know that they have been nominated by going to their blog and notifying them.

Alright, firstly I will answer Sarah’s questions, then move onto pantomiming‘s, Chocokokoro’s and finally Kelly‘s okay?

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I’M BACK!!! *spirit fingers* With a new start and new perspective for 2014!


Soooooo I am back from my much needed holiday to the Gold Coast!!! *Crackers and streamers go off* Yes, yes I am well aware that you have all missed me a lot (cough cough) but now I have returned, with a brain full of nothing and a body covered in a slight tan that makes me look more unhealthy then I really was :S

…This is going to be a great start to the new year, huh?

So, what I had wanted to do with this post is introduce to you all some of the new things I intend to do on this site in the coming future cause it’s time to start fresh and new, right?? Also, I want to list down my own personal goals for the new year because it is time to get yourself together Hyunnie!

Alright, so how this will work: two titles – Asia Review Maniac Goals for 2014 and Yami Hyunnie Goals for 2014. Each will list the goals I want to achieve for the year, and hopefully I will return and cross off which ones I have done on this post. If not, then a montage of the goals achieved may be made into some sort of post, and then linked here. Let’s just go with the flow, shall we?

So, let’s start!

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Day 30: THE LAST OF…THIS CHALLENGE LOL [get the reference ;)]

Day 30: Why did you start blogging and what is the origin behind your blog’s name?

HEY GUYS AND OMG!!!! We are up to Day 30 AKA THE LAST DAY!!! Thank you to everyone who has been following this challenge for weeks!!

So now, let’s end this.

I had started this blog in order to share with others my passions and loves about Asian culture. Though this blog is still in its early stages, eventually I plan to share a lot more information about numerous cultures. Their music, food, language etc are all very intriguing to discover and understand more about.

Korean culture, in particular, is the main source of interest for me. Being of Chinese background, I was curious about the other cultures that differed from my own. Korean, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese etc are all very fascinating to discover and understand. I’ve never been to these countries however I do plan to visit sometime in the future once I am capable. I want to discover what it is like to live there, and understand the people.

I hope to share with others the discoveries I make when looking into these Asian cultures, and plenty more than that. Living in Australia means that I am exposed to numerous cultures everyday, and it is super special AWESOME! I hope to, in the future, talk more about the food that I eat or the movies that I watch, which are all from various cultures all across the globe.

As for the origin of the blog’s name, it is sort of lame. There is no secret meaning behind it, other than what the name ACTUALLY suggests. Asia Reviewer Maniac? The name really says it all I believe.

Now, I’m just gonna make a spam of pretty pictures :3



Japan, I think?

Japan, I think? Otherwise the sign is in Chinese…



Korea? Or China?

Korea? Or China?



Thank you to everyone who has stayed with this challenge. I will be back soon, maybe with another challenge otherwise, a new review 🙂

Anyway, talk to you guys soon~~

❤ Yami Hyunnie ^^~