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2013 Melon Music Awards: After 5 years worth of struggles, SHINee finally comes on top! Also, Ailee comes out fighting strong!

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Hey guys!

So, as many of you may be aware, the 2013 Melon Music Awards were held last night in Seoul, and was shown live on YouTube through LOEN Entertainment’s Official YouTube channel. After a year’s worth of great and fantastic music, numerous Kpop artists were recognised for their efforts and brilliant music of 2013.

Did you guys tune in and watch? It was a pretty awesome night ^^~

Did you guys tune in and watch it live? It was a pretty awesome night ^^~ Credits to Soompi for the pic

As this article from Soompi displays, there was a wide range of artists who received an award for their music of 2013. In particular, the three highlights of the night (for me) goes to Ailee, EXO and of course SHINee.

Firstly, despite the numerous controversies that occurred with the release of Ailee’s nude photos days ago, Ailee wasn’t fathomed by it all and still produced an outstanding performance (like she always does ^^). Whilst receiving an award for being one of the top 10 artists of 2013, she gives a sweet and simple yet touching speech to her fans, who continued to shout out in support “Ailee, Ailee, Ailee!”, something that honestly touched my heart. Being aware of the extremes certain fans can be *cough* Saesangs *cough*, it was truly heart-warming seeing the endless amounts of support the fans gave for Ailee. To be honest, with the release of those photos, I worried that it was the end for her; sometimes these certain events can lead someone to do some crazy and extreme consequences. But, she came out on top strong, and with what I have read lately, she WILL get justice as she deserves.

Next big thing – EXO

Having only officially debuting this year, EXO has come to a flying start, winning numerous awards of the night, such as the Netizen Popularity Award, the Melon Music Awards Top 10, and finally the highlight out of the three – Best Song of the Year with “Growl”.

CONGRATULATIONS!!! It has been a tough year for you all, as all 12 members finally get to debut “as one”. A truly successful year, which in turn has led to a growing fanbase all across the globe. EXO fighting! “Growl” is an absolutely fantastic song; they truly deserve that award!

And of course, who could have forgotten the BIG winner of the year – SHINee with Artist of the Year.

2013 has been such a HUGE YEAR for SHINee, with the release of numerous albums and EPs such as Dream Girl, Why So Serious?, Boys Meet U (Jap) and Everybody. After 5 long years of blood, sweat and tears (clichéd I know, but highly relevant), SHINee have finally came on top and earned the highest award of the night. When I saw their speech…urg, the tears that started to flow down my face were unstoppable (thank goodness that my parents were asleep by then ><). Never have they ever received such an award after 5 years worth of hardship – a fact that both SHINee and their dedicated Shawols were aware of.

SHINee has been a boyband that has consistently produced high quality music (remember Ring Ding Dong, Lucifer and Sherlock?), but has been sadly been overshadowed by other groups, some even being from the same company (Super Junior, Girl’s Generation etc.). 2013 marks their ‘official’ recognition of their efforts; something that is finally tangible, but of course us fans knew that SHINee was something special right from the start back in 2008. I was so elated for them, and I hope that their success will continue to grow for many years to come!

So, last night probably gave you all either claps of happiness, or tissues soaked in tears *raises both hands*, but we can all at least agree that 2013 has been an awesome year full of comebacks and debuts, and we hope that 2014 will be just as amazing for Kpop. First stop South Korea; next stop the world!

Thanks for reading guys, and check out the linked Soompi article to see if your idols won anything! Here is a link to the whole awards night, which was posted on LOEN’s YouTube channel (warning, it is over 5 hours long!)

❤ Yami Hyunnie


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One thought on “2013 Melon Music Awards: After 5 years worth of struggles, SHINee finally comes on top! Also, Ailee comes out fighting strong!

  1. Hi! I would like to thank you for this. Ailee WILL have justice. And for those five years, SHINee and the SHINee World had grown together with maturity and sensibility that had made those years really worth it! And we can all hope that this would go on until they decided it’s time. 🙂

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