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My thoughts on “The Heirs” so far: …I sped-ran through 10 eps in 2 days FOR THIS?!


Hi everybody!

Firstly, I would like to say that this post is not any review or recap in any form; it is just me lashing out my feelings and thoughts about this drama, “The Heirs”, so far.

First and foremost, I must state this; THIS POST WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS HERE AND THERE! It is my opinion on the drama after all. So, if you haven’t started watching it, or only at the first couple of episodes, please read this entry at you own will.

Seeing that thousands are watching it online without me, I took the initiative and watched the drama ever since yesterday by downloading it online. After watching everything up until the last episode which was broadcasted last week, I’ve come to think and question: was it all worth it? The lack in sleep, the shortened study hours for my exams, the lack of a healthy diet…

And the answer was…no.

No, it wasn’t. And here’s why.

I assumed that I would see more scenes between them as heart-warming as this poster is...I guess not

I assumed that I would see more scenes between them as heart-warming as this poster is…I guess not ><

Now, don’t get me wrong; I will continue to support the drama, in real hopes that it will lighten up and become less excruciatingly painful to watch, but my hopes are slowly dying due to three things; the plot, the pace and the characters.

1. The Plot (or the entire writing of it all)

There has been at times where I was lost whilst walking through this weird and wacky world of “The Heirs”.

Actually, I take that back – I’m STILL lost about the whole story.

What is the motive? Why did Kim Tan come back? Was it simply because he missed living with his family, and that Eun-Sang was there? If the writers could PLEASE explain to me a reason why this entire family is a mess, then please go ahead. I wouldn’t even care if it was because he has fallen head-over-heels for Eun-Sang, and wants her so bad that he would do anything to get her; JUST SHOW SOMETHING ALREADY! Does he want to take over the company that his half-brother is taking charge of? Nope, don’t think so. Is he here to mend his relationship with his parents (father, mother no.1, mother no.2)? Nope, doesn’t seem like it.

Then what are you going to do...TELL ME!

What are you going to do then…TELL ME!

THEN WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? This dumb-thick brain of mine can’t seem to wrap her head around anything at the moment, and I am starting to question whether it’s because of me or the drama…

2. The Pace (or should I say, the lack of one)

Can this story progress any slower? I know, I sound like a total b***** when I say that but I have to admit, the speed that this drama is gradually taking its toll on me and honestly, it is killing me inside.

It is already up to episode 10, and I still haven’t found a great, fantastic reason as to why Kim Tan and Eun-Sang should still try and stay together (if they ever have that is), or why Young-Do is the person he is, and how is this whole family going to end up either harmoniously together, or plane-crash destroyed.

If the drama had shown some kind of scene of Eun-Sang and Kim Tan being together, having fun and loving to be with each other, then yes, I would root for the couple regardless. However, seeing as they have never been together even since L.A (and even that didn’t seem enjoyable enough) then there simply seems to be no reason for them to keep fighting against fate to stay together. But that seems to happen with a lot dramas today, right? So, I shouldn’t really be complaining.

However, through this type of movement in the drama, we should usually see some kind of action taken by the second lead, who tries to snatch the main lead off her feet.

Have we seen that yet though?

Not that I know of. Have you?

Young-Do honey, can you please grow up? Acting in such a manner isn’t going to allow that girl to come running into your arms like you are the shining armour of her dark and gloomy life. This is probably why in most Kdramas, the second lead seems to be perfect – they make a great desirable person to be with, and tries to waver the main girl into thinking “Why the hell aren’t I going out with this guy yet? He is the most perfect man on the planet!” But, Young-Do only allows Eun-Sang to push him away more, and then make her realise that Young-Do and Kim Tan aren’t that different in life hence, leading to more rejection against the two main male leads of the story.

Honestly guys, we should be seeing SOMETHING by the 10 episode, please???

This is the definition of "romantic" in their world...something is awfully wrong...

This is the definition of “romantic” in their world…something is awfully wrong…

3. The Characters (and the main reason why I wanted to truly give up on this drama entirely)

The characters should be the reason why people can be forgiving about crappy storylines and bad pacing in stories; their great solid characterisation allows the viewer to forget about the wacky storylines, and only focus on the beauty of each character for who they are, and how they progress though the dilemmas they face through the drama.

However, there has been not ONE character (in terms of the main leads) that I have seen, make some sort of progress in the story, which in turn affects the storyline and pace of the Kdrama. Seriously, what is the use of watching these people face problem after problem, without any change for what they want, or will desire to get!

Let’s break it down bit-by-bit for each character I am not satisfied with: Kim Tan, Young-Do and Eun-Sang.

Kim Tan: Someone needs to knock some kind of sense into you, I swear! Don’t just say something, TAKE ACTION for it! And no, throwing your fist everywhere isn’t going to help in the situation at hand. The viewers want a reason TO keep you and Eun-Sang together, and forcing kisses and longing stares across rooftops isn’t enough. We need you two to find a time, go out on a date together and ENJOY yourselves – then we will consider your fates hehehe.

And man up! Stand up to your father and brother; they need to understand that you care so much for them, and that they were the reasons you came back, right? Or was it for something else? I don’t know what it is, because NO ONE HAS SAID ANYTHING YET! You’ve only mentioned that you came back for a number of ‘reasons’, whatever that means. It is at times during this that I realise that sometimes, the characters who say the harshest things, such as Won who calls him “childish”, or Eun-Sang who calls him “an arrogant brat” can actually sometimes be true…damn, that’s hard to swallow.

Talk about being childish and arrogant...

Talk about being childish and arrogant…

Young-Do: The bad-boy image isn’t getting you anywhere! CHANGE TO MAKE SOME SENSE IN YOUR LIFE PLEASE! Make Eun-Sang see that you can show more to her, and her only. Childishly kicking tables and tripping her over won’t tie a girl down – it will only encourage her to keep you far far away.

Oh, and forcing someone to eat with you won't help either

Oh, and forcing someone to eat with you won’t help either, duh!

But I would just like to day one thing about you; at least you have a back-story for why you are like this. Having such a crappy lifestyle (crappy father, bitchy future-stepsister, unknown affairs which damaged his mother’s marriage) in the past and now, it makes the readers sympathise with him slightly.

And I emphasis the “slightly” bit.

In the end, you are still an unexplained and unexplainable asshole.


Which is why when this happened…

This was his only reaction capable >< (btw, great acting Woo Bin oppa~)

This was his only reaction capable >< (btw, great acting Woo Bin oppa~)

Eun-Sang: WHERE HAS ALL THAT SASS GONE?? Did it disappear every time a person of the opposite gender grabs you by the wrist? How come it only pops out slightly when you’re dealing with Rachel? Why are you in a total breakdown state ALL THE TIME? Really unni, what are you doing?

The sass she is capable of having...

The sass she is capable of having…

and the loss of it the moment the males are around...WTF?!

which is lost the moment the males are around…WTF?!

I just feel absolutely horrible for her character. She is tugged around by both male leads left and right, slapped in the face (literally) by life in general, and can’t earn any sort of happiness in her life at all, regardless as to how hard she is working and supporting for her mother.

It would have been much more enjoyable if she got through ALL that, and still came on top of her life. Now, I feel as life she is just barely getting her bearings right, but it still isn’t shown yet. I mean, if she studied so hard, at least give her a higher mark on that exam they took (52/100…wasn’t she 5th out of her year before in her previous school?)

Ep 1: Found her crying

Ep 1: Found her crying

10 episodes later, we still see her crying...CAN YOU UNDERSTAND THE FRUSTRATION?!

10 episodes later, we still see her crying…CAN YOU UNDERSTAND THE FRUSTRATION?!

…I think I’ve been entirely drained out now…too emotionally frustrated with these characters that I can’t seem to write any more.


I will still continue watching the drama regardless, in pure hopes that something GOOD will finally happen, and that there will be eventually a couple that I will root for. If only there were more moments like these in the drama, then I would have thought differently about the couple (honestly, when I finally saw this scene, it made me smile silly like a goofball LOL)

Hopefully readers, you won’t be as frustrated with this drama as I have been, and that may be you see some potential within it. I sadly want to see, but have failed to find anything yet. I’ll still keep trying regardless!

Thanks for sticking around guys, and hopefully this rant post hasn’t pissed you off ><

❤ Yami Hyunnie ^^~


Author: Hyunnie

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2 thoughts on “My thoughts on “The Heirs” so far: …I sped-ran through 10 eps in 2 days FOR THIS?!

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  2. “The Heirs” is the drama I chose to pick up after “49 Days”, and I was happy to see you reviewed it, since I like reading reviews and yours are enjoyable and not verbose at all. I really liked the first episodes, when Tan and Eun Sang where in LA, but, after returning to Korea, things became too slow and I felt disappointed. I agree with you about the many unexplained points, the inexistent pace (at episode 8 I was still thinking “this is only the introduction”) and the stiff characters (when Tan and Yound Do are together, I often think they are shamefully ridiculous), but there are also some things I like: for example, Eun Sang not fighting to be with Tan. I have seen Western series where the female lead is depicted according to the cliche that women are, by nature, more romantic than men, so they’ll keep on fighting against everyone to protect their love, to the point of constantly saying to their boyfriend “why don’t you fight for us? I’m always alone! You don’t do anything! It’s over!”, becoming a pain in the neck. Seeing a reverse situation pleases me. I also like the presence of more main characters than in other dramas, even though they steal screentime to Tan and Eun Sang. Now I’m about to watch episode 12, and things seem to be evolving. Let’s see how it goes.

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