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6 Reasons Why Your Parents Should Start Watching K-dramas too – Post on DramaFever


Hey hey everyone! I have made an official comeback on DramaFever again after an unknown and unexpected hiatus! I’m sorry that that had happened and for those who have been following me for a while, will know why that has happened.

6 reasons why your parents should start watching K-dramas too


Sick and tired of having parents who don’t seem to understand what all the fuss is about? Don’t you want to connect with your parents better by having them finally comprehend why Kim Soo Hyun and Lee Min Ho are a big deal? Want to finally have some quality family-time on the couch while watching some of your favourite dramas together? Well, here are 6 reasons why you should start campaigning to them to start watching Kdramas too!

Anyway, click on the link above to check out the article! Hope you guys enjoy!

❤ Yami Hyunnie ^^~


Author: Hyunnie

Hello~~ ^^ I'm a young blogger opening her first ever blog in order to share to the world reviews on some of the best and worst Asian dramas, movies, music; you name it! I am also currently guest-posting on Dramafever News. Mainly, I post about dramas on that site so if you are interested, check me out there! Please fill free to comment on this site and maybe suggest some stuff for me to talk about ^^ Hope you guys enjoy and see you later!

6 thoughts on “6 Reasons Why Your Parents Should Start Watching K-dramas too – Post on DramaFever

  1. Haha love the list! The first K-Drama that got my mom hooked was You’re Beautiful, she loved Protect the Boss and my sister and her were bigger fangirls over Heirs than I ever was for a drama. They were pretty much the only reason I watched all the episodes despite my dislike *coughcough* for The Heirs.
    I want to make No.6 happen but I don’t think it ever will with my parents. My dad only liked Super Junior’s It’s you and asked me to put it on his mp3 and my mom doesn’t really like any K-Pop song but I can live with that lol

    • Haha thanks for reading it! Can you actually believe that my mum actually got me into K-dramas (how ironic is that?! ><) She was watching Stairway to Heaven when I was much younger, but I didn't take much notice until years later. She was the main inspiration I had for this article! And is it weird that I am proud of your mum and sister?? O.O"

      Sorry to hear about the no.6 point you made. Hopefully they will come around; maybe try and find songs that seem to fit their style of music eg. Indie or something like that 🙂

      Anyways, thank you so much for checking out my article, and also commenting! Always welcome! ❤

      • Totally not weird:D Well if I actually think about it- The only music my parents are really into is 80s and 90s music so mayyybe I should introduce them to some of the Korean classics for a start this time
        xD ? Any ideas?

        It’s pretty cool that your mom got you into Kdramas- the only thing my mom actively got me into (nah she tried) is anti-aging/fitness stuff (she actually gave me a book called “fit im alter” or in English “fit in old age”)… but I am still the laziest person ever

      • Hehe there are tons of songs that I can probably suggest to you but couldn’t possibly list here in full detail etc. However, the place where I usually listen/discover some really cool 80s/90s music is mainly from Immortal Song the show. The first and second seasons are really good, and they are a perfect way to integrate the old and the new together through music. I’ve found a lot of modern versions that artists have done of certain songs, but some of them still sound pretty awesome in their original version – maybe go and search that way??

        Ahhh well, at least your mum tried to get you to bond with her through something. Is this the reason why she isn’t really into Kpop?! *dun dun duuuuunnnnn* because she is holding some unconscious grudge against you for not really trying with the whole fitness/good ageing thing?? *Gasp* If that’s the case, you must make a deal, NOW! A week of fitness vs a week of Kpop for her LOL

      • I will suggest the deal to her even though I am sure she doesn’t bear any grudges xD
        I LOVE Immortal Song how did I not think of that .o I will start with That Person, That Time I have a couple of versions of that 😀

      • Haha, well then good luck! Hopefully your mum will enjoy Kpop just like we have!
        BTW, That Person, That Time is an awesome song – I like your taste 😉

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