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Girl’s Day’s “Something” is out, and it’s looking to be like Hyuna and the girls, but instead it’s Minah…*sigh* here we go again…

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Hello, hello and I am back with my first K-pop review of the year!!! WOW, it has been such a long time; I almost forgot how reviews actually work around here LOLOLOL as if that could happen ><

Beautiful, sexy ladies...geez, as a woman myself I'm a bit thrown back as to how perfect they look >//<

Beautiful, sexy ladies…geez, as a woman myself I’m a bit thrown back as to how perfect they look >//<

Anyway, the first review of the year is Girl’s Day first comeback of the year called “Something”, which came out on the 3rd this month. The song is great, and reminds us of what Girl’s Day is capable of doing. However, the MV itself may speak a different story…is it just me, or is it a bit too Minah-biased?

If ya agree or wanna know what I’m talking about then please keep reading!


Okay, so let’s begin by talking about the song itself.

The song “Something” is nothing far from what we’ve expected from Girl’s Day; it is a subtle, electronic disco beat filled with constant finger-snapping and trumpet blasts from start to finish. It is absolutely catchy and impossible to stop. All members have a part in the song except for Hyeri, but I’ll get to that in a second. The song is mostly controlled by Minah, who’s strong and powerful vocals keeps the whole group in order, and also ends up leading and finishing the song. Yes, we are aware that Minah is the lead vocalist in the group, but lead vocalist doesn’t mean ‘only her and no-one else’…hmmm, for some reason this is gradually looking to be like another girl group, but I can’t seem to put my finger on it…who could it possibly be???

Hint, their group picture will pop out in





Does this group look familar to anyone?

Does this group look familiar to anyone?

Yep, it is the exact case with 4Minute, where even now in one point of time, the group started to look more like ‘Hyuna and the girl’ rather than the actual group name. In the case of Girl’s Day, it is almost starting to look like ‘Minah and the girls’, huh? But, I think it’s still too early to say; I believe it will become quite clear once we look at the MV itself.

Let’s start, shall we?

So, the MV is probably what guys feel is…”ball-dropping”. Honestly, seeing this MV I can understand how guys can just simply be turned on by ‘anything’ because these lovely ladies are just mind-blowing! They are drop-dead-gorgeous and yes, for us women not only are we jealous of your good looks, but we are also proud that you are not afraid to just rock your thang!

I mean look at that! omg... *fans self*

I mean look at that! omg… *fans self*

In the beginning, I only assumed that the scene below was simply because Minah started the song, but never would I have thought that the whole MV would eventually hail her…

Ummm all hail Minah??

Ummm all hail Minah??

But when I realised that that wasn’t all, I got a bit anxious and a bit worried yet, somehow I wasn’t that surprised.

Minah is the hero of this part...

Minah is the hero of this part…

...and this part too...anybody else notice?

…and this part too…anybody else noticed?

Not that I’m complaining since she did do most of the singing. A bit anxious because yes, more screen time for her means less screen time for some else. Worried because yes, because it was slowly starting to turn out to be something else entirely. Not surprised because we always knew that Minah was going to get the spotlight, ever since their company announced the possibility of a solo debut. But, regardless of what I feared, something did actually happen – what this ended up doing was in fact it literally cut off another member entirely from the song and MV…our poor Hyeri. Never, in the entirety of the song, does she get to have her own bit of singing. She only ended up singing in the parts which everyone sings in, or the last part where everyone is kind-of rapping.

Yeah, that part.

Yeah, that part.

Sure, she got a couple of close-ups here and there but never do we see in the dance or song itself HER OWN PART! Did this have anything to do with her recent broken relationship with Tony Ahn? Who knows but…some restless thought in the back of my mind believes that it may be so. But hey, who knows right?

Now, onto the dance!

The dance is just as seductive as their vocals suggest. Reading the comments below the video, many have complained that their main chorus movement is…awkward? I initially thought that too when I watched the music video but, once I saw the live performance, I came to the conclusion that the camera work made it look more weird than it actually was, and that it was perfectly fine once seen live. The live performance is below:

Also, that part where they lift those maxi skirts and trace their legs? Sexy as f***!

That part just...oh what a knockout, especially when in sync with the song ><

That part just…oh what a knockout, especially when in sync with that part of the song ><

So…I believe that’s all I wanted to say. That Girl’s Day is slowly starting to look like another group we know and love, and that I pray to the Gods, Lords and other hocus-pocus beings out there to stop that before it actually happens. Good luck Hyeri, wishing you all the best gorgeous.

Hope you all enjoyed my first review of 2014! If you haven’t heard already in my previous post today, I will on hiatus for a week to go on a holiday! Hopefully, if time is kind to me, I will post up one more review before I leave however if I don’t get a chance to, then it is “good-bye and see you in a week” farewell for now. Thank you guys for sticking around and I will miss you whilst I’m gone.

❤ Yami Hyunnie ^^~


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