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Alright, enough joking around –  it’s gone on for WAY TOO LONG! The albums are finally out now, and I’m reminded even more that Christmas is literally just around the corner (hmmm is it guilty of me that I haven’t been too into the spirit yet?)

I don’t know what’s wrong with me guys…can someone save me from this Christmas depression I’m going through at the moment?

Anyways, let’s finish this once and for all!

By the way, I am aware that I’ma bit delayed; it was released over the weekend after all but…WHO CARES?!

YOU ARE FINALLY HERE! Yep, my Christmas list is complete...I think.

YOU ARE FINALLY HERE! Yep, my Christmas list is complete…I think.

The first video is the Chinese album; second is the Korean version. It shows all tracks except for track 1 and 6, which are the “Miracles in December” tracks in both original and orchestral versions. The orchestral versions are pretty cool but personally, I think nothing beats the trio’s voices with the instrumental track 🙂

Sooooo what do I think of these albums?

First off, my next favourite song straight after “Miracles in December” is definitely track #4 – “My Turn To Cry”.

When I first heard the album previews a couple of weeks back, I knew that this song would be amazing. And now having it in my hands (not literally but, you know what I mean ><) I have to say, the song proceeded to blow me away even more! It’s been so bad for me that I have even made a playlist for the albums to repeat playing both versions non-stop.

And the other songs in the albums are just as great! All songs combined together to truly remind all of us of that Christmas spirit that just spontaneously releases itself during this time of year. Let’s go through the list of tracks, shall we? (All songs will be reviewed overall, rather than specifically Chinese or Korean)

Track #1: Miracles in December

After my hyped reactions to both MVs of the song, I don’t think there is much to say apart from the fact that both versions are awesome, and is now the reason why I wake up in the morning!

Track #2: Christmas Day

Christmas Day is a song absolutely suitable to be booming out as your alarm to wake you up on Christmas morning! It is such a lovely and peaceful ballad, which is content that isn’t too surprising from our boys. *Sigh* If only I was in South Korea at the moment…that way I can listen to such songs playing through the radio at work rather than what we have right now *shakes head*

Track #3: My Star

A song with an R&B feel within a Christmas album? YES PLEASE!!! Wow, the beat is rocking and it really allows the rappers in the group to stand out and shine! It really makes you sway on the spot, and just jiggy around whilst chilling with the rhythm of the song. I think I am probably one of many who really has to tip her hat to Kris’s rap in English. Perfect pronunciation, smooth pacing and lines that ACTUALLY MAKE SENSE! And I also hear Chanyeol’s voice clearly in the raps as well! This song is truly a perfect unison between strong vocals and rappers!

Track #4: My Turn To Cry

Now, this song has got to be my next favourite straight trailing closely behind “Miracles in December” (probably because I can’t seem to stop remembering the MV whenever I hear the song) Another smooth R&B song (which I LOVE from EXO!) which once again reminds us of the amazing harmonisation EXO has with their vocals. Oh, and that bridge?! With the whole question-and-response back-and-forth lines? Flawless. It’s probably what heaven is like for your ears. Pure perfection boys, love it!

Track #5: The First Snow

This is a pretty fun song, with acoustics and vocals drizzled in sugar and sweets. You honestly can not help but have a huge smile just form across your face when you hear this song playing. Main things to point out in this song is:

1. CHANYEOL SINGS! As in he is not rapping, but actually singing!!! If only every time was Christmas time guys…

2. Sehun’s voice also makes an appearance!

3. I personally have never seen snow before my eyes but if I did, this is probably the song I will play from now on if I ever see it!

…Is there much more that needs to be said?

Probably, but I won’t. Just enjoy the music, damn it!

See ya guys around, and I’ll be back with another review very soon~~

❤ Yami Hyunnie ^^~


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