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First Impressions on “Ice Fantasy (幻城)”: Hmmm, how do I feel about this???



Hello hello and welcome back to the blog! Today I am bring to you my first impressions on the much anticipated C-drama “Ice Fantasy” with the very talented Feng Shao Feng (well known for his character in “Prince of Lan Ling”) and the lovely Song Qian also known as Victoria from the k-pop girl band f(x). How I feel currently is that I’m….still on the fence as to whether or not I should continue with this one .______.

Alright, let’s get on with this one *takes a deep breath*



Credit: Dramafever

Name: Ice Fantasy (幻城)

Estimated number of episodes: 62

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Drama

Broadcasting dates: 24th July 2016 – 31st October 2016. Airs on Monday, Tuesday & Sunday

Synopsis (borrowed off Wikipedia):

The story is set a hundred years after a war between the Empire of Snow (Ice Tribe) and the Fire Tribe, where the Ice Tribe was defeated, leaving Prince Ka Suo (Feng Shao Feng) and his younger half-brother Ying Kong Shi (Ma Tian Yu) the only royal heirs and pure-blood ice illusionists left in the Ice Tribe. Conflict ensues after Ka Suo reluctantly ascends to the throne as his lover, Li Luo (Song Qian/Victoria Song), and his brother go missing.

First Impressions on Ep 1-4

(Note: I’m looking at the first 4 episodes for this first impressions because the drama is quite a lengthy one)

So so so so so…What do I say about this drama?? I think the easiest way to do this is via a list, and if it appeals you then go right ahead with this one


When I mean high fantasy, I’m talking about the whole shebang! Think of movies such as Lord of the Rings, Thor, Dungeons and Dragons all blended together, with a dash of Asian actors and actresses, and there you have “Ice Fantasy”. It has be acclaimed by many other fellow bloggers as the ‘Chinese Lord of the Rings’, and it’s quite evident where that has been sourced from, since Feng Shao Feng does in fact look like the Asian version of Legolas, despite me not really wanting to generalise it like this >.<


See what I mean about the Legolas thing?

2. It’s gonna be a long run

To many, this may be the hit or miss for them. The drama is estimated to be a total length of 62 episodes, which is indeed an insane investment that you may have to make. Despite the fact that each episode is 40 minutes, it still adds up to roughly 40+ hours. To me personally, 62 episodes is nothing (I mean pfft I’ve done 100+ episodes before kekeke) but to some I can totally understand if you’re unwilling.

3. There is quite a bit of CGI in there, and I mean QUITE a bit

As the drama is high fantasy, CGI was to be expected. In most scenes it doesn’t bother the atmosphere or finesse of the drama, but at other times the green screen is just too real to ignore. As the filming of the drama was a mix of both real locations as well as green screen-backdrops, it does give that vibe of fantasy it is trying to achieve however in certain moments, it comes off as too fake and overdone. So, if overuse of computer graphics will bother you, then stay away from this one.

This is one of those moments where they got the CGI right lol

This is one of those moments where they got the CGI right lol

Aside from those main points, one thing that I have personally noticed regarding this drama is the fact that the costuming for the characters may act as a huge distraction to you if you concentrate on it too much. In some scenes, the contacts that our Ice Kingdom royalty wears are quite subtle, while in others scenes it seems to bug me the hell out by how blue they are (it’s almost unsettling at times) Thankfully, you don’t have to stare at them for too long towards the beginning, however it will take some time getting used to them initially, definitely.

This makes his eyes seem quite subtle, but during the drama the blue in his eyes are unsettling

This makes his eyes seem quite subtle, but during the drama the blue in his eyes are unsettling

Another point that needs to be made is the fact that initially you are thrown into this foreign world without much warning, which really threw me off at the beginning. Building on that, there was a certain moment that threw me off and left me with this (o.O) expression. I was just very lost as to how that whole scene escalated to that very moment…but it did and left me very very confused. I won’t go into much detail about that scene in case you don’t want to be spoiled, but that was roughly around episode 3 I believe? That whole ordeal was just .______.

Despite all that I’ve mentioned above, there are still indeed a couple of positives I can give this drama credit for. I do love the chemistry that is apparent between our two main leads, as well as their performances. Victoria really suits her character’s personality, Li Luo, who is bright, independent, badass female lead who is headstrong and able to stand on her own two feet. Feng Shao Feng is just gorgeous in this drama as the Ice Prince Ka Suo, as yes nobility does indeed suit him 😉

She just looks so graceful in this picture <3

She just looks so graceful in this picture ❤

The true question: will I continue watching this drama, or not? And, do I recommend this?

As for the drama overall, do I recommend you all to jump on the bandwagon ASAP? No not yet. I would say for now, hold it aside for when you have some really spare time on the side, and is truly clueless as to how you should spend it. I will personally keep following it for now, but I’m not rushing to stay up to date with this one. For example, I believe I’m currently I believe I’m only at episode 7? So, I’m definitely not in a rush to be too up to date for now. The other Chinese drama that I am rushing to catch up on though is “Singing All Along”, and I will definitely be writing a first impressions or current trek  for that one.

Alright, that’s all for today; sorry for the last couple of posts on this blog. I do understand that they are not drama or movie related posts, however I thought that it is perhaps time to just try and stay consistent with the blog, regardless as to what I am typing. As I get used to producing more content consistently throughout the week (and can handle it along with uni work), I might begin to schedule to posting twice a week (if that’s ever going to be possible hahaha). Anyway, thank you all so much for sticking around reading this, and I wish you all a lovely day/evening.

❤ Hyunnie ^^~


Author: Hyunnie

Hello~~ ^^ I'm a young blogger opening her first ever blog in order to share to the world reviews on some of the best and worst Asian dramas, movies, music; you name it! I am also currently guest-posting on Dramafever News. Mainly, I post about dramas on that site so if you are interested, check me out there! Please fill free to comment on this site and maybe suggest some stuff for me to talk about ^^ Hope you guys enjoy and see you later!

7 thoughts on “First Impressions on “Ice Fantasy (幻城)”: Hmmm, how do I feel about this???

  1. I agree with what you wrote.Mostly.This is my first time trying to watch the fantasy drama and actually I am quite impressed with CGI quality,just that I find it a bit nonsensical at times.It doesn’t help when the costumes look too westernised that I find it hard to digest sometimes.

    But I love the chemistry between leads.The brotherly love,the trust between Li Luo and Ka Suo, the fire princess and Shi.They are so nicely writen.Or the actors are doing well that I can feel the love.

    I watched Singing All Along too.I ancitipated it a lot but I find it quite draggy unlike you.Dropped around ep 14.Should I give it a chance again?

    • Hi Yamin, thank you so much for the comment! Yes that is true, the costuming and CGI doesn’t seem to go together too well at times; it’s almost as if I’m looking at water and oil trying to mix together on the screen.

      As for Singing All Along, I haven’t gotten that far yet to give you a definite answer. To me, I really want to like this since I love the main actor and actress of this drama, but even now I can see where you’re coming from. I’m hoping it gets better, rather I’m praying it gets better lol.

      I’ll let you know in the near future whether you should give it another chance or not. Perhaps in my next post I’ll make a comment on it, who knows lol

      Once again, thank you so much for the comment and I hope that we can talk again in the future!

      • Ya.I want to give Singing all Along a chance.So I kept watching and watching till it reached ep 14.But… I found myseld not focusing on drama at all.

  2. Agreed. I think, just like the CGI is occasionally a little too obvious, the costumes at times felt a little over the top and cosplay-ish, especially the ice and fire tribes. For a show that they clearly spent a lot of money on I’m not sure if they did that on purpose or not. I haven’t watched a lot of C-dramas so I can’t really compare it to anything else. The contacts didn’t bother me so much. I liked how unreal they looked.

    • Hey, thank you so much the comment!

      This is fairly rare for C-dramas to be investing a fair share of money into a fantasy production, which is why it has been highly anticipated for months since News of its filming was released. They would only invest this much in, say, a historical drama.

      Production wise, I’m not certain myself why they had to go a bit over, but I have heard that the person in charge of the costuming in the Lord of the Rings has created the costumes and sets used in this drama…perhaps that explains why it has high production costs.

      Haha I guess the contacts reaffirms the fact that they’re not human huh? Still trips me out though :/

      Thank you again for the lovely comment, and I hope you have a nice day!

  3. I loved it. Just suspend disbelief, accept the fantasy, and enjoy the ride.
    The characters are beautiful, the bromance is heart tugging, alot of smart strong female characters.

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