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Super Junior’s “Blue World” Short PV is released, blinding us literally with blue lights

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Blue World: Great song, not so great PV

Blue World: Great song, not so great PV

So, Super Junior is finally back (at least in Japan) with their release of “Blue World” through a short PV, which has gotten both my brain and eyes blinded by the blueness of the video, literally.

Avex Network released on the 28th Super Junior’s short PV for “Blue World”, which will be their 5th official Japanese single. Along with the release of the whole single on the 11th next month will also be their ballad track “Candy”.This release will mark the official comeback of Super Junior with Heechul, who earlier this year has just been released from his compulsory military service. Below is their short PV for “Blue World”, and the one after has a short recording of both “Blue World” and “Candy”.

Alright, can I just say first up, the song is freaking awesome! It is catchy, re-playable and I’m confident that once the entire single is released next month, it will the next thing that will not stop being played for months to come (or at least until something new comes along).

However, the one thing that has gotten me truly bothered by this release wasn’t the PV itself, but rather the response I’ve seen people give upon the release of the PV. Let me break it down for you:

The dance: Down-right great. It is nothing less of what Super Junior is capable of doing and has done in the past; this wasn’t the bit that bothered me.

The song: As I’ve mentioned before, this song isn’t going to be a problem for my ears in the coming future.

The wardrobe: I saw a lot of comments complaining about what they were wearing…no, I didn’t see anything wrong. Their wardrobe hasn’t changed much I can admit, but it isn’t ‘ugly’; it just suits them I’d say.

The video:…*sigh* What can I say…People who have been long veterans of both Kpop and Jpop should be aware that this tends to happen; when Korean bands release singles/albums in Japan, they tend to be slightly lacking in comparison to their Kpop releases. This is just what happens ALL THE TIME. Examples? Look at TVXQ “Android” or Girls Generation’s “Galaxy Supernova”. Watch them, and I’d say that the video speaks for themselves. So, if many fans were disappointed in the actual PV well then, I guess you haven’t been as accustomed to Kpop/Jpop for as long as others have. It is hard to take, I know, and in all honesty, I can understand how you all feel. However, there is really no need to be complaining and bashing the poor group when in actual fact they didn’t have any choice in this; obviously both SM and Avex had total control on what was to be done in this PV rather than “it’s up to you Super Junior”.

Alright, well now that’s off my chest, I can finally go back to watching more Kdramas LOLOL See ya guys around, and I hope that all of you have a wonderful day!

❤ Yami Hyunnie ^^~


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