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Returning back to Blogging: 30-Day Asian Drama Challenge – Day 30




Hello and welcome everyone to the 30th and final day of this challenge! Wow, what a journey this has been for the both of us! What I’ve learnt from this challenge is 1) It is so hard to blog daily, keeping up with new content to talk about and share with others and 2) trying to think back into much older dramas in order to not only share with others, but to also remind yourself of the hundreds and hundreds of drama we’ve all watched in the past. I guess what this challenge has shown is that if you do set your mind to it (which was for me to post daily in response to this challenge) you can indeed achieve.

So, let’s finish this.

Caption a screencap from a drama you’re currently watching

The General and I

I chose to screencap this in order to avoid spoilers. All it states is that I' up to Ep 36

I chose to screencap this in order to avoid spoilers. All it states is that I’m up to Ep 36

I gave this drama a little break from the daily chase about 2 weeks ago in order to try and marathon this drama in my own pace. I would say that with this one so far, I’m still hanging on but I really wished that our OTP would just be able to have some peace and quiet in each other’s company. Thankfully the female lead is able to stand on her own two feet and fight in her own way; if it was a typical damsel in distress situation, I would have dumped this drama ages ago. I’ll try and type up a ‘current trek’ post once I get my Goblin review up.


Behind Your Smile

Hopefully this doesn't give away too much...I'm sure it hasn't...right?

Hopefully this doesn’t give away too much. I’m sure it hasn’t…right?

This I also gave a couple of weeks off for similar reasons to The General and I, but not because I couldn’t keep up with the daily releases, but rather there weren’t enough of them. Watching Behind Your Smile reminded me of why I tried to avoid currently broadcasting TW-dramas; I can’t accept the fact that I need to wait a whole week for another episode (K-dramas and C-dramas are indeed spoilt me) At least I know that I’m committed to this one, and is determined on finishing it.

Annnnnnnddd that’s all folks! Thank you so much for the past month or so. This challenge has truly made me love and appreciate blogging again, and I hope that another challenge like this one will come around again quite soon! Thank you to everyone who left their responses for the challenge as well; it was especially fun to read your answers and experiences with numerous dramas. A big shoutout to Devon from devonandcornwall who has continuously tuned into this challenge from the start. Check out their blog to read about their next big project, which is a novel about K-dramas!!!

Thank you all again and I wish you all a lovely and wonderful day/night!

❤ Hyunnie ^^~


Author: Hyunnie

Hello~~ ^^ I'm a young blogger opening her first ever blog in order to share to the world reviews on some of the best and worst Asian dramas, movies, music; you name it! I am also currently guest-posting on Dramafever News. Mainly, I post about dramas on that site so if you are interested, check me out there! Please fill free to comment on this site and maybe suggest some stuff for me to talk about ^^ Hope you guys enjoy and see you later!

4 thoughts on “Returning back to Blogging: 30-Day Asian Drama Challenge – Day 30

  1. Yayyyy!!! *throws confetti* You did it!! Because I had just met you when you started this challenge, I really loved getting to know what dramas you’ve watched, and what you like. I’m crazy impressed that you did the whole thing. 😀

  2. Congratulations! I did this challenge last year for similar reasons, I needed to get back into the drama swing. I loved reading along with your journey, made me want to attempt another 30 day challenge. Great job! Posting everyday is a huge challenge! I look forward to what you do next!

    • Ngawwww thanks Unnie!! I did read your responses to this very challenge and found that we do indeed have a couple of similarities in answers, which was cool! Thanks again for the support and likewise, can’t wait to see what you’ll do next!!

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