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You Who Came From the Stars hints on sizzles, steamy showers and sparks flying EVERYWHERE!!!

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Finally by catching up on the recent episode of “The Heirs”, I saw the recent teaser for the next upcoming series on SBS called 별에서 온 그대, or literally You Who Came From the Stars, starring Kim Soo-Hyun and Jeon Ji-Hyun as the main leads. Not much is seen in both teasers that have been released thus far, but what we see is enough to get us both interested and hooked.

From the writer of Queen of Reversals and the director of Painter of the Wind is a romantic comedy starring Kim Soo-Hyun as Do Min-Joon, a alien who lands on Earth during the Joseon period and lives on for 400 years till the present. Starring alongside him is Jeon Ji-Hyun as Cheon Song-Yi, a top actress who Min-Joon will eventually fall in love with ( I believe anyway; it could always be the opposite way too).

Probably when he first lands on Earth? Too brief to make a clear assumption I'd say

Probably when he first lands on Earth? Too brief to make a clear assumption I’d say

The first teaser doesn’t say much, literally. The only line throughout the entire 24 seconds was “I’ll protect you”, which definitely gets your head spinning. Do they have a future encounter prior to that line? What, how and why would our 400-year old alien protect an actress?

Her gaze on him...

Her gaze on him…

His gaze on her...oh the mystery!

His gaze on her…oh the suspense!

Then, the second teaser releases, and we get more content to work with. Song Yi is asked who her first love is. She explains that she still remembers him as a warm type of guy, and that if she ever sees him again she is bound to recognise the man, like fate. His next lines are “Who Are You”?…oh editors, why so much mystery?!

Their on-screen chemistry is just dripping hot...

Their on-screen chemistry is just dripping hot…

For now, I am officially hooked, and will definitely be following this drama to see what other teasers will be in store in the coming future. It’s nice to see them working together again after remembering their chemistry in the film The Thieves last year, which was HOT HOT HOT! Not only that, Soo-Hyun looks absolutely gorgeous in both teasers. The first one, with that gaze during the middle of the teaser is captivating! I felt my breath being taken away with it…it was that bad. And then the second teaser with the shower scene? Come on, about another million fangirls totally screamed out “I’M SO WATCHING THIS NOW!!” after seeing it (I admitted into wanting to watch after the first one, so I don’t count LOL)

This scene got me thinking...

This scene got me thinking…

I am SOOO going to watch this when it comes out!

I am SOOO going to watch this when it comes out!

When you saw this you totally thought...

When you saw this you totally thought…

"Damn it, why the towel?!"

“Damn it, why the towel?!”

Anyways, can’t wait for this to be released, and for now I will try and stay focused on The Heirs until it finishes…Never wanted a series to finish so badly before~~

❤ Yami Hyunnie ^^~


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