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I finally return to…lawsuits and break ups…WHAT the hell??!


Pfft, I wish LOL!

Pfft, I wish LOL!

I am finally returning!!! Hooray!

Oh my, how I’ve have missed you all! *Kisses and hugs thrown everywhere* Exams are now all complete, essays have all been handed in and I’m slowly gaining my sleeping routine back (staying up for five consecutive nights is the worst sort of pain to ever experience. Trust me, DON’T DO IT!!! ><) So, I’ll be slightly slow, but I’ll get there.

The purpose of this post is simple – it’s just going to be short and sweet, and it’s just a way to say “Thank You for waiting” and that “Yes, I’m still alive!”

So, judging from the title, it is pretty clear that I have missed out on a lot of news during my hiatus. Not going to bother going into much detail, but the main sort of new is that now, Kim Woo Bin, Moon Geun Young and Kim Bum are single, and that Kris from EXO is now going to be just Wu Yi Fan, ex-EXO member.

And the whole world (at least that section of the world interested in Korea) goes crazy. Particularly the ‘Kris’ news…that was crazy when I first heard about it. When those news articles came out, I was just hours before my Chinese exam, so you could imagine the shock I saw in everyone’s faces when I turned up for my exam. Literally, every girl in the room was scrolling through their phones, trying to find answers as to why this was happening.


This is how pretty much all of the world is reacting to his decision (I only noticed that there was a spelling's not my pic though LOL)

This is how pretty much all of the world is reacting to his decision (I only noticed that there was a spelling error after I added it in…it’s not my pic though LOL)

Long story short: Kris had been planning to do this roughly the same time last year, but was holding back for some reason or another. I wasn’t aware of this, and apparently I was not the only one who thought so.

Basically, whatever Kris decides, I will be supporting him in his decision, and that the other members could, in the future, forgive and respect him in his tough decision.

As for the breakups, I think many were shocked to hear of Woo Bin ending his two year relationship with super sexy model girlfriend Yoo Ji Ahn. I mean, it isn’t just the whole ‘two year’ bit, but that it has not been long since they had announced their relationship. I wish both of them good luck, and that they will in the future find the partners that they are looking for. It is absolutely sad that I see people online cheering for their breakup; really people, you really have to go there?! That’s low, real low…

They were such a pretty couple, literally~ Good luck to them both in the future *sigh*

They were such a pretty couple, literally~ Good luck to them both in the future *sigh*

And likewise with Geun Young and Kim Bum’s end to their cute relationship. It’s quite sad to hear that they broke up, because they hadn’t been with each other for long too. I mean, what’s going on guys? Why is there a sudden trend, or is there???

And another couple ends too...*sigh* they were so cute together (look at that bottom pic...LOOK AT IT!)

And another couple ends too…*sigh* they were so cute together (look at that bottom pic…LOOK AT IT!)

Anyway, just to give a heads-up, I will be posting more posts in the near future. Most of them will probably be first impressions, but definitely the “Empress Ki” review will be priority number 1. I have put it off for way too long; it’s about time I faced it!

So, thank you guys once again for the continuous support! I’ve been around, but I’ve just never had the chance to post something solid for you guys to check out. This will change, I promise!

Love you guys, and take care!

❤ Yami Hyunnie ^^~




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4 thoughts on “I finally return to…lawsuits and break ups…WHAT the hell??!

  1. Have you heard that Yoo Yi Na and Ji Hyun Woo broke up too? T.T~~

    • Ahhh?! They broke up too?! Damn, there must be some sort of contagious disease going around recently…ohh, so he came back from military and then just broke it with her?

      • T.T~~ She didn’t come to see him on the day he was released or something, and cited “busy schedule” as a reason, but… they were so cute with each other.


      • Ohhh I guess it just didn’t work out while he was in the military…and yeah, what a shame >< We thought it could have possibly been as amazing as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie is TT.TT~

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