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Hello and what is this? We only have 2 more days of this challenge?!! Indeed we do. Today’s question is in fact:

Your top three sisterhoods in dramas

Unlike the abundance of possible answers like yesterday, today’s answer is a lot more difficult. Surprisingly, asian dramas (specifically K-dramas) I’ve noticed don’t create as many sisterhoods as there are bromances. That is really disappointing in my opinion since the ones that do exist are just so sweet, and it would be nice if the female leads had a bigger support network to rely on. Here are the ones that I have been able to remember and note down:

1. Gil Ra Im and Im Ah Young from Secret Garden


These two were so cute together in the drama! With a friendship which started back when they were younger really built their friendship to become more and more like true sisters. Loved how Ah Young was always such a worrywart for Ra Im which at times came off as cute, but also very touching. Loved these two, and will continue to remember them both!

2. Jang Ha Na and Jang Ha Myung from One Well Raised Daughter


These two are real sisters in the drama, and it is so sweet when Ha Myung is such a loving and caring older sister for her younger sister who was juggling so much for the family. It was really touching to see that either sister would stick up for each other, especially during moments where their step-family just treats them so unfairly. Their times of comfort and joy are just really heart-warming to watch.

3. Ji Eun Tak and Sunny from Goblin


Although Eun Tak kept referring to Sunny as ‘the boss’, you can all agree that they were closer to each other just like any sisters in real life. The way that Sunny took Eun Tak in and treated her so nicely unlike the family (as if you can call them that) she lived with was really cute and touching, as gradually her boss image mended into something more like a doting older sister who was worried for her younger sister. Their bond was really loving and really great to watch on-screen. Love them both so much :3

Here’s the 30 Day Asian Drama Challenge if you are interested in joining!  I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s answers to these questions.


❤ Hyunnie ^^~


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