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Returning back to Blogging: 30-Day Asian Drama Challenge – Day 11




Welcome back everyone! It’s Day 11 already?? How…Anyway, today’s question is gonna be fun fun fun (if you can’t tell, that was spoken with sarcasm xD)

Drama pairing that you thought would have great chemistry, but they didn’t

Following yesterday’s question, today’s asks about the opposite, and I’ll try to explain why the following pairings just didn’t meet my expectations. There are quite a couple of pairings out there whose chemistry is indeed questionable, but the ones below are more of the recent ones that I can think of.

1. Oh Ha Na </3 Choi Won (The Time We Were Not In Love) [K-Drama]


This one really shocked me to be honest. You guys know how much I love Ha Ji Won, and I’ve been a big fan of Lee Jin Wook’s too, so thinking that with these two veterans working together in a drama kinda sent a sense of security, especially knowing that this is an adaptation of the Taiwanese original. But…boy was I disappointed. I would blame the poor characterisation of our two leads, which led to really forced and wooden acting from both. Sure, there were cute moments towards the end, but there was little to no build-up to that. It kinda just jumped from a 2 or 3 to almost a 8 or 9 within an episode. I just couldn’t buy it as much as I wanted to, which was such a shame, a real shame.

2. Su Yu Ning </3 Xiang Hao Yu (Spell of a Fragrance) [C-Drama]


I watched this drama around late last year, but was really reluctant to include in my final Year in Review for 2016 simply because…it was bad. The drama overall was horrible, but the main disappointment came from the lack of chemistry from our two leads. Remember how I mentioned that Hawick really sucks at picking dramas? This is yet another one of those poor choices the man has made in the past. With this one however, I really had some hope. After seeing Michelle in Mu Lan around 2 years ago (and basically loved her character in it) I was curious about how she would do next to Hawick, who has rarely disappointed in the numerous projects he has undertaken. But these two…just what the hell is this drama? The majority of the drama was just a cluster of confusion between all the characters, and the major plot twist just made me lose my mind. No spark was there, no substance made me want to root for the couple, and I was just lost in the characterisation, the plot and what the overall drama was trying to convey.

Both Yu Ning and Hao Yu were just two people who were just as lost in that drama as I was watching it. The experience was that bad to the point where I went into a drama slump for months (during my prac). And so, I didn’t want to mention it in my year in review, in fear of people checking it out…just don’t even bother with this one, TRUST ME!

Here’s the 30 Day Asian Drama Challenge if you are interested in joining!  I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s answers to these questions.


❤ Hyunnie ^^~


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3 thoughts on “Returning back to Blogging: 30-Day Asian Drama Challenge – Day 11

  1. lol! This is a good question. For me, I just had a feeling that Ji Chang Wook and Song Yoon Ah wouldn’t have any chemistry in the K2. I was right. So very right.

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