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I’M BACK!!! *spirit fingers* With a new start and new perspective for 2014!

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Soooooo I am back from my much needed holiday to the Gold Coast!!! *Crackers and streamers go off* Yes, yes I am well aware that you have all missed me a lot (cough cough) but now I have returned, with a brain full of nothing and a body covered in a slight tan that makes me look more unhealthy then I really was :S

…This is going to be a great start to the new year, huh?

So, what I had wanted to do with this post is introduce to you all some of the new things I intend to do on this site in the coming future cause it’s time to start fresh and new, right?? Also, I want to list down my own personal goals for the new year because it is time to get yourself together Hyunnie!

Alright, so how this will work: two titles – Asia Review Maniac Goals for 2014 and Yami Hyunnie Goals for 2014. Each will list the goals I want to achieve for the year, and hopefully I will return and cross off which ones I have done on this post. If not, then a montage of the goals achieved may be made into some sort of post, and then linked here. Let’s just go with the flow, shall we?

So, let’s start!

Asia Reviewer Maniac Goals for 2014

1. Become more active on both own site and other sites


I’ve come to realise that I am not as involved with the other fellow bloggers around me over the past couple of months for god knows why. These bloggers are fantastic and talented at what they do, and I am not acknowledging that enough! So, for 2014, I will aim to complement and comment more on other blog sites, as well as with this blog site. Become more involved with blogging events and begin to acquaint myself with others who like what I like 🙂

2. Watch/listen/read/share more about other Asian cultures, and not just Korean culture


Looking back now, there is a clear domination of Korean music and dramas on this site, which wasn’t what I intentionally wanted to do in the beginning with this site however, it became like this regardless. What I will start to do (again) is to research more about other cultures and share with you all on this very website here. I have obviously neglected so many other Asian cultures during my time blogging on this site, and 2014 is my chance to change that. I need to look more into Thai and Vietnamese culture in particular, since they hardly ever get mentioned on this site. Chinese and Japanese are much easier to access, however not much has been said about them either, and I do apologise to anyone about that.

3. Write better


Easier said than done really. Despite me seeing a greater improvement in writing since I started blogging on the site, there is still much work to be done, which I will start to focus on for the coming new year.

4. Develop a much organised schedule in terms of posting and watching

Starting to get sick of these yet???

Starting to get sick of these yet???

This is something that I have been contemplating for quite some time now, and only now got the guts to share and talk about it. My workload last year was shocking; posting whenever you felt like had it’s ups and downs. It was fine with the Kpop segments, as I tried to time them about 1-2 days after the release of an MV, album etc. However, whenever it came down to Kdramas, animes or movies (which I watch A LOT of) I couldn’t decide what to write, how to plan and when to write and plan – it was a total mess. This year, I hope to change all that and actually make a logical schedule for this blog site. Since I also post random articles for DramaFever (which is usual due on Mondays), I’ll time my blogging schedule around that. Soon enough, I will make a post about what the release schedule will be but for now, just deal with the random posts here and there, since that’s how my brain looks like right now too.



This blog was born out of a young, bored girl who had nothing else better to do during one of her nights where she was meant to be studying for a test the next day. Almost a year later, she suddenly remembers that such a site existed, and decided out of the blue to actually do something with it, and it suddenly became something that she maintained. Ever since then, I have gained thousands of views, 100+ followers via WordPress and email, a handful of likes on Facebook, and discovered some of the most inspiration and motivational bloggers I couldn’t even imagine ever interacting and knowing. Never have I felt so thankful for my existence today, and been so complete and happy with my life. I vow to make this blog one of the most biggest achievements of my life, and make it worthy even to the point where it probably deserves some sort of milestone in my life once I look back.

And it was all thanks to you, whether you have been a loyal follower, a reader from time-to-time, a commenter from random or you had just came across me from Google or something; no matter who you are or where you from, thank you. It is through the constant knowledge that I know people are watching, reading and discovering this site that keeps me going, and not stopping! Also, I have to thank the wonderful people over at DramaFever! Without them, my site wouldn’t be as widely viewed as it was before joining the crew! Thank you, I love you people, and thank you so much for all the support!


Now, enough of the serious stuff, let’s move on to the…more serious stuff -__-” …SERIOUSLY HYUNNIE?!

Yami Hyunnie Goals for 2014

1. Strive to learn and earn

This goes both ways – gain more and earn more in life.

Gain more knowledge in order to do much better in university, and gain better results for the courses I will complete this year. Gain the courage to begin my actual driving lessons (yes, I am a late bloomer ><) Gain the ability to value more things in life, and take things for granted. Gain more faith and become someone who does more good than harm.

Earn more money through working in order to support my family. Earn more belief from others that I can do something, without the look of disapproval and disregard. Earn the return which I input. Earn that life I dream to obtain.

Or pretty much do this:


Or become this:




2. Follow the life of being more organised and neat, in whatever I do

Ummmm damn, I really envy this guy ><

Ummmm damn, I really envy this guy ><

I bought a diary to tackle this, and I am going to vow to it like Siwon is to his Bible (…sorry if this offended you Oppa…fangirls, please don’t kill me!) It will be difficult to become a more organised person since I do cope under cluster and stress, however all of that has GOT TO GO! Cleaning, writing, even when typing needs to become a more organised task! Come on Hyunnie, you can do it!! *Fistpump* Oh, I mean hwaiting!!!



3. Sleep more, eat less


This is probably on anyone’s resolutions this year, but I am absolutely motivated this year to make a change on my wellbeing towards my future. And, in this case, it is as simply as sleeping for longer hours, and eating in small portions. This type of logic seems to compute in my brain and so, I will do so. Exercise you may ask?? Yeah, it’ll come…eventually *wink wink*


4. Talk, think and act more positive


I know myself well enough to understand that I am a pretty pessimistic person. This blog may not show it as much, however if you know me in real life I tend to think of how a situation may turn horribly wrong than right. Worst thing is, is that I express myself to clearly when that happens, whether it is through body movement or verbal expression. However I try to communicate, it seems to come out the wrong way, pun intended.

Since the end of last year, I have tried to reverse that, but it isn’t being as easy as described. I will continue to do this, and act more like a person who is happy with their life, rather than the opposite.


5. Still be me, only better

just be me for poppytalk

All of the above goals can possibly be summed down by this last one. My intention isn’t to become a new Hyunnie, or a new Helen in any form or manner; it is the fact that I want to become a better person who is happy and healthy with her life so far, and strive to continue making that life better and better. I don’t want to alter who I am; I’ve known her too long to change her. However, through simply alterations with habits, thoughts and actions, I can become a better version of me than I ever could before.

Thank you so much for your consistent support readers – without you, there wouldn’t be me or this site till this day. You have absolutely no idea how much all of this means to me, and I hope that I can continue to please you with the content that I provide.

Exactly!!! ...But we try ^__^

Exactly!!! …But we try ^__^

Hope you all have a wonderful day/night/whatever and I will catch up with you folks very very soon~~

❤ Yami Hyunnie ^^~


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