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Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo booted off “Running Man” without notice:…2016 just sucks man…


My lovely Spartace…how I will miss your chemistry on-screen



Yesterday was just simply a horrid day for fellow runners such as myself. Many are left in a tragic state over this news, and I felt that I myself needed to contribute my thoughts on this matter, and hopefully help others who are torn over the news.

Yesterday morning, numerous Korean news sites reported that Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo (our Spartace couple <3) will be leaving the show due to personal reasons. Kim Jong Kook stated that he wanted to continue working on his music and with Turbo, while Song Ji Hyo has stated that she wants to place more focus on her acting career. When that news broke out, numerous fans including myself were absolutely gobsmacked by the sudden news, but calmly took the report and wished our lovely Spartace couple the best for the future.

It wasn’t until later in the evening, when news was said that both of them had no idea that they had been booted out of the show for good, due to the staff discussing that the show would be re-vamped into “Running Man Season 2” for 2017. Now this, this was the news that broke the internet and left many, such as myself, absolutely frustrated. As claimed, there appears to have been an issue of miscommunication between the staff and the 2 members, and so once this news broke out, both members had only learnt that they were going to leave the show.

You can understand now why many are frustrated over this news. Plenty had flooded to the main PD’s social media to bombard the place with comments asking why, why have they done this?

But honestly, I feel the main issue isn’t now why they have been booted out the show. Both members have had thoughts about leaving the show before in order to focus on their main careers; it’s just that they never expected to leave in this manner. Which then brings the question: how are the other members taking the sudden news?

For now, runners, we should remain quite calm over the news, and continue to support the decisions of the show as well as the members. The family right now needs our combined support to get through this large bump on the road, and us just ranting and leaving abusive comments on various social media sites ain’t gonna fix this problem.
I am disheartened over the news myself, and I did have to take some time letting this news sink in. Our Spartace couple was my biggest ship on the show, and Ji Hyo-unni is in fact my favourite member. Hearing about this left me in a totally crap yesterday, and I had only gained the courage to say something now after an okay night of sleep. So I understand everyone who was shocked over the news – it is indeed hard to take.

I have been part of the family ever since Choi Siwon first went on the show to promote Athena, and I decided to continue watching the show for all of the other members, because gradually, they became family. For years I have religiously tuned in to the show just to see how they are. Yes, their ratings have been dropping for years now. Yes, the recent episodes can’t compare to how they were when the show first started. But for many of us international fans, we couldn’t care less whether it was funny or not because, at the end of the day, we came to watch the family and see how they were. 7 years of watching and growing up with these people has been one of the biggest gifts of my life so far, and it’s saddening to think that from next month onwards, this family won’t be the same anymore.

Thank you all for reading and tuning in, and let us all get through this together. Fellow runners, don’t forgot you’re not alone. We are all in this together. Runners fighting!
❤ Hyunnie


Author: Hyunnie

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2 thoughts on “Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo booted off “Running Man” without notice:…2016 just sucks man…

  1. I keep hoping that it isn’t true about the firing. Is it really confirmed? I read their agencies said they weren’t told and that Ji Hyo learned about it on the news, but I was hoping this report was wrong. So, I guess the reports were reliable after all. 😓

    • I’m praying it ain’t true as well. But news just came out quite recently saying that it does seem true, as Kang Ho Dong who was apparently going to join the second season, had his agency send a message saying that due to this mess, he will kindly decline the offer.

      Regardless, this is a total mess and I guess we have to wait for perhaps SBS to settle all this straight.

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