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“Emergency Couple” Kdrama Review – *Sigh* It was fun while it lasted~ TT__TT


Alrighty, it’s that time again for another Kdrama REVIEW!!! The drama just finished 2 days ago and honestly, it was a joy to watch. It was truly satisfying to see Jin Hyuk oppa finally being a main lead of a drama (it has been 4 years too long!) and to finally see Ji Hyo unni is a realm where, I feel anyway, she is quite comfortable with.

And yes, this review is SPOILER FREE!!! So, let’s get started!


Hehe, don’t they look like such an attractive couple?


And then you see posters like these and you think “…Huh, how did this happen?!”…still attractive… ><

Firstly, after researching some BTS about the amazing people behind the drama, I found that the director for the drama was actually the director of “Hwang Jin-Yi”, a drama that made me instantly fall in love with Ha Ji-Won unni’s acting. That set out some pretty high expectations for me, but still I tried to stay as far away from them as possible (that happened too many times with other dramas, that’s why)

Alright, time to share what I loved and what I kind-of disliked from the drama:

What I loved:

1. The overall adorable cast

Okay, how were the PDs and writers able to come up with a whole cast who were just finger-cringingly-adorable (does that actually make sense guys??) I mean, not always but honestly, I never knew that they would have it in them! A perfect example is this guy:

Yep, this guy can actually look like...

Yep, this guy can actually look like…

Come on, look at that smile guys? How different is that from the previous picture?!

This guy! Come on, look at that smile guys? How different is that from the previous picture?! (BTW, credits to for the gorgeous Cheon-Soo HD pics ^o^

But definitely the greatest blessing was to see Chang-Min smile like he did. Seriously, “The Heirs” took such a huge toll on him and it was great to actually see him relax and be happy with his life (for once LOL) 😀

Look at that smile guys, LOOK AT IT!

Look at that smile people, LOOK AT IT!

But yeah, it was a really nice, fluffy drama to get lost in, especially with such a cast! Thank you Emergency Couple!

Hehe, don't you just love this cartoon picture? It's totally adorable!

Hehe, don’t you just love this cartoon picture? It’s totally adorable!

And the making of this ad was lovely too~~ Both the actual ad and the BTS was lovely to see; their relationship with everyone is really great!

And the making of this ad was lovely too~~ Both the actual ad and the BTS was lovely to see; their relationship with everyone is really great!

2. The cinematography and editing

One of the main advantages of having a drama on cable TV is the fact that there tends to be more investment placed on the quality of the filming and editing overall.  With cute sound effects and truly flawless high-definition picture, the drama instantly just looks and sounds great. I’ve been streaming the drama for the last couple of episodes and is still surprised at the quality of picture even through a 480p video.

Whether it was in the hospital or in the bedroom, each shot seemed to be taken with absolute precision and care. We can only thank the director for that *bows in graciousness*. And those cute sound effects when someone blinks blankly, or when Baby Gook just turns his head randomly at people just adds that little something, and makes it slightly different from what you would watch on the public major broadcasting channels such as SBS or MBC. It’s a nice-touch, I’ve got to admit.

Can I ask, is this babay up for adoption? Honestly, I would volunteer to be his mum for the day (I'm not a pedo or a stalker, really!)

Can I ask, is this baby up for adoption? Honestly, I would volunteer to be his mum for the day (I’m not a pedo or a stalker, really!)

 3. The progress we see with each character that actually make sense

Some drama tend to bring on change when they see fit, rather than what actually makes sense in that circumstance. In this drama, however, the shifts within each character were obvious, but not questionable. Each character has their own story, and they all change according to the situation at hand, even the side characters. Of course, we see the biggest change in the main cast (the blurry love-square), but even the side characters that are involved also become a better version of themselves by the end as well (as we all hope for in a drama of course!) nothing happens just cause it happened. Every event or situation was important in catalysing the next huge event, whether it was in the medical world or in their personal lives.

And with the main leads in particular, they aren’t your typical “Kdrama clique” as you can call it. Each character has their flaws – their individuality that seemed to form was never finite. That is what I can probably appreciate most from this drama; it’s the fact that from the beginning, it aimed to be something different, something what we would hardly ever see in most dramas out there.

4. The amazing chemistry between the mains

How could I forget mentioning this solid point that everyone can agree on?! Song Ji Hyo and Choi Jin Hyuk’s chemistry was superb, in that they actually seemed like a realistic couple on the verge of rekindling their feelings for each other! Need I say more??

Look at the fun they're having behind the scenes! Chemistry alert!

Look at the fun they’re having behind the scenes! Chemistry alert!!!

5. The amazing OST!!!

The entire OST is really impressive. Jeong Hee unni’s version of “Scent of a Flower” is truly beautiful and flawless(anddddd this may be biased since I am a HUGE fan of hers). Likewise with Ju-A unni’s “I Am”, which is also another personal fav of mine HOWEVER, the huge highlight is…

Choi Jin Hyuk oppa! Thank you, thank you, thank you~~ for being absolutely perfect, both in acting and in singing! *sigh*


What I disliked:

There wasn’t anything that I could say “I totally disliked such-and-such” but there were a couple of things that did bother me slightly (but hey, not everything’s perfect right?)

1. The slightly slow plot-flow during the first half

Now, the drama picked-up great after it hit halfway. However, the issue was that it picked-up halfway. I think many viewers can agree with me on this. Yes, I’ll admit, intros are never the best bits to watch since they are there to introduce characters and potential lovelines plots. However, what we can be grateful for is that the occasional cute or funny moments (such as the one below) allowed the audience to still keep in touch and remain interested, taking us through to the 2nd half of the series, which was definitely more juicy and full of content.

2. The lack of medical realism

To me, this didn’t bother me too much; in the end I was there mainly for the rom-com side of things however, I know that many found the medical side of things absolutely ridiculous. Don’t forget guys, it is probably the rom-com side of things that get the views going, so they can’t really focus on the hardcore, intense reality of ERs. Still, it is a bit disappointing huh?

Yeah...this ep really really just made me that could happen, right...right??

Yeah…this ep really really just made me chuckle…like that could happen, right…right??

The moment when I just went "...okay, stay clam Hyunnie, stay calm..."

The moment when I just went “…okay, stay clam Hyunnie, stay calm…”

3. The questioning of the significance of some side characters

By the end of it all, I literally sat there and went “Sooooo what happens now to such-and-such?” There were just a handful of characters that didn’t seem to serve much purpose apart from the fact that since it is a medical drama, it is in dear need of staff to pose as a legitimate hospital. I won’t say who they are, but for the people who have finished watching it, I’m pretty sure you can guess who I am referring to *cough* married interns *cough*

...need I say more on this?  Don't hate them or's just that I don't love them either >_>

…need I say more on this? Don’t hate them or anything…it’s just that I don’t love them either >_>

But, despite these little pet peeves of mine, the drama, regardless of its flaws, was very enjoyable to watch. It is a drama that treads over certain issues within marriage, and transforms the scenarios into situations that don’t seem to go over-the-top, nor seem unrealistic. Yes,  the ending to this drama slightly dragged on again, however nevertheless, it was a complete ending that all of us can appreciate.

I’m going to end here with the ending quote spoken by both Jin-Hee and Chang-Min, which sends a deep message to the viewers of this drama (curtesy of DramaFire):

Jin Hee: A perfect life doesn’t exist. Unexpected accidents happen in life and we make irreversible mistakes, too.

Chang Min: But every time we fall and get hurt in life we definitely find ourselves changed in the midst of it.

Jin Hee: We realise other people’s pains…

Chang Min: Or we realise ourselves maturing.

Jin Hee: Wouldn’t it really be like the beginning of love? So…even if we keep making mistakes and failing, we’ll keep growing and challenging ourselves.

So, hope you all liked this review, and please check out the drama if you haven’t done so already. I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants a simple rom-com to get lost in, or anyone who wants to go on a second-lead syndrome date (lol pfft why not?!)

Thank you once again to the cast, crew and everyone else involved in this making and filming of “Emergency Couple”. It was so fun to jump on the bandwagon and be able to follow a drama week-by-week, which I have not done in ages~

Thank you for bringing such a lovely drama for us to follow~ <3

Thank you for bringing such a lovely drama for us to follow~ ❤ (Sorry for the blurry pic though ><)

Also, thanks for reading guys, and hopefully I’ll be back real soon~

❤ Yami Hyunnie ^^~


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4 thoughts on ““Emergency Couple” Kdrama Review – *Sigh* It was fun while it lasted~ TT__TT

  1. Nice review!
    I suffered severely for the second male lead syndrome. ):

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  3. I have seen 35 kdrama since i started watching and wanting kdrama..but Emergency Couple was really i like and love most. This gives lots of learnings and insights in life..The advantage and disadvantage of taking life easy and for granted. Show many types of love. Over all this one of the greatest kdrama i’ve seen. Congratulations to Choi Jin-hyuk (such a great voice and actor) , Song Ji-hyo (beautiful lips & teeth) and the rest of cast. Thumps up! You guys are great! Also the director and writer of the story you are great!

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