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30 day Kpop Challenge – Day 11: Why do I keep going back to it in order to cry over it?!


Day 11: Your favourite k-pop music video

Morning everybody! So, today’s challenge proved to be a pickle. Is it really possible to actually condense all Kpop MVs down to one as my favourite?

No, that’s simply not possible HOWEVER, there is one MV that cuts it close for me.

And no, it isn’t a Super Junior MV (though many cut it quite close)

Favourite k-pop music video: The Day Before (그리고 남겨진 것들) – Nell (넬)

English Subbed Version:

I remember when this MV first came out around a year ago, and I had just finished watching “The Moon that Embraces the Sun”. I felt really attached to numerous characters, including Jin Chae-woon, who was portrayed by Song Jae-rim. As I was searching the web to find more about him, I came across the MV above and boy, was I in for a emotional roller-coaster ride…


This MV still continues to be one of the most heartbreaking and emotionally damaging Kpop MVs I have ever encountered. It is so raw and it seems too realistic to comprehend. The way both actors express the emotions felt within the situation, likewise with the song tied through in the MV is even more painful.

The cinematography is one aspect that makes this MV so memorable for me. Notice that throughout the MV, there is never a full body shot of either actor. What this was meant to show is that this conversation between them never happened. Jae-rim’s character doesn’t seem to grasp the situation until it is too late; once Minki drinks the poison.

Two friends having a conversation...

Two friends having a conversation…

The entire set-up of this MV is detailed and beautiful

The entire set-up of this MV is detailed and beautiful

And that lighting. Geez, that played with my emotions WAYYY to much. In the beginning, you see that both actors had quite brightened complexions however, towards the end Minki’s face gradually darkens after he drinks the poison. On the other hand, Jae-rim’s face seems more illuminous, which highlights the fallen tears as he realises his friend’s suicide.

Minki drinks it...and his friend...

Minki drinks it…and his friend…

realises it too late...

realises it too late…

Nell have been in the business for YEARS (ever since 1999), and it is clear that they are talented and great at what they do. The lyrics in particular really got to me the most. The one part where the line “This is all that I can say” when Minki slumps back into his chair. It was heartfelt, and it truly seems as if Jae-rim spoke those words to his friend – after all of this, this is truly all I can say.

Hope you all enjoyed this entry for today, and that it wasn’t too depressing for you all. Other notable mentions I would like to list is:

Super Junior – Pyjama Party (cutest thang ever!)

K. Will – Please Don’t (a very cleverly produced music video which intends to teach more than it seems)

Big Bang – Lies (Pretty awesomely produced music video with all 5 members just doing their thing ^^)

Thanks for reading guys~~

❤ Yami Hyunnie ^^~

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  1. If you’re ever wondering who found your blog by google searching “song jae rim pickle” … that was me.

    • Ok. That just sounds weird out of context. 😀 I was just talking to Ricky on twitter and he asked me why I don’t like pickles on hamburger and I wanted to tweet a reaction pic of maybe Song Jae Rim eating/modeling pickles or something. Kekekeke

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