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“Goodbye Mr. Black” Review: *sigh* Black Swan OTP…why must you kill my heart so??!


Overall Review:

A revenge melodrama that went out of its way to be both light and laid-back at times. It’s a drama of its own style with a pretty amazing cast, but if you decide to skip and not bother with this one, you’re not missing out on much.

Hey everyone! I may finally be back, at least for the next couple of weeks! My first practicum is done and dusted, and I can finally focus purely on my blog as well as my part-time job. This particular review has been long overdue (I had started writing this even before my practicum started) and I’ve finally FINALLY gotten the chance to post it. To be honest, I came across this drama by accident simply because…some cuts on Instagram were total eye candy :3 (Lee Jin Wook you~)

So, without further ado, let’s get on with this review 😉

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ChoColat (쇼콜라) – Black Tinkerbell: Have my eyes gone weird, or is this seriously happening??!

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Hello hello and welcome back to another MV review! I’ve been meaning to do this one for days but never had the chance to do it so, HERE IT IS! This is ChoColat’s recent comeback called “Black Tinkerbell” that was released on June 10th with roughly under 100,000 at the current moment. And I have to say, WELL DONE, WELL DONE TO THE EFFORT! FINALLY, MORE TEAMWORK!!

*Applause* Nothing more is needed to be said

*Applause* Nothing more is needed to be said.

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