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Thoughts: Friendships?

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My life exactly...Credit: Link

You know who you are hahaha…Credit: Link

Have you ever sat down for a second and thought to yourself: “Who are my friends?”

If you’re thinking of that question now, who did you think of? Was it the people you saw on a daily basis due to work or school, or was it the ones who you’ve rarely seen since ‘life’ happened, but still chat with on a regular basis?

Well, I was given a couple of minutes to myself the other day and I thought to myself: “Huh…who are indeed my friends?” As an introvert, I didn’t have that many friends to go off from, but various individuals from different parts of my life appeared before my eyes.

It wasn’t just one person, but groups of people that appeared at once. I thought to my friends I made in high school; two girls who I meet in year 11 and 12, and became really close friends with as we were really supportive with each other, striving to achieve the best HSC marks as possible.I thought to my friends that I meet in uni; two who were in the same classes that I was for Chinese, while there were others from my degree, who happen to be graduating the same time that I will too. I then finally thought to my friends that I have made at work; two very close friends who I met purely at random are now two friends who I can’t imagine living without.

These friends in total only make up around 10 people or so, and they range in how long I’ve known them for. My high school friends have been with me for 6 years, while my friends from work have only been really close with me about 3 months ago.

I don’t believe in best friends. It has just been something that through my experiences in life, I have not been able to identify a friend that I would call a “best friend”. However, since a couple of years ago, I started to believe in a true friend.

So then the true question is in fact: “What makes this friend, a true friend?”

Indeed, what made these people my true friends? The friends that I would be well and truly willing to take a bullet for, the ones who I know will stand on my side whenever I need that support?

And my answer was quite simple: I got to know them, they got to know me and now my entire heart and mind belongs to them, whether they like it or not. They have proven to care about me, and I likewise care about them just as much. I didn’t demand much, and they didn’t as well; we just liked spending time with each other, chatting about everything and anything.

Yep yep :3 Credit: Link

Yep yep :3 Credit: Link

Let me know who are your friends, and what makes them your friends? Do you have a criteria that they all commonly fit, or is it purely random and through ‘feelings’?

Hehe wanted to try something different with this post today, something that was short yet sweet and could make you feel fuzzy by the end of it (…ok, remind me never to write something like this again lol) Anyway, next time I will be probably be writing my first impressions on “Ice Fantasy”, so stay tuned for that. Otherwise, I wish you all a lovely day/evening!

❤ Hyunnie ^^~


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