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30 day Kpop Challenge – Day 28: Yep, definitely this song, hands down!

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Day 28: Your favourite cover of an American song by a k-pop artist 

So, this song that I am about to share with you is perhaps one of the most repeatedly played songs on my iPod over the past 3 months. It is absolutely beautiful, both this version and the original as well.

EXO truly do an amazing job in this cover of the song “Open Arms”, originally sung by Journey almost over 3 decades ago. A song filled with meaning and heart couldn’t have been more suited for these four singers. In particular, D.O. really does it for me. His english pronunciation is just spot-on; you could hardly believe that this man has never spent a long time abroad before.

Other honourable mentions must go out to:

Eunhyuk oppa sings with absolute heart and soul in this cover. Love it to bits, and it is almost like a lullaby for me at night :3

This is an old classic which not only highlights the vocal capabilities of all 4 artists, but it also reminds us of Donghae’s cute yet sometimes incomprehensible english lol

Alrighty, that’s all for today! Going off to watch more dramas (I know, that’s all I’m doing now LOLOL)

❤ Yami Hyunnie ^^~


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