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Jin’s (진) Gone(너만 없다) MV is finally released after weeks of arm-poking, toe-stomping and endless teasing

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Hi everybody!

So, I am back with another MV review; today’s will be on Jin (진)’s debut MV with the lead single “Gone (너만 없다)”, which was released yesterday. The MV stars both Kim You-Jung (Moon that Embraces the Sun, Dong Yi) and Xiumin from EXO as the main leads, who put on an act that is both heart-breaking and moving. It is also Xiumin’s acting debut, so the MV, even before it was released, was filled with high expectations.

Which is why SM Entertainment wouldn’t stop dropping hints etc about it for weeks. Seriously SM Ent., STOP MESSAGING ME ON KAKAO ABOUT THE SAME THINGS OVER AND OVER AGAIN! There is only so much I can take guys…

For a debut single, this is a pretty god-damn awesome song!

For a debut single, this is a pretty god-damn awesome song!

The Ending - Gone

The Ending – “Gone”

English Subbed Version:

Alright, let’s begin!

So, the MV start with the words:

Same place, same time

Everything is the same…

being written with scratchy-pen noises over a black background, which can only indicate a sign of either down-right melodrama, or a really emotionally-heavy piece which is guaranteed to make you either hate life in general, or break-down in tears – whatever suits you I guess.

This picture...

This picture…

And then the song kicks in. It is really fitting with the whole MV, and truly demonstrates the potential ability Jin has in terms of vocals. There is rarely any dialogue throughout the MV, leaving the song itself to tell the story of the whole MV, which seems to be more like a short movie rather than a simple music video. Jin truly has an amazing voice; I can’t wait for her official debut with the whole girl group!

For weeks, numerous teasers and BTS have hinted the whole idea that Xiumin’s character is simply in love with a girl who seems to be blind. However, as the MV shows, there is a clear plot-twist attached – Xiumin actually has developed heart disease, and it is gradually eating away his life as he slowly gets closer to You-Jung. The whole fact that this MV is more multifaceted than it potentially seemed, really drew my attention, and made me realise that Xiumin did a wonderful job at portraying his feelings, despite the lack of dialogue throughout the entire performance.

Who can seriously pull that face off in acting for the first time?!

Who can seriously pull that face off in acting for the first time?!

GREAT ACTING...or was it? LOL


And, of course, this couldn’t have been possible without another co-actress who played her part flawlessly. You-Jung demonstrated from the very start of the MV that she was blind; you didn’t even need anyone to tell you that in order for you to know. Her acting tugs at the heart-strings, and makes us really pity and emphasis her position. Especially at that ending. You can literally hear the shattering of broken hearts when you watch that ending…and I’m being serious here ><

How can this beautiful child be isn't fair at times

How can this beautiful child be blind?!…life can be so unfair at times

I liked this MV, and likewise the song is great! A nice pop-ballad track which I haven’t heard in a while, allowing it to be really refreshing to the ears. Finally, I can see what all the hype was about (SM, you can now stop bothering me with daily Kakao-Talk messages now, HOORAY!) Great job You-Jung and Xiumin, and fantastic work Jin; you will turn out to be a fantastic Kpop idol!

Hope you guys liked this review, and thanks again for reading!

❤ Yami Hyunnie ^^~

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