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VIXX’s (빅스) VOODOO DOLL(저주인형) MV is gruesomely disturbing yet chillingly awesome ALL at the same time

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Hey everybody!

Yes, I am well aware that VIXX(빅스) had released their official MV of Voodoo Doll(저주인형) days ago, but it wasn’t till today that their 1st album was released! CONGRATULATIONS OPPAS!!!

Their new album...*sigh* Such a talented bunch >//<

Their new album…*sigh* Such a talented bunch >//<

Note: Please take note that the MV can be quite disturbing for people with slightly weaker hearts and stomachs…A clean version of the MV was made for a reason after all! Below is the clean version,  and then the official one afterwards:

So, VIXX is back (again!) with another dark and creepy concept for the song and MV “Voodoo Doll”, with their first MV released on the 19th this month, followed by a clean version that was released earlier today. VIXX has returned with their dark concept, which reminds us of their previous hit release of “Hyde” earlier this year (which I have to say was SUPER SPECIAL AWESOME!!!)

Before I begin, I must say this. Never in my Kpop history life, have I ever seen such a graphically disturbing MV before, ever, full stop. This is probably due to the fact that the evil Kpop banning organisation of doom (and yes, that’s how I refer to them at times) are so strict on censorship and age restrictions that almost anything in the Kpop world could be considered “damaging” and thus BANNED FOR LIFE! No wonder so many Kpop groups push that whole “fluff” and “aegyo” concept, since it is guaranteed to be not banned.

Which is why this MV is even more special to me, despite the graphic and at times stomach-churning images. So, a heads-up for those who may have entered this post unprepared; the MV has been R-rated/19+ rated for a reason so please, venture forth with caution (p.s. there may be images that may be disturbing to some people!)

Anyways, let us start!

The MV itself is chillingly good, literally. And I mean that when I first watched it, it gave me shivers right down my spine, no kidding.

To think that a crazy woman like her (the one below) would keep these hunky handsome men within a big-ass empty mansion, tied down and actually controls them through a voodoo doll is CREE-PY. The way she stares at that doll in pure satisfaction when she stabs it…talk about mental problems!



What have you done to him?! GET YOUR HANDS OFF WOMAN!

What have you done to him?! GET YOUR HANDS OFF WOMAN!

And those scenes with needle poking and thread sewing?! Where do you get to see that in other Kpop MVs, seriously?! And the voodoo doll itself? Shisus, if my little sis ever saw it, she will be running to the hills while screaming, no joke. VIXX, you have truly outdone yourselves this time!

I know it's intentionally meant to be creepy but still...GEEZ!

I know it’s intentionally meant to be creepy but still…GEEZ!

By far the most creepy contacts I've ever encountered...

By far the most creepy contacts I’ve ever encountered…

I see why they glazed over this scene really quickly in the beginning...

I see why they glazed over this scene really quickly in the beginning…

On a final note, in the original MV with the ending scene of the mad woman and Hongbin??? The moment you see the needle puncture……AHHHHHHHH THE CHILLS!!!

Honestly, what a way to end the MV...HONGBIN-AH!!!

Honestly, what a way to end the MV…HONGBIN-AH!!!

Onward to the song!

Without a downright creepy song, this MV couldn’t have provided the chilling atmosphere that it did. The song itself is about becoming a voodoo doll in order to fulfill a misplaced love and expresses the sad fate of self-sacrifice for that love. Geez, the lyrics of the song is…urggghhh how do I explain this? Just check out the video below:

A song that relates back to the MV? Check. A song full of imagery and scenes that is capable of making you still have chills regardless of whether or not you’re watching the actual MV? Check. A song filled with powerful vocals and catchy choruses that makes you repeatedly press the replay button? Check.

Honestly, what else does a song need?!

Now, onto the dance!

The dance was exceptionally good (as always) It vocalises the lifelessness of a doll’s body, who can’t seem to control their own body, and thus is controlled by someone else, just like a puppet…CHILLING AS F***! The dance also incorporates a rod/large needle within it, which has thus caused a lot of controversy among the 3 major broadcasting stations (SBS, MBC and KBS if you weren’t aware). It’s a shame really, since the main idea around the dance was to use the large needle in order to symbolise the stabbing of the voodoo dolls (the idols)…losing that key point of the dance is really disappointing…

So, there you have it! My short and slightly lacking review on the MV. I’m sorry if I’ve upset anyone with the pictures but I have to say, I did warn you beforehand about them *rubs hands above head whilst kneeling* Sorry to anyone if I really really did upset anyone though…

Hopefully, you all enjoyed that and please do check out VIXX’s other songs (which aren’t as graphic, promise!) Thanks for sticking around guys 🙂

❤ Yami Hyunnie ^^~


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