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“Something” and “Something” are going to be released early next year…yes, you read that title right

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This isn't as cool as it seems, since others would probably enjoy the next picture more...

This isn’t as cool as it seems, since others would probably enjoy the next picture more…

I AM BACK FROM THE DEAD! Did you miss me? Of course you all did hahahahaha! Boy, my fingers have never felt happier than today EVER in my whole life!

For those of you who were wondering where I ran off to…I got my laptop confiscated, and I had it locked away until Christmas ended. Reasons for the confiscation will not be explained much further but what I’ve learnt is that from now on, any computer/laptop/electronic device that exists which allows you to stay up all night without much logic thought is to be banned and destroyed from your life.

Yes, that is what happened and I am…absolutely ashamed that it did.

Anyway, moving on! What I wanted to do was return to the blogging world gradually by posting something light-hearted, such as this post. I’m currently working on something big which hopefully can be released by tomorrow (New Year’s Eve, EEEPPPP!) and if not well…darn. I won’t say much more about it, apart from the fact that it will be a two-part post (if that doesn’t drop any hints yet!) so stay tuned for that!

Okay okay, onto the ambiguous title (was it really though??)

Alright so on Boxing Day, SM Entertainment unleashed the teaser for TVXQ’s comeback lead single “Something”, which is to be released on the 6th January next year. Seeing as this will be their 7th album and their 10th year since their debut, it seems to be a pretty big deal.



For those who are unaware, in the Kpop world, any K-pop band who reaches past 5 year is seen to be a miracle work; 10 years is something that is mostly unheard of. Most groups tend to get into some sort of conflict during their 5th year, which either leads them to disband, have half the members leave, or to be left on a never-ending hiatus and slowly drift away from the whole industry itself and go ahead to pursue another career (most likely acting). That is why groups such as Shinhwa gain so much attention; they still continue to produce and promote albums even after everyone had completed their military service, and they debuted around the late 90s!

The teaser doesn’t show much, but it shows enough to get a rough idea that maybe this time, things will be different for TVXQ! I mean, first off, there is the appearance of more Caucasian people. This may signify movement in terms of SM Entertainment gathering the idea that they are in fact an internationally-recognised company, but who knows? Maybe the company gave the band more spending money for their MV in recognition for their efforts in lasting so long in the industry (just barely though)?? Geez I feel bad in saying that ><

But, whilst I’ve made a slight remark on the MV, the song “Something” is something that can’t be ignored. The prominent jazzy- bass tune is catchy and refreshing, coming from the singing duo who tends to lean towards the recent bombastic electro-tunes. Their dance style in the video is also different, which is seemingly made to complement the song much better though it still doesn’t fail to remind us that TVXQ doesn’t fall short to anyone when it comes to their choreography.

On that note, let’s talk about the other “Something” from a different group; Girl’s Day that it.

This isn't as coll as it seems, since others would probably enjoy the next picture more...

This isn’t as cool as it seems, since others would probably enjoy the next picture more…

Yeah, that one.

Yeah, that one.

Yes, our sexy yet sweet girl group of the year, Girl’s Day, will be making their anticipated comeback early next year on the 3rd January with the song also named “Something”. Their teaser for the song was released yesterday, causing numerous fans  (probably the male proportion) to be literally knocked off their feet. It’s no surprise to anyone that they are returning with another sexy-themed concept for their song (if the teaser hasn’t hinted on that enough) since why change something when you are gaining popularity for it right?

The melody of the song is definitely promising, despite the rough-edged Kongrish spoken during the song. But hey, why should I be complaining? They’re not native English-speaking Koreans so why should I say anything huh??? *Clears throat* Moving on. The video doesn’t show much (or not enough to some people…) but what we can gather is probably that this will be a more sultry and sophisticated look on Girl’s Day, which will probably piggyback on other groups that have done similar images, such as SISTAR.

Despite the difference in both song type and MV teaser display, many obviously can’t ignore the coincidence between the two groups, what with their similar comeback time AND exact same title songs.

What I have to say for it is the fact that they are just that. A coincidence.

Both songs don’t sound the same; the concept and themes for both groups are just as different as black is to white, and their comeback time was something that both groups have been bragging about for a while now, especially TVXQ’s comeback; we’ve been watching out for them for over a month now!

So guys, say all you want about what you think this all might mean but let me tell you, you probably won’t be getting anything else out of that.

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas, and I wish you all a lovely New Year. Let’s make 2014 a year none of us would want to forget!

❤ Yami Hyunnie ^^~ XOXO


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